Made For Each other 16 July 2020: Made For Each other thursday 16th update July 2020, The Episode starts with Jagga saying I will not leave you Prerna. The goon says your phone got a call from boss, who asked me to kill Prerna, I was going to kill her. Jagga asks the goons to take him to hospital. He calls out Prerna. He says none can save you. Prerna hides behind the crates. He sees her and asks her where will she go now. She throws something at him and runs. Jagga asks goons to catch her. She goes into the jungle. The goons follow. Anurag and Viraj are also finding her. Anurag calls her. Prerna thinks how can Anurag come here, I have to go. I can’t stay here. She goes ahead. Jagga sees her hiding behind the tree. The goons go towards her. A snake comes that way.

Made For Each other 16 July 2020: Anurag asks who is here. He sees some village men. The goons see the snake and get back. Prerna runs. The villager says we stay nearby, we were following a cheetah, it takes away our animals. Anurag thinks where is Prerna. Veena prays at home. Shivani cries. Moloy consoles her. He says I m sure Anurag will find Prerna. Mohini asks Veena to stop the noise. Moloy gets angry and takes Mohini. Shivani prays for Prerna. Anurag thinks to drop Viraj home. Viraj asks are you going home, just asking. Anurag nods. Viraj gets down the car. Anurag leaves. Viraj gets into his car. He says I understand, Anurag would be tired and disappointed, but I have to find Prerna. Anurag thinks of Prerna and says I have to find her.

Moloy asks Mohini to at least pretend good, Prerna is pregnant with Anurag’s child, at least talk to her well. Mohini says I hate it when we fight because of others. He says I hate it when I feel ashamed because of you, if you don’t change, then I will tell the truth to Anurag, do you know its meaning, I will tell the truth, the ball is in your court, what image do you want in your son’s eyes, a selfish arrogant mum or a kind person. She says you are threatening me, will you risk his life, I hate you. He says hate me as much as you can, I will tell him the truth. She says he is your son. He shouts Prerna is your Bahu, remember my words. He goes. She says I hate you Prerna.

Made For Each other update thursday 16th July 2020 Komolika comes to the godown and calls out Ronit. She thinks where did everyone go, I would have seen Prerna once, it would be fun to see her dead. Jagga and goons come. She asks where were you all, where is Prerna’s dead body. He says you spoke to my brother-in-law, he tried to kill Prerna, she broke his leg and ran away, we tried to find her, but couldn’t. She slaps him and asks where is she. He says she ran into the jungle. She gets angry. Prerna reaches the village and knocks the doors to get some help. She sits in pain. The lady sees her and asks Sudha to help the girl, she is in bad state. The ladies take Prerna inside the house. The lady says she has pain, her baby is in pain. She asks Sudha to get the herbal box. The man asks who is she. The lady says she is a mum, she came to save her child, we have to save her from goons. The man says none can reach her. He asks his men to stay at the door, none should come in. The lady treats her. She says you will be fine soon after having this kada. Prerna says I need to call my husband.

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lady saying there is no landline facility, and mobile network isn’t stable. She asks Prerna to drink the kada, it will relieve her pain. Prerna says I will drink it later. The lady asks her to freshen up. Komolika says get Prerna in front of me, dead or alive. Jagga says she has run away. She keeps knife at his neck and says tell me about Prerna. Ronit comes and asks her to calm down. She says Prerna has run away. He says she won’t come back if you do this. She says you helped them in making her run. He says stop it. Anurag comes to same place. She asks how can you be so cool. Ronit says we have to stay calm and composed if we have to plan next thing. She says don’t you dare teach me. Anurag calls her and says I need a favor, I was calling dad, his phone is off, there is imp info, can you call the police and ask them to come to jungle. She asks what happened. He says I got an anklet left by Prerna, I dropped Viraj and came here again, I have seen a storage room, there is some lantern lights here.

Made For Each other thursday update 16 July 2020 She gets shocked seeing Anurag. He says there is something, inform dad, its imp, so that commissioner sends team soon. She says I will tell him. He thanks her. She says I will call you later. She ends the call. She says Ronit, we have to do something, Anurag is here. Ronit sees Anurag. He says Anurag is coming, we have to do something. She asks them to hide. Anurag enters the place. He doesn’t see anyone. Everyone hides. He asks is anyone there. Komolika runs. He hears the sound and goes to see. He picks a knife. The lady introduces her daughter to Prerna. She says even my daughter is pregnant. Prerna says I m better now, some goons were after me, I should leave you. The man says don’t worry, I will drop you home. Prerna thanks them. She says I have to call my husband and inform him. The lady’s daughter says my brother’s phone gets network always, he would be coming now, you may call them. Ronit says Anurag is going, we shall leave now. He signs Komolika to leave. A goon thinks I can’t leave.

Made For Each other 16 July 2020 update: Prerna thinks Anurag would be worried. The girl asks her to have food for her baby. The goons come home. The family worries for Sanju. They ask what happened. Sanju says I got hurt, everything will get fine. The girl asks for his phone. She asks Sudha to give phone to Prerna. Sanju asks who. The girl says she is elder to you. Jagga comes and says Sanju’s leg broke while he was beating her. Jagga’s wife/Sanju’s sister says I would have beaten her if I got her. Jagga says that girl was pregnant, she was clever and ran away. Prerna sees them and gets shocked. The lady says how dare she breaks my son’s leg, throw her out. Prerna shuts the door. They get inside. Prerna gets scared. Komolika and Ronit are on the way. Jagga calls her and says Prerna is at my house, she is tied up. She asks what. Jagga says yes, she came here and got caught.

Made For Each other 16 July 2020: Komolika says I can come and meet her. She reaches. Prerna says you are also pregnant, let me go. Jagga’s wife says I would have killed you. Prerna says I did this to save myself and my baby, please…. Komolika comes. Prerna says I should have understood that just you can do this, I didn’t know you will back stab, you got so scared of me that you took help of these goons. Komolika says you have to die by my hands, Jagga get her. Jagga’s wife says he won’t touch her, double the money. Prerna laughs. Komolika says I don’t like her laugh, take the money. Jagga and goons free Prerna. Prerna slaps Komolika. Jagga hits a vase on Prerna’s head. Prerna faints. Komolika says get her at the cliff. They leave. Ronit says we got saved from Anurag, none can stop us today. Anurag leaves. The goon calls and says Anurag left, he was sure that there is no one here, you can come back. The other goon says we got Prerna, we are taking her to the cliff, we will get money from madam. Anurag catches the goon.

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