Made for Each Other Update Sunday 13th October 2019 on Starlife begins as  Navin says Anurag is dear to me, I can’t oppose him and Anurag asks him to stop the stupid display.

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Moloy says Navin should clarify if he finds these blames wrong. Navin says you wanted to break my marriage and I got angry. Anurag says you tried to kill Ronita, because she is your ex-wife. They get shocked.

Anurag says he is disgusting, I will prove it, this man doesn’t deserve Prerna, she has told me everything, she will tell the truth. He calls Ronita downstairs, and not be scared. Anurag says you married her and took her to London to sell her, you want to do the same with Prerna. Navin raises hand. Anurag stops him.

Anurag asks Prerna did she see, this is Navin’s truth. Navin apologizes and says I love Prerna a lot, its my marriage, I beg you, my life will be ruined my your blames. He cries.

Nivedita says maybe its a misunderstanding. Ronita says its not any misunderstanding. She comes downstairs. Anurag asks her to say the truth to everyone, how did this Navin become Pradeep for you. Navin asks who are you, I haven’t meet you before.

Anurag stops her and asks why did you do this. She says let me go. He says Prerna’s life will be ruined because of you, you didn’t think for others. She apologizes. He asks was it true what you told about Navin and Pradeep.

Navin says let it be, forgive her. Prerna thinks strange, Ronita is feeling guilty seeing me. Mohini throws Ronita out of the house and leaves her with a warning. Ronita goes. Prerna thinks does she want to say something to me. Ronita leaves.

Ronita says I won’t let this happen with anyone else. He says I don’t care for the world, Mohini loved me more than her son, I don’t want to fall in her sight, tell me how much are you paid to speak against me, I beg you, don’t do this. Anurag says this drama will go on, tell the truth to everyone, don’t be scared.

Ronita says amazing, how much will you lie Pradeep. She says I trusted this man and married him. She scolds Navin. She says you ruined my life, why did you marry me, you made my life a bad joke, you made my respect a business for yourself, you sold to me to someone in London.

Anurag says you are lying. She says Rahul wanted to create misunderstanding, forgive me Anurag. He asks why are you lying, I m with you, Prerna’s life is getting ruined. She cries and says please, I made a mistake.

Ronita saying I don’t know him, I can’t ruin someone’s life. Anurag asks what are you saying. She says this is the truth. Ronita thinks how did I win so soon. Ronita says Anurag didn’t do anything, he believed what I told him, that you are Pradeep, you are a bad person. Anurag says this is the truth. Mohini asks who told you.

Anurag says have seen Navin’s shoes in my room. Navin says shoes can be anywhere. Anurag says he has two passports, one on Navin’s name and other on Pradeep’s name. Navin says so what, Rahul hates me, he is a lawyer, he has made my fake passport, its good Ronita’s heart melted. Anurag holds his collar in anger. Mohini slaps him.

Anurag says not today, I m saying this in all my senses, I have told the truth, trust me. She says you are crossing limits. He says I m trying to save Prerna’s life, you loved Navin a lot, he cheated you, I won’t leave him. She says I know him well, he isn’t like this. Mohini asks Moloy to say something to Anurag.

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