Made For Each Other 29 October 2020: Made For Each Other update Thursday 29th October 2020, Anurag recalls everything. He says my baby got the blood, sorry and thanks. Nurse says a man had come and gave the blood, he knows your family too, you are lucky, you should thank him. Nivedita hears this. Anurag asks for name and signs. Nurse says we don’t know name, but you can see the sign. Nivedita calls Mohini and says Anurag didn’t arrange the blood. Mohini asks what. They go to see. The nurse asks the staff to get the register. She says you want to know about that man, he was mysterious, he said strange but effective things, like he is here because he wants it, he writes the rules of his game and wins. Anurag recalls Mr. Bajaj. She shows the register and says there is no name and number. Anurag says signatures are here, RB. He clicks the pic and thanks her.

Mohini checks and says RB… thanks. She goes. Moloy, Veena and everyone come to Prerna. Veena shows the baby. Moloy says baby is fine, we can go home now. Prerna says Anurag… Anupam says we shall go home. Anurag comes home and checks some documents. He checks the papers for Bajaj’s sign. He gets shocked and says Mr. Bajaj…. how can this happen, Bajaj died in the plane crash, it means he is alive, he is here, he is Prerna’s baby’s father. Komolika smiles and thinks now its all set. Nivedita asks Mohini to relax. Mohini says I told you, its not Anurag’s child, the blood match isn’t matching, Moloy just fights, RB means Rishabh Bajaj, he donated blood to the baby. Moloy welcomes Prerna home. He asks Mohini to welcome. Prerna asks where is Anurag. Anurag comes. Prerna thinks why is he in much tension. Mohini does the aarti. Anurag takes baby in his arms.

Moloy asks what happened. Anurag says nothing, Prerna come. Shivani asks Prerna to be happy and leaves. Anurag and Prerna go to the room. He makes baby sleep in the cradle. He goes to get water. Mohini says you always said you love Anurag, you can do anything for him, just be honest now, Prerna, whose daughter is this, Rishabh Bajaj’s, right, everyone knows the mother, father is known by blood and DNA, blood didn’t match, this is not Anurag’s daughter. Prerna says she is Anurag’s daughter.

Mohini says Anurag knows everything and is silent, he really loves you, don’t worry, I didn’t come to make you out, you love my son, you didn’t say its Bajaj’s daughter, you married him and this is the outcome. Prerna asks how can you think so cheap, I married Rishabh and it was a compromise, we had decided to never get close. Mohini says you are lying, its Bajaj’s daughter. Anurag comes and looks on. Anurag says so what…. if this is Bajaj’s daughter, I don’t care, she is my daughter, I love her, Prerna was married to Bajaj, I don’t care, why are you making it a big issue. Prerna says you are saying this, if this was true, I would have told you, do you think its Bajaj’s daughter. He says no, I mean, if this is Bajaj’s daughter, I don’t care about it. She says you are thinking so, I don’t have to stay here. She goes with her baby.

Anurag asks Mohini why did she say this, she is in stress, is this time to talk about it. Mohini says you are fighting because of that girl. Anurag asks Prerna to listen. Moloy and Anupam get toys for baby. Anurag says she is leaving the house. Prerna asks Moloy not to stop her, stop Anurag, else she will be hurt. Anurag says stop this kiddishness. Moloy stops Anurag. Prerna goes. Moloy asks Anupam to drop her home. Komolika thinks Prerna had come here with a dream to become bahu and left now, I m the bahu of this house. Veena says I was trying to call Viraj. Prerna comes and says Sneha wanted to come here. Anupam says actually Prerna was missing you. Veena does aarti and welcomes Sneha.

Anupam says you know Nivedita, she is at home, I have to go. He leaves. Everyone asks Prerna to come. Veena asks what are you hiding. Komolika says sorry, I can’t do this. Mohini goes to Anurag. Anurag says you want to apologize, right, Prerna will come back, I will go to get her. Mohini says no need, let her go, Moloy supported me as I m his wife, like you married Sonalika and got her home, how can you forget. He says I didn’t forget, I will explain Sonalika and apologize, but sorry, I can’t do anything, I love Prerna and have a daughter too, they are my priority, I will tell the same to Sonalika, she saved my life, I will be thankful to her, but I can’t give her anything, if she asks me anything, I promise to fulfill it, stop regarding Prerna as enemy, its my request, I can’t hear anything against her, I love her. Mohini says she didn’t listen to you. He says let it go, if you didn’t tell about Bajaj, then she would have not gone. He goes. Komolika gets angry.

