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Made For Each Other 10 September 2020: Update on Made For Each Other Thursday 10th September 2020, The Episode starts with Ronit saying you will be caught. Komolika says yes, but nurse will go to visit Prerna and kill her. She goes and gets the nurse’s uniform. She changes and comes. She wears a mask. Ronit sees her. She asks him to meet in some room. Anurag waits for Dr. Kumar. He says Prerna, I will get doctor and come. Komolika goes to the ward. Anurag meets Dr. Kumar. He says I won’t be comfortable if there is any other doctor with Prerna.

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Made For Each Other update Thursday 10 September 2020: Dr. Kumar says I didn’t send anyone. Anurag says maybe hospital authority sent him. Dr. Kumar says this doesn’t happen. Anurag says I won’t allow anyone there. Komolika greets Prerna. She says you have to die, Anurag is getting his memory and feeling odd when you are around, I tried to kill you by making chandelier fall, you got saved, this time your baby will pay for your deed. Anurag and Dr. Kumar come. She wears the mask. Dr. Kumar asks who are you, what’s your name. Veena and Shivani come there. They ask for Prerna. The nurse says she is in ICU. Komolika says I m assisting Dr. Somesh. Dr. Kumar asks her to leave, he has his team. She leaves.

Anurag asks who is Somesh. Dr. Kumar says I don’t know, there are many doctors in this hospital, why didn’t they send the report yet. He goes. Komolika gets angry and says this girl troubles me, look at my hands trembling in anger, she wants to throw me out of Anurag’s life, this won’t happen again, keep this doctor away from Prerna, Anurag trusts him a lot. Ronit looks at her. He goes out and cries. He asks Dr. Kumar to please come, his sister is pregnant, anything can happen to her. He takes Dr. Kumar inside. Komolika hits the tray on Dr. Kumar’s head. She says this is for talking to me rudely, Ronit wear doctor’s clothes and come, put him aside, so that no one sees him. Veena cries seeing Prerna. Anurag says Prerna and baby are fine, I have seen sonography and the baby. Veena goes out and cries. Shivani asks Veena not to worry.

Veena says Anurag doesn’t know its his child, but look at his worry. Anurag says I will be back, Prerna. He goes to Veena and consoles. Veena thanks him. Komolika looks on and thinks now you will be just crying. She goes to the door. Anurag says Dr. Kumar didn’t come yet. Ronit comes and says nurse, Dr. Kumar isn’t here, he asked to check patient’s BP, you think you can do it. Komolika nods and goes in. Ronit asks Anurag and everyone to stay out. Komolika says Prerna, I won’t let your baby come. She scolds Prerna. She says you should have died in the accident, I m not so bad to kill someone’s baby, but if you want a bad death, then get it.

Made For Each Other Thursday update 10 September 2020: Veena says you really don’t remember about anything that happened in last two years. Shivani stops her. Anurag says no, but I feel something is incomplete, hidden from me. Ronit looks on. Anurag says I feel its imp to know, you know anything, you want to say something. Komolika says Prerna, your baby, aw…. I will cut your stomach and pull your baby out, I will kill the baby and then you will die, I promise none will know it, hospital staff will get blamed, so sad, your mum and sister are outside, no one is coming in, you will die, I m going to kill your baby now.

Prerna is getting conscious. Moloy and Anupam greet Veena. Anurag says Prerna is fine. Moloy says I will meet Prerna. Ronit stops Moloy and asks how may I help you, she needs complete rest. Ronit goes. Veena asks who is Prerna’s doctor. Anurag says Dr. Kumar is attending Prerna. Moloy says I know him, come we will meet him. They go. Komolika claps and says you can hear me Prerna, this baby will die, I heard a mum can give her life for child, but when mum is conscious, I will stab your stomach and kill your baby. Prerna feels the pain. Komolika asks did you realize the pain, not now Prerna, you will know it now. Moloy asks for Dr. Kumar. Nurse says please sit, he will just come.

Anurag says I will just come. Shivani thinks where is he going. She sees Ronit there. She goes to see. She gets shocked. Komolika says you remember one thing, Anurag is just mine, my love is bigger than yours, I came back for him, because I can’t die alone, you can’t come between us now. Anurag comes.

