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Made for each other 2 July 2020; Made for each other 2nd July 2020, The Episode starts with Ronit trying to hear. Prerna asks inspector to check the suite well. Ronit looks on. Prerna says Anurag is not in senses, anyone can attack on him. Komolika says I have checked the room and washroom, you may leave. Prerna says you have checked, but inspector will check now. Komolika says enough, I m feeling sleeping. Made for each other update Thursday 2 July 2020 Prerna asks what, its imp. Manager says I trust the security, but checking can be done well. Inspector asks them to stay out. Ronit hides. Komolika asks Prerna to take police and leave. Prerna says fine, if you say, but on one condition, back out, get away from Anurag. Komolika says lets not get into all of this, you will have to regret for spoiling my suhaagraat. Prerna laughs and says he isn’t in senses, he isn’t able to sit and talk, you call this suhaagraat, best thing is Ronit will get caught. Komolika says this won’t happen.

Made for each other update Thursday 2 July 2020 Prerna calls Shivani. Constable doesn’t see Ronit hiding. Shivani comes. Komolika get shocked seeing her disguise. She says I don’t believe you, you have amazing talent, you join some drama company or open a drama academy. Prerna shows the little baby and says its yours, you like to have baby, he went on you, he has no heart, a mum has a heart filled with love, you are stubborn to get Anurag. Komolika scolds her. Ronit comes out to see. Ronit runs. Prerna says he is running, catch him. Police follows Ronit. He goes out of window. Anurag calls out Prerna. Prerna goes to him. Ronit hides his face by snatching a girl’s scarf. He flees from the hotel on a man’s bike. Police follows in the car.

Anurag sees Prerna and gives his hand. Prerna holds his hand. She hugs him and buttons his shirt. Shivani smiles seeing them. Komolika asks what are you doing. Prerna says you spiked his drink to do anything with him, he stays in senses and calls me, he loves me. Komolika says get up. Shivani points a knife at her back. Inspector asks what’s happening. Komolika says this girl.. Shivani throws the knife. Made for each other 2nd July 2020 Komolika asks did you get that guy. Inspector says no, he ran away. Prerna says it means someone was here, he may come back. Komolika says he won’t come back. Prerna asks how can you be sure. Inspector says we will stay here all night, Anurag will get conscious till morning. Prerna says yes.

Its morning, Mohini sees Anurag and Komolika coming. She asks are you fine, did you find out who attacked you. He says no. She asks Anupam to take him. Anupam says I have to go to office. Mohini asks Komolika not to worry. Komolika says nothing such happened. Mohini says there was someone in your suite, you are saying this. Komolika says Prerna got the police there, she doesn’t want Anurag and me to unite, but why, tell me, why are you silent when a servant’s daughter is ruining our lives. She goes. Mohini thinks Prerna did this intentionally, I will fire her from this job. Komolika says Prerna you spoiled our night, you got courage because of mangalsutra and sindoor, I will not leave you. Prerna goes to Anurag. He says you here….

She says I can’t be at home all day, is everything fine, are you dizzy. He says no, I have a heavy head, I m not able to concentrate. She says I can make kada for your relief. He says no, listen, I m fine. She goes to make kada. Komolika looks on and comes to her. She takes a knife and vents anger tapping the knife around Prerna’s hand. She scolds Prerna.

Prerna says I will always hold Anurag whenever he needs me, I m not scared of you. Komolika says you… Moloy asks what’s happening. Made for each other 2 July 2020 Prerna says she got mad, she is making the fly away by a knife, she may get hurt. Moloy asks what’s going on here. Prerna says she was threatening me, I m not scared of flies, they just irritate, they don’t bite. Komolika goes. Prerna says its fine, I want Anurag’s support, Sonalika is feeling jealous. Moloy says I understand what you mean to say, sorry. Prerna says I m ready to wait for my time. Komolika sees the marbles. She drops it on the stairs. She thinks if Prerna slips on the stairs, this time she can’t save her child.

