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Made for Each other 18 June 2020; The Episode starts with Ronit saying enough is enough, if you really love me, ask your sister to get out of Komolika’s way, I will accept you. Prerna says Shivani will reject you again, I m warning you, stay away from her. She takes Shivani. They are on the way. Shivani asks what did you think. Prerna says I have to be with Anurag, we have to go to Basu house. Komolika comes home. Mohini asks where were you, I was calling you, you didn’t answer. Komolika says I didn’t answer, you called me many times, it was disturbing. She goes. Anurag looks on. Mohini says don’t say anything, she is upset. He says she insulted you. She says she is upset on something, forget it. Prerna comes home.

Made for Each other Thursday update 18 June 2020 Anurag says Prerna, its good you have come. Mohini thinks this girl will never leave us. He asks Prerna to come and help him in presentation. She goes with him. Komolika angrily throws things. She says what have I done, when Anurag comes, what will I answer, no, I have to fix this, Anurag can’t see this. Anurag says I called Sonalika to get this file, thanks for finding it. He smiles seeing her. She asks what happened. He says you maybe thinking that I m flirting with you, but I wanted to say, you are looking pretty, maybe because of pregnancy, you are glowing, I m talking odd, you take rest tomorrow if you want, mum is keeping Tulsi vivah at home, I won’t go office tomorrow. She says I will come even if you don’t want. He says you both will come tomorrow. She says Shivani is waiting for me, I m going, take care. He says you also take care of yourself and this cutie pie. She goes.

She sees Komolika. Komolika says your smile won’t stay for long, Sonalika is more dangerous than Komolika. Prerna says I m not scared of you, you have no identity. Komolika threatens her. She says I can destroy everything. Prerna says you are threatening me as you are scared of me, you will be going from here. Komolika says you have confidence because of this mangalsutra, it boosts your power right, it will just be a decorative piece, you will see how I get the mangalsutra rights, its Tulsi vivah tomorrow, stop me if you can, Anurag will make me wear the mangalsutra, you are invited. Prerna says you can’t do anything.

Komolika asks why, I want to see what you can do to save your relation, don’t be late. She goes.

Made for Each other update Thursday 18 June 2020 Komolika comes to Mohini. She says you regard me like your daughter, you will want my happiness. Mohini says of course. Komolika says I m not asking you to get me married to Anurag again, I feel insecure. Mohini asks why. Komolika says Prerna is trying to get close to Anurag, I m his wife, I was thinking about it, I want Anurag to make me wear mangalsutra. Mohini says of course, no one can snatch him from you. Komolika asks will you make him do this today. Mohini thinks I will do it in last minute else Moloy won’t be quiet, Prerna should see it. She says I will get a new mangalsutra, Anurag will make you wear it. Everyone is in puja. Anurag looks for Prerna and thinks it would be good if she comes. Anupam says I m sure his heart is waiting for Prerna. Prerna comes. Anurag smiles. Komolika stops him from leaving the puja. Anurag holds Prerna’s hand and makes her sit. He says I was waiting. She says sorry, I got late.

He says its okay, you have come. Everyone prays. Prerna recalls Komolika’s words. Komolika asks Mohini did you forget. Mohini asks do you think so. She says thanks everyone for coming in tulsi vivah, sorry, Anurag and Sonalika’s marriage didn’t happen in front of the society, I want my son to make Sonalika wear mangalsutra. She asks Anurag to fill Sonalika’s maang and then make her wear mangalsutra. Prerna says Anurag…. She recalls Komolika’s words. He looks at Prerna. Mohini asks Anurag to take sindoor, fill Sonalika’s maang and then make her wear the mangalsutra. Komolika asks Prerna to take his phone for a while. Prerna thinks don’t make fun of sindoor today. She takes the phone. She thinks how can I stop him. Anurag takes sindoor to apply. Prerna goes away. Everyone claps. Prerna opens the fan. Anurag and Komolika turn away. Anurag stumbles and holds Prerna. He applies sindoor to Prerna by mistake. The mangalsutra falls there. Hare Ram….plays…. Everyone looks on.

