Made For Each Other 12 November 2020: Made For Each Other update Thursday 12th November 2020, Komolika says I m Anurag’s wife, Prerna signed as his wife at the hospital. Mohini and Nivedita asks what happened to Anurag. Komolika says we will go and see him in the OT, come with me. They leave. Nurse gives Anurag’s phone to Prerna. She says his mum called, I told her that you are with him. Prerna says keep it with his belongings. She sees Anurag. Komolika, Mohini and Nivedita come there, asking for Anurag. Komolika goes to Prerna and scolds her. Prerna says I got Anurag here to save him. Komolika says thanks, you are a characterless wife, right Mrs. Bajaj. Prerna says I did the sign to save his life. Komolika asks why, you want to kill him. Prerna says no, I want to keep him alive, who would fulfill my revenge.

Komolika says same pain, old Prerna, you tried hard to get him, but I got him, you won’t get anything even if he gets saved, anyways we shall end this game of lies, say the truth, you have feelings for Anurag, right, you couldn’t see him dying, the reason is something else, you name it hatred, I keep a track on my enemies, you are my fav enemy, you said soulmates, admit it that you like Anurag, you always loved him, else you would have left him to die, the reason is your daughter, who died, you forgot all this, you became Anurag’s wife, you need mental help. Prerna says you are right, I couldn’t live him to die, I still love him, I was feeling defeated that I m second woman in his life, if he realizes that he loves me, then game will change, I m his first love, it looks like our relation is of a mirror, you know me well, we don’t have to pretend, its good. Komolika says you love Anurag. Prerna says yes, I love him. She smiles and thinks you won’t get a chance to be happy and win over me.

Nivedita says Komolika was here. Mohini says maybe she went to meet Prerna. Nivedita says I knew, its a conspiracy, Prerna did this to hut him. Doctor comes. Mohini asks how is my son. He says surgery was successful, don’t worry. She asks can we meet him. He says yes. Prerna thinks so Anurag got saved. Komolika thinks how dare Prerna says that she has feelings for Anurag, I won’t leave her. Mohini scolds Anurag with love. He says I m hurt seeing you angry, how is Prerna. Nivedita says we didn’t meet her, is she behind all this. He says she has saved me. Mohini says we will talk later, you need rest, I will get Komolika. She goes. He asks Nivedita about Prerna. She says Prerna left, there is just Komolika. Mohini asks Komolika to come and meet Anurag. Komolika says he has to answer me, why did he meet Prerna, but first I will meet Prerna. Mohini asks her to stop. She slaps Komolika. Prerna asks Kuki when is she coming home. Kuki says I will come in the evening. Prerna says I want you to meet my family. Kuki says oh wow, it will be our family, I will come soon, are you okay. Prerna says you are asking a lot. Kuki says you hide all the problems like kids.

Prerna says I forgot my file, and ends call. Kuki meets Anushka and says you changed. Anushka hugs her. He jokes that she will rag her, being her senior. She gossips and says I will take you to meet the college’s hottest guy. Kuki asks what, are you mad, did you come to see hot guys here. Anushka says come with me. She takes Kuki. Komolika gets angry on Mohini. She raises hand and stops. Mohini says you are a smart woman, Prerna wants you to get angry, you think, understand and take advantage of the situation, attack on her. Mohini asks her to understand. Nivedita says she is right, we are prepared for her attack now. Komolika says you did good to stop me, but don’t do the mistake to slap me again. Mohini says sorry. Komolika says I won’t leave Prerna. Nivedita asks what will you do. Komolika says I still have Mr. Bajaj’s number.

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