Made For Each Other 10 September 2020: Komolika hiding from Anurag. Anurag sees Prerna raising hand and asks are you okay, shall I call the doctor. He holds her hand and asks what happened. Komolika thinks how can she hold Anurag’s hand in unconsciousness. He asks what happened, tell me. Prerna says take me home. He says you need to relax. She says for my sake. Komolika thinks medicines are not working, is her inner mum awakening. He says we are safe here. Prerna signs no. She says take me home. He asks why are you crying, fine, I will take you. He takes her out. Nurse says patient isn’t fine, this is against hospital rules, take her inside, she needs a doctor, I will get him. Anurag says okay, I will take her back.

Nurse goes. Anurag says I got scolded because of you. Shivani follows Ronit. Ronit goes to Somesh. He says Komolika is a very nice human being, she is angry so you saw her such avatar. Somesh says my shift is over, I m leaving. He goes. Ronit drinks water. Shivani thinks Ronit here, is he going to do something to Prerna. Anurag puts back Prerna. He goes out. Komolika thinks I may get caught. Anurag gets a wheelchair and makes Prerna sit on it. She says take me home. He says yes, we are going home. Komolika gets angry. Shivani comes. He says I have paid hospital bills, I m taking Prerna home, inform Dr. Rupali, we may need her. Shivani thinks Prerna is safe now, Anurag is with her, Ronit is here, she may have a threat. Nurse says you can’t go like this. He says sorry, Prerna isn’t happy here, she wants to go home. He takes Prerna in his car.

He sees Prerna and jokes. She smiles. He says I m just telling you, I like to do this wrong thing since you wanted this, this is your happiness. She says I m very special. He smiles. He gets Rupali’s call. Rupali says I have reached Prerna’s house. He says we are just coming. Komolika gets angry recalling the sonography. She throws things. Rupali checks Prerna. Prerna asks how is my child. Rupali says baby is fine, relax. She asks which doctor was checking Prerna. He says Dr. Kumar. She asks how can he give such a heavy dose injection to Prerna, I will talk to him, everything is fine, relax.

Made For Each Other 10 September 2020 update: He says Prerna’s family will call you if there is anything. She says sure and goes. Prerna holds Anurag’s hand. She asks how is the baby. Lag jaa gale….plays…. Anurag says your baby is fine, you can just rest now, I m her, I won’t let anything happen to you. She holds her hand and asks him to never leave her. He says I will never leave you. He thinks I married Sonalika, I may not live along but support you. Sonalika gets angry and says what’s the use of this beauty when Anurag doesn’t see me, I could have killed Prerna, now I m crying, Prerna was in Anurag’s arms, she was getting Anurag’s love and concern, she should have been dead. She shouts. Ronit sits quiet. Anupam asks what happened there, you took Prerna and ran away.

Anurag says sorry, Prerna was unconscious, she told me that she wants to go, I felt protective and got her out, her safety is my priority, she was saying that this accident was intentional, its imp for me to make her feel safe, the truck driver parked the truck and left, I noted the number. He tells the number. Anupam says I feel its not the first attack, the chandelier fell on Prerna in Nivedita’s friend’s party, a waiter had seen a person there. Anurag asks what, why didn’t you tell me before, it means someone is doing this, I promise you, I will not leave Prerna alone, I will harm that person. Shivani sees Veena and Prerna sleeping. She thinks of Ronit. She thinks Ronit is Komolika’s brother, he may do this, I have to do something to stop him.

Made For Each Other update Thursday 10th September 2020: The driver calls Ronit and asks for money. Ronit says my work didn’t happen. The man threatens him. He goes to have food. Anupam sees the same truck leaving. He scolds the driver. They argue. Driver says I will settle scores later. Anupam sees the number. He gets shocked. He calls Anurag. Komolika gets Ronit’s call. Ronit says Monty called, he is threatening me of police. Anupam says I came to police station and saw the same truck, same number. Anurag says fine, follow the truck, I m coming. Ronit says we will give him money and end it. Komolika says meet him in the mills, ask him to reach there, I will meet you soon. Komolika thinks this is the last move, Prerna, then your and your baby will get over.

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