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Made for Each other 18 June 2020 Anurag stumbling and sindoor getting in Prerna’s maang. They have an eyelock. Everyone gets shocked. Prerna picks Anurag’s phone. He says your mangalsutra. He makes her wear it. Prerna looks at him. Anurag sees everyone. Anurag says sorry, it happened by mistake, Prerna is married, if mangalsutra falls, it can be adjusted by anyone, mum, sister or a friend, right Maa, its called marriage. Mohini says no… Komolika says you were going to make me wear mangalsutra. Anurag looks for it. He says maybe it fell somewhere. Mohini says its fine, I will get a new one. She goes.

Made for Each other 18th June 2020 The electrician fixes the lamp. Komolika comes there and scolds him for his careless work. He says I will carefully work, don’t worry. She asks how much money will you get for this. H says 1500rs. She says think if you get 30000rs for careless work, you have to give electric shock to this girl. She shows Prerna’s pic and asks him to answer fast. He says I m ready. She asks him to go to kitchen, that girl will be there, make sure wires are lying in the water. She gives him money. He goes. Mohini says I did this for my son. Moloy says you did this for yourself. They argue. He asks her to think about Prerna, she is pregnant. She says Sonalika wanted Anurag to make her wear mangalsutra, but Prerna wanted this, he made her wear the mangalsutra. He says it was Lord’s wish, I have no time for this nonsense, I have better things to do.

Made for Each other update Thursday 18th June 2020 Anurag thinks of Prerna. He thinks we have something between us, but how, we both are married. He says I have to go and talk to Prerna. Komolika asks Nivedita why is Prerna talking to pandit like she is part of the family. Nivedita says because she is Anurag’s secretary. Komolika says servant, secretary, I don’t like her, her body language, I understand it, she is trying to come close to Anurag, you should show her the place, ask her to get orange juice for you, its okay if you don’t want. Nivedita says its fine. She goes to Prerna and asks her to make fresh orange juice for her. Prerna says you treated me like a secretary always, I always regarded you like an elder sister, I can do anything for you, I will go and get fresh juice. She goes. Komolika thinks I want Prerna to die, if she dies, then Nivedita will get blamed, Prerna and her baby will be dying. Anurag stops Prerna. She says just one min. Anurag asks what work do you have that would end in a min. She smiles. He asks did anyone say your smile is lovely. She says you said it. He says I was asking. She says I m telling you. They smile.

Made for Each other update Thursday 18 June 2020 Komolika looks on and thinks Prerna should say good bye Anurag, our love story is going to end. The man says your work is done. Komolika says fine, go somewhere else and work. Prerna goes to kitchen. Komolika looks on. Anurag asks what happened. Nivedita says I m feeling bad, I should have not done this. He says you are like mum, you look strict, but you are emotional, maybe you told something to Anupam… She says no, I asked Prerna to make juice for me. He says its fine, you asked Prerna to make a glass of juice, we will also make a glass of juice for Prerna. They go. Prerna steps near the water and gets away. She says how did water come here. Anurag and Nivedita come. He says I heard you are making juice for Nivedita, she also wanted to make it for you. Prerna says I m making it. Nivedita says I will help you. Nivedita and Prerna make the juice and drink. Prerna switches on the button and goes. Komolika thinks why didn’t she get the current shock.

Prerna recalls seeing Komolika pay the man. She goes to kitchen and switches off the current connection. She thinks I know how to answer you, I won’t kill you. I will teach you a lesson, since this was dangerous for my baby also, you will go and check. Komolika steps in the water and gets electrocuted. Prerna says I think I have heard Sonalika’s voice. She goes and holds Komolika. She gets the current. Anurag switches off the button. Nivedita takes Komolika. Anurag asks are you fine. Prerna says I m fine, why are you so worried for me. He says because I love…. I love to take care of you. He takes her out. Nivedita says Komolika got the electric shock, call the doctor, Prerna heard her voice luckily. Komolika thinks I have to act sick so that Anurag gives me attention. Anurag goes to her. He asks servant how did this happen. He scolds the servants. The servant says the electrician was doing something in the kitchen. Anurag asks who is he, call him. Komolika worries that he may tell the truth.

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