Anurag apologizing to Prerna. He talks to her and her family. He says I just got connected to Prerna first, more than anyone else, Sneha is my daughter, not Bajaj’s daughter. Veena says Prerna is emotional. He says its no use if Prerna doesn’t understand. She says everyone has made you their fav in my house, they support. They all smile. She says they were saying that maybe I have misunderstood you. He asks do you understand me now. She nods. He says then will you marry me, day after tomorrow. They all smile. Moloy shouts Anupam and throws phone happily. He says my wish got fulfilled, they are marrying. Mohini thinks what about Sonalika. Komolika thinks I have come back just for Anurag, I can’t lose.

She sees Prerna and thinks she has come back. She sees Anurag and Prerna going. Komolika plays with toys. She says this was my room two days back. Prerna says I told you, you will be out in 3 days. They argue. Prerna says I m marrying Anurag, I don’t want you here, you have to go. Anupam talks to Prerna. She goes and says Anupam said Anurag will come, where is he. She takes her bags and goes. She sees Anurag with Komolika. She gets shocked and hides. Komolika asks till when will we hide and meet this way. He says just some days more, Prerna is such, she isn’t getting away.

Prerna hides from them. Anurag says she came to me with Bajaj’s daughter. Prerna cries. Anurag says she felt I m stupid, I won’t understand anything, Bajaj is dead, she wanted someone to support her child, she said this is her child, wow, she feels she is playing a game with me, she doesn’t know that I m playing a game with her, truth is she can’t love anyone, she loves money, she doesn’t know since when I m acting to love her, I know love doesn’t matter to her, Bajaj, that old man, she got bored of him and came to me, she married him and said it was a sacrifice, it was all about money, now Prerna’s money will be mine, she got all of Bajaj’s assets after his death, now this marriage happens, it will be mine, I need Prerna since my business needs money, we can’t meet outside, we have to meet secretly for some time. Prerna cries. Anurag kisses on Komolika’s forehead. He says I don’t want to lose you, she doesn’t matter to me, even her child doesn’t matter, just wait for some time. They hear some sound. Komolika goes to check. Prerna runs away. She cries in her room. Anurag comes there.

She shouts get out. He says Prerna, what are you doing. She says fine, I will go, you are a fraud, you cheated me, everything got over, you were with Sonalika, she is Komolika, I heard everything, you are with me for Bajaj’s money. He says you listen to me, you have seen me with Sonalika, you think I loved you for Bajaj’s money, you are stupid, mad, Veena is right, you have seen me, but things aren’t such, you should trust me, its not your mistake, it happened so soon, how would I tell you, that I was going out to get proof against Sonalika, so that I make Sonalika out of our lives forever. He shows the papers and says I know Sonalika is Komolika, sit here, listen to me, its doctor’s reports, he did his plastic surgery, I know she is Komolika, she is the one who separated us, you sent Bajaj in our life so that he snatches all my assets, so that you get helpless to marry him, you have seen her close to me, its a part of my plan, I want she feels that I m supporting her, I love her, I don’t care for you… because I don’t want any risk, I want your trust, I m doing this for my family. They hug. He says its imp day for us, its our marriage.

Its morning, Prerna smiles seeing the decorations. Anurag asks her to sign on the marriage application papers. He says go and get ready first. Komolika says congrats, I know you are marrying Anurag, what happened, won’t you answer me. Prerna says I have become a mum, and mum’s heart has love and happiness, not hatred, I m marrying Anurag. Komolika says what if I tell you that he loves me, he is marrying you for Bajaj’s money, he hates you. Prerna says what if I tell you that you are thinking wrong, I don’t want to talk, I trust Anurag, I m not interested in this. Anupam asks her to get ready, Anurag is ready. Prerna goes. She gets shocked seeing Anurag kissing Komolika.

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