Lies of the Heart update Thursday 2nd July 2020

Komolika stopping Prerna. Prerna scolds her and goes. Komolika drops some oil on the stairs. She throws the bottle. She says when you go down the stairs, you will fall and then your child’s story is over. She goes to Nivedita. She thinks just Prerna would use the stairs now, not anyone else. Prerna gets the kada for Anurag. He asks are you serious, I started to feel better. She says fine, even then you have to drink it. He says it will be bitter. She says I m not your friend. He says that’s unfair, you are my best friend. Komolika says I care for you and want you to be safe. Nivedita thanks her. Komolika thinks what is Prerna doing in study room. She sees Mohini coming. She worries.

Made for each other update Thursday 2 July 2020 She says if Mohini falls, Anurag will become a detective and find out how the oil fell there. Mohini falls down the stairs. Nivedita shouts Maa. Anurag and Prerna run to see. Nivedita asks him to come downstairs fast. Anurag asks Prerna to stay there. They come downstairs. Nivedita asks how did mum fall down. Komolika says we will take her to hospital. Anurag holds her. Komolika thinks you deserved it, what was the need to come at this time. They take Mohini. Doctor says she is fine, she will have some mild pain. Anurag asks Mohini what’s all this. Mohini says I turned back and slept. Komolika says I was so scared for you. Prerna comes and says doctor is calling Sonalika, Anurag you stay here with Mohini. Komolika goes. Prerna takes her away. She says I know you did this, why. Komolika says you did a lot for Mohini, you left Basu house and married Bajaj for Anurag, when I said you did the theft, then she didn’t take time to call the police. She asks her to let her feel the baby kick. She says Anurag said he feels connected with the baby since he felt the baby kick, its a nice feeling, I didn’t like it, I was hurt, how did he feel the baby’s heartfelt, we will stop your baby’s kicking, then Anurag won’t feel anything. Prerna pushes her and says I will kill you. Komolika says you have become like me. Prerna says we are different, I do what I say. She holds her stomach. She feels pain.

Komolika says I think your baby is scared. Prerna calls the doctor. Komolika stops her and asks are you hurt, no doctor, I feel happy, is the baby dead. Prerna pushes her and runs out. Prerna shouts doctor. Made for each other update Thursday 2 July 2020 Anurag runs to her and asks are you okay. Komolika looks on. Doctor takes Prerna. Komolika thinks see what I do now. Doctor asks Anurag to wait outside. She says you would be knowing about your pregnancy, right. Prerna asks what do you mean, is everything fine. Doctor says no, there are some complications, you can’t have normal delivery, you have to stop taking stress. Anurag hears this. Komolika looks on from outside. She thinks stress attack, I m sure this happened because of me, Anurag doesn’t know that I m the reason, see how I take advantage of it. She calls Ronit and asks for Roshan’s number.

Anurag says I told you not to take stress, you need rest. Nurse asks him to get medicines. He says you will take rest now, don’t think anything. He goes. Komolika calls Roshan and says Anurag is coming to the pharmacy with a prescription. Roshan and staff talk about Anurag and Prerna’s affair. Roshan says Prerna is bad charactered, she is breaking Anurag and his wife’s marriage. Anurag scolds them. Roshan laughs. Anurag beats him up. Komolika comes and stops him. She asks Anurag to come with her. She says I trust my husband, he can never cheat me. She takes Anurag. He asks what’s wrong with you, didn’t you hear what they were saying about Prerna.

Made for each other update Thursday 2nd July 2020 She says sit here, I understand everything, I told you I trust you, I meant it, the people are talking about you since long, I have been arguing with them, they said I m foolish myself, Prerna’s husband left her, knowing she is pregnant, I don’t believe it, if you think you are helping Prerna, no, you are increasing her problems, she is in tension because of you, you are her boss and friend, how can we stop people, if you genuinely care for her, do something that helps her always, she has her family, if you care for her, then give her a family, give her a husband.

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