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Made For Each Other 11 August 2020: Made For Each Other update Tuesday 11th August 2020, The Episode starts with Tanisha panicking seeing the fire. Rakhi calms her. Nivedita asks Tapur to take Tanisha home. Mohini asks for Anurag. Komolika says Anurag said that he is going home with Kaushik. Mohini says no, my heart says that he is here. She goes to see. Kuki comes there and says get away. Guard says you can’t go there. Kuki says my mum is there. She thinks if anything happens to Prerna, what will I answer dad, no, Prerna I m coming, I have to go, I need a car. Kaushik flirts with the girls. Kuki asks them to get out of the car. He asks what do you want. Kuki says I need this car. The girls fight for him. Kuki gets in the car and says listen to me, there is fire in the pandal, Prerna, my mum is unconscious, please take the car.

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Kaushik drives to the pandal and says see the fire, I m not taking the car ahead, our lives will be in risk. Kuki asks what, my mum is inside, get out of the car, I will drive. He says we can’t risk life for someone. He also sits back and says I can’t leave you alone. She drives. They get inside. She screams. They argue. They see Anurag and Prerna. They take them out. She sees them in the backseat. She says I feel I know him. Kaushik asks really, lets do one thing, we will take them to hospital. She says thanks, we will arrange a doctor. She asks him to stop the car. He asks why, there is no hospital here. She calls him dumb and shows his car. They argue.

She says my dad will arrange the best doctor, we will manage. She takes Prerna in her car. Kaushik asks Komolika to call a doctor, they are coming home. Mr. Bajaj asks how did this happen. Kuki says don’t know, I just got her in the car, she isn’t conscious. He says its okay, go home. She says so sorry. He says she will be fine, don’t worry. He ends call. Kuki says its fine, dad has called a doctor. He thinks why is it tough to stay without her. At home, Prerna gets conscious. Kuki asks are you okay, say something, are you dizzy. Prerna asks how is he. Kuki asks who, he will be fine, his nephew took him, I didn’t see any bruises on him. Prerna thinks just I will give him wounds. Anurag wakes up and says Prerna. He recalls seeing Prerna in the pandal. Mohini asks Prerna…..

Anurag says I have seen her. She asks where. He says pandal. She says don’t say this, Komolika won’t feel good. Kuki says I feel I know that handsome man, familiar, don’t know why. Prerna says open my laptop. Kuki says not now, have some food. Prerna says that land auction is pending, get the laptop. Kuki insists her to have food. Anurag says Prerna saved my life. Mohini says no, Kaushik saved you, I will just come.

Komolika asks nurse to say again. Nurse says he said he has seen Prerna, who is Prerna. Komolika says a dream which will never complete, you may leave now. Komolika goes to Mohini. She asks what was Anurag saying. Mohini says maybe he saw a dream. Komolika says there is much difference between dream and reality, I m Anurag’s wife, right. Mohini says of course, you aren’t annoyed, right. Komolika asks why.

She says I m the reality of Anurag’s life. She goes and scold the servant. Mohini thinks is Anurag saying true, no, Prerna…. Prerna and Kuki have the soup. Kuki asks why is the auction imp to you. Prerna says because its imp for someone else. She thinks I know Anurag dreamt to have a city plan on this land, he doesn’t know my plan, he broke my house and dreams, I will not let your dream succeed. Anurag says it was Prerna, I know it. Kaushik comes and hugs him. He asks what’s in your pocket. Kaushik gets Kuki’s earring. Anurag asks whose earring is it. Kaushik says a girl’s earring. Anurag asks your GF.

Kaushik says no, she can’t be my GF, I can be her BF, I can’t handle her attitude. Prerna sees Kuki’s earring missing. Kuki says I think that cheapster has stolen my earring. Prerna says if you meet him next time, take the earring back. Anurag asks Kaushik to go out. Kaushik says devil and angel can’t sleep in same room. Anurag says okay, you can sleep here. Kaushik says I can’t refuse to you. Anurag says I will ask Komolika to stay in guest room. Kaushik says I will go, many people insulted me, this is too much. Anurag thinks it was Prerna, I feel she has come back. Prerna says very soon, we will face each other Anurag.

Its morning, Nivedita says I m going to office, Komolika is suffocating us, everything is named after Komolika. Mohini says no, she has given half powers to Anurag and you. Nivedita says its nothing, this is just to hear it, we are working under her, I love working, but I don’t like that she wants to dominate us. Komolika comes and asks what’s happening, so what’s up, what are you talking about me. Nivedita says I was praising you. Komolika says carry on. She thinks you were backbiting about me, hardly matters, you all all are in my hands.

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