Made For Each Other 1 November 2020: Made For Each Other update Sunday 1st November 2020, Anurag asking Veena if she has 25 shawls available, he has to gift to his friends. Veena says all shawls got sold. He keeps money and picks the shawl. He leaves. Veena shouts I don’t want this charity and goes after her. Suman stops her and says think of him just as a customer. Veena angrily gives money to a beggar. Suman cries and asks what are you doing. Veena says Anurag didn’t tell us about Prerna since 8 years, I remember her face when she left with Anurag with a smile, she believed that he loved her, I will never forget this. Suman consoles her. She sees Prerna coming and says Prerna… Veena turns and gets surprised.

Charkha mera….plays…. Prerna runs to hug Veena. She hugs them. She says sorry, I was helpless to go away, I will tell everything. Veena says I thought Anurag did something to you, I was wrong. Prerna says you thought well, Anurag tried to kill me, he thinks I m dead, but I m alive. Veena is shocked.

Kuki likes the college. She thinks to call Mr. Bajaj. She gets Mr. Bajaj’s call. He asks for Prerna. She says Prerna went to pandal. He says oh yes, for Durga puja. She says thanks, my admission is done. He says be with Prerna, don’t leave her alone. She goes to see Prerna. Mohini smiles seeing a girl. Nivedita asks Rakhi to ask Tapur what did she go. She says she went to speak Anupam, what was the need. Tapur says she is my jiju. Nivedita says he isn’t your jiju now, we are divorced. She goes. Tapur says I m sorry. Rakhi says you know their divorce happened on bitter note. Mohini gets surprise. Tanisha says I have come by taking a flight today. She hugs Anurag. He goes to attend a call. He says Komolika, I m going home with Kaushik. Anurag says lunch is ready at home, shall we leave, its strange, we had the darshan, weather is getting spoiled. The diya stand falls. The fire catches up. Anurag shouts. He helps the people. Prerna asks Suman and Veena to take the stuff and leave. Prerna goes and sees Anurag trying to blow off the fire.

She thinks you never believed Maa Durga and made our marriage a joke, you are still showing your fake belief, so you are trying to save the idol, you don’t value a woman, why are you doing this. A pillar falls over his head. She shouts Anurag. He falls down. Mr. Bajaj sees Prerna’s pic. He says I got your file, I will keep this where you keep your imp things. He opens the drawer and sees Anurag’s pic. He thinks I should have not let Prerna go and meet Anuag, maybe her love takes her towards Anurag again, Prerna you have to face this alone and ask for your answers, you will get all answers there. He gets a call and says ya, I know, its a big takeover, I m coming.

Prerna shouts for help. Anurag sees her and closes eyes. She tries to help. She recalls their moments. She shouts get up Anurag, I have waited for this day since 8 years, there is a fire of hatred in my heart, I longed for my child, whom you killed, I didn’t forget anything, I will not forget it, I will take revenge on you, get up, you can’t die like this, I have the right to take revenge, you were the reason for my life, and now you have become my motive, I used to love you and now I hate you, the scores will be settled, this will begin tomorrow. She gets up to go. Something hits on her head. She falls in Anurag’s lap. Kasauti….plays….

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