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Made For Each Other 10 November 2020: It begins with a girl running with a balloon. She goes to sit on the bench. Prerna is on the way and asks the driver about the day. The driver says its an auspicious day, Ekadashi. She thinks how can it be a good day when I lost my daughter, she couldn’t live for even 2-3 days, if I was with my daughter today, she would have been 8 years old. The car stops. The balloon goes to Prerna. The girl goes to take the balloon. Prerna smiles seeing the balloon. The girl gets inside the car. She says its my balloon, you can keep it if you like it. Prerna says no. The girl says the balloon is beautiful. Prerna says this looks like you.

The girl says I made it for my best friend, its special balloon, you can take it if you want. Prerna asks did you come here alone. The girl says that shop is mine. Prerna says okay, I will buy this balloon. The girl says you can keep it if you like, I like you. Prerna asks what’s your age. The girl says 8 years. Prerna looks on. Komolika says I choose my friends and enemies, I punish my enemies, I broke Anurag and Prerna’s relation, I didn’t burn that orphanage, I just took the girl to the orphanage and gave her to the nurse. FB shows Komolika giving the money and asking the nurse to forget their meet. She thinks what could I do, I was also scared. She says I m glad that the girl isn’t alive, I got saved from a sin. She goes out of the room.

The girl runs to the same lady/nurse. She says Maasi…. The lady asks her to hug. The girl says you will get the hug after finishing the work, I met a tall lady, she was lovely, I gave her Naina’s balloon, I had made best balloon, I had worked hard. The girl laughs and says just in your sight. She hugs the girl. Prerna thinks balloon never attracted me, I m feeling attached to this balloon and that girl. She reaches the office. She keeps the balloon in the car and goes. The balloon flies to Anurag. He thinks Sneha, I couldn’t keep her with me, but she had to go with Prerna, I wish I could see you once. He takes the balloon. Driver sees the balloon gone.

Komolika says Nivedita, if you had some sense, then you would have not failed, go to Ronit and learn, look at his position and your position, learn from him, pass the tea. Nivedita says sure, why not. Komolika asks the servant to get chef hat. Komolika doesn’t hold the tea cup. It falls down. Komolika says don’t say that it happened by mistake, go and wipe this clean. Nivedita cleans the place. Komolika thinks I didn’t forget all the insult, you made plan of uniting Anurag and Prerna that day. She calls someone and asks did you reach. Servant gets the chef hat. Komolika makes Nivedita wear it. She asks her to keep wearing it. She thinks to meet Prerna after defeating her, to remind her place. Prerna meets Mr. Sudeep. She says it was imp, so I have come personally, I have mailed the documents. He says that was impressive, you have to give me a reason to give you land permissions. She asks can you give me info about Basu city.

He says you think I will be biased about it. She says no. He says Basu city is Anurag’s dream. She says what I m doing is a dream of many people, you know a person puts his hard earned money in the house, its a dream for them, you know people stay away from families for work, if I give them job opportunities, they will spend time with family, everything will be in their favor, Basu city will be for luxury, you decide to favor luxury or necessity. He asks are you going to fulfill this dream, you want to convert residential land into commercial land, right. She says right. He signs on the papers. He says you can start the construction work now. She smiles and thinks this approval will break their left over hopes.

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