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Made For Each Other 8 November 2020: Made For Each Other update Sunday 8th November 2020, Mr. Bajaj says you did good to meet your family, you have earned everything on own, tell your family what you are, they won’t be living in Bajaj’s house, you have worked hard. Prerna thanks him. She says Mr. Bajaj said right, who is he to decide, I have done everything on my own, I did everything, I have made a house in London, KBP group of companies is mine, you all are coming with me to my house, that’s it. Veena says the society has made its rules, we don’t stay in a daughter’s house, don’t get adamant, we can’t stay there. Prerna says dad used to say that I m his son, not his daughter, when you raised all of us, did you get biased, you gave equal upbringing to everyone, is the society paying your bills, society won’t do anything for you, I was alone for eight years, I needed you, you needed me, I couldn’t do anything, when I came back now, you all are my family, you will live with me, so that I can protect you, did you see what society did with me, you can stay in outhouse, but stay with me.

Veena says we are ready to come with you, but will you listen to me, we will stay in same way, we don’t want servants, we will do our work on our own. Prerna says I have learnt this from myself, I did everything on own, I m your daughter and know it, Kuki will be happiest seeing you. Veena says little Kuki… She smiles.

Kaushik comes to college. He talks to his friends. He says I will get the girl, who is she. The guys see Kuki coming, and stare at her. Kaushik sees her. The guy says you dislike her so much, she got you arrested, but she is pretty. Kaushik goes. Veena and everyone come to Prerna’s house. Prerna says you just came, take rest. Shivani asks where is Kuki. Prerna says she went to college, she will come soon, she is lovely. Kajal says you got us here, thanks so much. Prerna asks does anyone thank family.

Kajal says we come from a middle class family, after mum’s operation… Prerna asks what operation. Veena says she is kiddish, don’t listen to her. Prerna asks Mahesh why is he so silent. Mahesh says nothing, I was thinking it was so good when we lived together, everyone used to scold me, you remember I told you that I will become a cricketer. Prerna says so what, none knows what will happen, see me, what I wanted, a simple life with true partner, a good family, what did I get.

Kaushik goes to change. A girl comes and flirts with him. Kuki comes and screams seeing them. Prerna says Anurag cheated me, I couldn’t think of it, his cheat has made me stronger, I remember dad told once that life means problems, we can deal with it our way, we are still together, maybe you are made to become something else. Kajal says I also explain him the same, to move on in life. Prerna says I m feeling hungry. Veena says you gave me a new hope today, I feel happiness has come back. Prerna asks her to cook food for her. Veena says I will surely make it, I used to miss you. Shivani and Kajal say you will get Veena’s handmade food and ginger tea. Veena says Kajal makes good tea. Prerna says I m sure of it, you were not with me before, now I got peace.

Kaushik asks who are you. The girl scolds him and goes. Kuki and Kaushik argue. Kuki goes to answer a call. Prerna says I fell weak many times and thought of one person, who gave me courage and taught me to fight, its Veena. She says you taught us to be strong and fight, now you all are with me. Kajal says I will set the things and make tea for Prerna. Veena says I will go to cook food. Shivani asks Prerna did you meet Anurag and Komolika. She says Komolika has the entire Basu business in her hands. Prerna says I met and gave him a big shock, he will never forget that Prerna is back, I have a meeting, I will come. She goes. She recalls… Komolika saying I hate you, you come between my love, I had warned you that I will make your life like a bad dream, Anurag and I missed you a lot, life got simple after you went, it got boring, you are back now, it will be fun to hurt you. She warns Prerna and taunts. She says I have the Basu company business in my hands. Prerna asks are you done, can I go now. FB ends. Prerna thinks we will see who is a cat and who is a tigress, time will show.

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