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Made for Each Other Update Thursday 3 October 2019 Starlife starts with the search of Prerna by Anurag who has already left before the search began as revealed by Nivedita.

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Navin acts good to Prerna’s family. It starts raining. Shivani says few things will also change now. Prerna plays with rain water. Navin thinks she is happy for me for the first time, really weather is changing. Prerna thinks of Anurag.

Shivani says mum wants hot bag. Prerna gives her. Shivani says mum is stressed, don’t worry Anurag will end their tension. Prerna asks what did you say. She teases Prerna about Anurag. She asks Prerna to realize it. She says I know Anurag doesn’t know about his feelings. Prerna says shut up. Shivani asks how will you shut up your heart, you are confused, you are marrying Navin but you love Anurag, why can’t you see Anurag has same feelings. Prerna denies it. Shivani says you don’t want to look into Anurag’s eyes, else you will see his love and melt down, I know you are upset with him, he is fighting with his family to protect you, we can appreciate his efforts, its not just pure friendship, but more than that. Prerna turns and sees someone.

Navin comes home and talks to Anupam. He apologizes to scold him in anger. Anupam says its fine. Navin says I like you, I know everything about London society, not about here, I want to learn this from you, become my Guru. He praises him for marrying a girl like Nivedita. Anupam joins him. Prerna sees Rajesh at the door. Rajesh asks for hot bag. He goes. Prerna looks at Shivani. She asks did you go mad, what if dad heard this. Shivani says its good, I have covered up about Anurag so that you tell this yourself.

Anurag sees the rains and thinks of her. Tere liye….plays… He plays with rain. Prerna reaches home and waves imagining Anurag at the gate.
Moloy compliments Mohini for her natural beauty. She asks him to think of his age, as he always taunts on Navin’s age. She pities Madhuri. She feels blessed to have a cute family. He gets bored and lies down. He sleeps, while she praises Navin. She sees him and says amazing, he talks a lot, but he feels asleep when I talk something imp. He acts to be sleeping.

Prerna says he is just my friend. Shivani says just once, think of it, Anurag won’t say it, forward hand to him and see, I m sure he won’t leave your hand ever. She goes. Prerna thinks of Shivani’s words. She lies to sleep. Anurag climbs the ladder. He reaches the balcony and calls out Prerna. She gets shocked seeing him. She scolds him. He smiles and drinks water. He asks are you done, you are shouting as if you are my GF.

She asks why did you come by window. He says if I come by main door at this time, aunty would have asked me questions, I m not in that frame of mind to answer. She says I understand. He says Nivedita was asking me about us, so I cleared, I explained that there is nothing between us, so I don’t want your family to think such. She asks is there nothing. He says yes, no I mean there is nothing. She says you could have called me, we would have met outside.

He says sorry, next time, listen to me, Navin and Madhuri are lying, you can break this marriage. She says I feel you have become possessive, Navin and Madhuri cleared it. He says they are wrong, I spoke to him, he threatened me, this proves Madhuri and his relation is weird, trust me. Anurag ask why are you marrying Navin. Prerna says I m helpless because… He asks are you helpless, why, tell me, what’s the problem. She says just stay out of it. He says you have to tell me. She says its my life, my choice. He says I have decided this that I will leave you alone if you don’t get convinced, I know you are helpless, I won’t let you do this, I swear I will support you, you can hold my hand, please don’t give up, life is beautiful, give it a chance, I will always support you even if Navin is there in your life or not, I will always be with you. He goes. She cries and says why are you so good, I would have ended this relation long time back if I could, but my love for my family is greater than my self respect, I will fight till the end, I will try my best. She thinks if Anurag can fight for me, can’t I fight for myself. She comes out in the balcony. Anurag sees her. Pehle ke jaisa….plays… He leaves in his car.

Anupam says I m double rich as Nivedita is mine. Navin asks how shall I impress Prerna, I feel Anurag likes her. Anupam says I think they both like each other. Navin says if Prerna falls for him. Anupam says it means you want to compete with Anurag. Navin says I have to win some how. Anupam asks him to become young and energetic. Navin asks what medicines should I take for that. Anupam says who wears Kurta, just wear shirts and goggles. Navin walks and dances to show him. Anupam laughs. Navin says I m talented and handsome.

Anupam praises Nivedita. She asks him not to try to impress him. She says you were staring at Komolika that day. He says she is the one worth staring, is she attending this party. She asks him to get dressed properly. He says I m not so bad. She says you are so bad. He says I will have to stare at some outside, not Prerna, I don’t want to waste my time, already there is much competition going on, Anurag versus Navin. Moloy wishes happy diwali and gives a rose to Mohini. She asks what’s this. He asks Anurag to help him, what’s this. Anurag says its a rose. He goes.

Anupam says you have a misconception, I think Prerna will like hero look. Navin says I m ready to do anything for her. Anurag is on the way. He looks for charger. He gets a tape and recalls Prerna. Prerna gets the rose. She recalls Anurag and sees the ring. Anurag thinks Prerna is stubborn, I will expose Navin on Diwali, Ram will win over Raavan. Its morning, Prerna asks for Shekhar. Suman helps Veena. She goes to wake up Shivani. Prerna comes to talk to Shekhar. She asks him to give his income slips and bank account statement. He asks do you have some work. She says I was applying for personal loan. He says documents are ready with me, why are you suddenly asking this, Navin is helping us already.

She says if I get a job, it will be easy to apply for loan, I would like to repay the loan, even dad wouldn’t like Navin to get involved, his self respect would be hurt. He says you have grown up, go and take the file. He checks the file once. She calls Sid and asks him to send the documents for processing soon. She thanks him. Suman comes and bumps into her. Suman picks the papers. Prerna says I m applying for personal loan by his documents.

Suman asks do you have any enmity with Shekhar, we don’t wish Shekhar to get troubled. She scolds Prerna. She says you can’t put burden on him. Shekhar asks her not to get in between. Prerna says its fine, I will repay the loan. Suman says you will get married and go, better not make false promises. She gets shouting. Prerna says its okay, I will make other arrangements. She goes.


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