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Made for Each other update Tuesday 10 December 2019 Starlife

Made for Each other update Tuesday 10 December 2019 Starlife, Mohini saying respect is most imp for me, you have ruined my respect.

Nivedita asks Prerna to call Veena here and ask her if she is still her pride. Mohini says you trap rich guys and do the same thing. Tapur scolds Prerna. Prerna says its a lie, trust me, I didn’t do all this. Komolika says enough Prerna, you think we will agree if you cry and act innocent. Komolika says you have hidden the dirt behind your innocent face, you are exposed now, you want to take revenge on us, they couldn’t throw you out, they are simple people. Prerna says I didn’t do this, I swear, its all a lie. She recalls getting dizzy.

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She says I got dizzy, someone spiked the drink. Komolika says go to your mum and tell this story, if she agrees, then you come here. She insults Prerna and says you took over Anurag’s room to celebrate wedding night with someone else. Prerna says enough, I didn’t forget my limits, I have no money, but I have respect. Komolika says I understand, you are frustrated, you showed you are the bahu of this house and then you were caught with someone else, you took revenge and this family lost respect. Prerna says I m not from those who ruin others for revenge, I didn’t do anything to ruin anyone’s life.

She says Tapur you are like Shivani for me, I won’t let anything wrong happen with you. Komolika says you didn’t lose anything, this is your work, you should have spared Tapur, don’t know if anyone will marry Tapur, you know these people got angry and decided not to let Sahil marry Tapur, its because of you, you should leave, you have hurt everyone. Prerna says I didn’t do anything, someone spiked my drink, you have done this. Vikrant is still in the room. He stumbles. Prerna says you wanted to defame me, you did this. Komolika claps and says interesting, I knew you will bring any angle in the story, stop it, no one will trust you.

Anurag says I will trust her, she is innocent, she didn’t do anything. Komolika says come on, how long will you support her, you don’t want to lose. Mohini says truth won’t change. Anurag says I m not with Prerna, I would support any girl, everyone said Prerna is wrong, no she is not, many times what we see and hear isn’t true, truth is I know Prerna, she will never do this, she won’t let wrong happen with anyone, Vikrant is also there in video clip, no one asked him. He says Sahil, I don’t know Vikrant, but I know Prerna, she won’t do wrong with anyone. Mohini asks Prerna to get out of the house if she has shame. Moloy looks on.

Mohini asks why do you always support Prerna, answer me. He says because of love she loves me and now she hates me, she has risked everything as she loved me a lot, she is angry as I broke her heart, she fights me, she loves me, its not a lie, when it comes to love, love is right, my heart says Prerna isn’t wrong. Prerna looks at him. He says I know no one accepted Prerna, what did she do, nothing, she didn’t cheat anyone, she has kept a wife’s duty.

Made for Each other update Tuesday 10 December 2019 Starlife

Anurag says Prerna is pure. Moloy smiles. Anurag says Prerna obeys all the rules, she did all this being a wife, she can’t do wrong, the mistake can’t be of girl always, how can everyone say Prerna is wrong, Vikrant can also be wrong, does he have freedom to do anything, why should girls save their respect always, why do we always think that a girl is wrong, why can’t we blame a guy, I would like to ask Vikrant, he maybe wrong, where is he. He goes. Prerna thinks Anurag saved me from getting finished today. Komolika thinks he is taking Prerna’s side today. Anurag says I told you to stay away from Prerna. Vikrant asks what are you saying. Anurag beats him and says I won’t leave you. Prerna stops Anurag. She says Vikrant didn’t do anything, he is also innocent like me, Komolika has done this. She tells everything. Anurag gets shocked.

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