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In Made for Each Other update Thursday 24th October 2019 on Starlife, Rajesh says Anupam is right, Moloy you should help Anupam, Moloy says henceforth you are my enemy.

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Prerna cleans Anurag’s sherwani. They have a moment. Navin comes and says I m waiting for you in sangeet, what’s going on here, you are dancing on other tune here, relation and heart changes here, do you have an affair behind my back. Madhuri calls out Ronita.

Moloy says Mohini isn’t going to leave me today. Rajesh asks him not to trouble her. Anupam says I m staring at you to gain knowledge from you. He boasts of himself. He asks him to help.

Mohini asks Veena what will she have. She gets angry on servants. Prerna says I will go kitchen and get what you want. Mohini says I ordered fresh betel leaves, can you get that. Prerna says sure. She goes to check the betel leaves. She climbs up the stool to get the betel leaves. Flour falls over her. Anurag comes smiling.

Prerna says you think this is funny. He says you are always wishing to do mistakes. He laughs. She throws flour on him. She asks him to laugh now. He says you did very bad. She says you are gone now. She says no…. and runs. They argue and smear the flour on each other’s face. Na chala….plays… They get close. She gets away. He says you always used to cheat, you cheated me and you are still cheating.

She says does this mean you will stop talking to me now. He says maybe, maybe not. Kyu….plays…. He says maybe you look good the way you are. She smiles. Moloy calls Anurag. Anurag and Prerna clean each other’s clothes. Anurag says wait, I think we can help own self first, sorry. She goes out. Mohini sees Moloy staring at some lady and gives him an angry stare. Moloy turns away.

He says I m learning this from you, the way you were seeing that lady, go and say sorry to Mohini. Moloy refuses. He says I will say sorry twice tomorrow. He praises Mohini. He sees Madhuri and asks why is she welcoming guests like us. Anupam says my wife is always busy in business. Moloy says she is focussed since childhood.

Anupam says right, she should talk to me with love, you have spoiled her. Nivedita comes to them. Moloy jokes on Anupam. He goes. Mohini comes to Madhuri. She says your kajal got spread, go and fix it fast. Madhuri goes upstairs. She sees Ronita and thinks she didn’t die in that accident, what is she doing here in Anurag’s room.

She asks what were you doing. He says I wasn’t seeing anyone. She says I have seen you staring at that woman. He says yes, I was staring at her, but it wasn’t that way. She says we will talk about this later. Anupam looks on and comes to Moloy.

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