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In Made for Each Other Update Sunday 6 October 2019 on Starlife, Mannu reveals that Raj will definitely marry her, but Raj did many mistakes, but he respects Rohan a lot, I want to support him.

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Mannu continues that, I did not kill Raman, Lord knows truth, Raj wants me to be part of this marriage, things were never easy for me, Raj can’t marry Sakshi, I will make his decision tough.

Amrut says I will make you ready, you will look much beautiful, you have to make lahenga like Sakshi to marry Raj, how will you manage. She says I miss her, do you miss your mum. He sees the anklet and says mum used to love me a lot but I always troubled her, I never respected her, after she went, I realized what’s love.

Rohan gets food for Simran. He ties her hands and asks her to be quiet. She eats food. She says if mummy was here, she would have fed me. He says mum is not always together.

Next day Mannu praises Pammi and takes her pics. She checks the phone. She asks her to do some makeup. Pammi poses. Mannu calls the man and says you have to make two lahenga to keep one as backup, don’t come here, I will come there and try it to check.

Rohan says relations are strange right. He turns and sees her sleeping. He covers her up and says you are a nice girl, I want to become good in front of my dad, so I have to use you. Amba comes home and recalls her daughters. She thinks of Simran and says where did she go. She thinks my daughters were my strength, Lord give them courage to face all problems

Its morning, pandit says puja items are fine, call the bride. Mohini asks Pammi to get Sakshi. Raj asks Preet to come here. Mohini asks why. Raj says she should know what’s called real marriage.

Rohan sees his car punctured. Simran hits the tyre like him and goes with him. She gets tired and sits. She asks for food. He lifts her and takes her to some hit. Amrit asks Mannu why did she do this.

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