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Made For Each Other 26 November 2020: Veena welcomes the guests. Mr. Bajaj comes to Prerna and holds her hand. He asks her to come. Nivedita looks at them. Komolika thinks I know you are husband and wife, but too much showoff. Mr. Bajaj welcomes them. Nivedita thanks Mr. Bajaj. Moloy introduces Kaushik and Monu. Kuki thinks they are from this family. Prerna introduces Kuki. Kaushik thinks Kuki always takes the attention.

Made For Each Other 26 November 2020: Prerna thinks where is Anurag. Komolika stops her for a talk. They go aside. Komolika says I know you are from a middle class background, money can’t change everything, Shivani is getting engaged to Ronit. Prerna says come to the point. Komolika says don’t forget we are groom’s family, don’t show attitude, you won’t understand it. She goes. Kajal asks are you finding someone. Ronit says yes, actually Shivani. She asks him to wait, she will be coming. She says we decided to give special attention to guests.

Mahesh asks Veena what is she doing. He takes the tray from her hand. Prerna and Komolika argue. Komolika says I can’t be fake, if I wanted revenge, then I would have reacted sweetly, I want Ronit and Shivani to stay happy. She says I chose Ronit’s clothes, I get happy in his happiness. Prerna says function is happening in our house, we did what we could. Komolika says decor is not the best, the stage looks down market. Nivedita and Mohini smile. Komolika says I will send my decorator here. Prerna says my mum has decorated that corner, we can see her emotions, don’t make it a big issue. Mohini stops Moloy. She says its their issues, let them solve. Komolika says I took you aside for a talk, you came here and created the drama. Shivani comes downstairs. Komolika says I m requesting you, lets not fight today. Prerna says our mum has made the decorations. Mohini says that’s why it looks middle class. Ronit says I liked the decorations, honestly. Shivani smiles. Komolika says my brother is in love, if he likes it, then its perfect, just remove the white flowers, white doesn’t suit Ronit’s kundli.

Made For Each Other 26 November 2020: Prerna says I will get it changed. Shivani says I know you don’t believe in kundli, still you agreed, I m very happy. Prerna says I m happy, go and meet Ronit, I will get the stage fixed. Kuki says Komolika is strange. Veena says its fine. Kuki says I know you won’t say anything now, why did dad say anything when she scolded Prerna, where is dad. She goes. Ronit stops Komolika. She asks why did you insult me. He says never, I was impressing Shivani and family, you said we have to make Shivani happy so that she gets crazy in my love. She says smart game, your marriage should look genuine, I m trying to do this, if I behaved sweet, then she would have doubted me. Ronit says yes, you are a genius. She says your marriage will be the best chance for us. Priyanka asks why are you doing this. Prerna says I will manage. Priyanka says I heard what she said, I didn’t see her face, how can anyone be troubled by flowers. Prerna says strange people find things strange. She gets a call from Chandrika. She goes. Mr. Bajaj comes.

Prerna asks him to hold the flowers. He keeps his phone there and asks what are you doing. She sees him. She falls down. He holds her. She says you go and meet the guests, I will manage. She thinks sorry, I don’t want Komolika to get happy. She thinks why didn’t Anurag come. She says why didn’t Anurag come in Ronit’s engagement, did anything happen to her. Mr. Bajaj hears her. He says I forgot the phone. He goes. She thinks he is misunderstanding me. He takes a drink. She goes to him. She says whatever you heard, don’t take it otherwise. She asks why are you silent. He asks why are you clarifying to me. She says you don’t think I have feelings for Anurag. He says when you saw me, you were shocked, you don’t trust me, I can’t stop you from thinking anything, I can be upset with you, I m okay with that, but I feel upset when people leave their work incomplete. She says you shouldn’t crack jokes. He says I m not that talkative. She says you mean I m talkative. He says yes, you do, so you are here, engagement is today. She says its a new excuse, you don’t care if I like it or not, you will drink. He says you are saying you don’t like me taking drinks. She asks did I say it ever. She goes. Nivedita collides with him. He holds her. Mohini looks on.

Made For Each Other 26 November 2020: Nivedita acts to fall again. Mohini thinks carry on, I won’t disturb you. Nivedita thanks him. He says don’t be overthankful, there is a motive hidden if people thank a lot. Nivedita asks why, can’t two people like each other. He asks why are you reacting like this, you aren’t a teenage girl, behave your age. She says I don’t know how you treat people in business platform, I don’t think you should be rude. He says I normally ask questions, I think you are saying about Ronit and Shivani, sometimes people have to stay silent, nothing is hidden from my sight. He goes.

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