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Made for Each other 14 July 2020: Made for Each other update tuesday 14th July 2020, The Episode starts with Viraj saying I m waiting for her reply. Anurag says okay, nice. Shivani tries to get a paper cutter. She cuts her ropes and goes to the door. She knocks. She goes out from the window. She hears Ronit and goons talking. Shiva says we shall leave, they will do the kidnapping. Ronit shows Prerna and Shivani’s pic. He says you have to kidnap her, understood. Komolika says Anurag didn’t take his medicines, you give him the pill, he won’t refuse to you. Mohini says he isn’t listening to me these days, I will give him the medicine. She goes to Anurag.

Made for Each other update tuesday 14 July 2020: He says maybe you are missing me and want to talk. Mohini gives medicine. Komolika says you didn’t take medicine. Anurag says I feel dizzy, I don’t like it. Mohini says its medicine, not any chocolate, have it. He takes the pill. Komolika thinks oh my Anu baby, you will forget everything, you will just remember me. He asks happy… just smile, you are bad at acting, let it come. Mohini smiles and goes. He asks do you want to say something. Komolika says no. She goes.

Prerna gets dizzy. She asks Anurag to come with her. He asks are you okay. She says I have to tell something, come on. He says you don’t look good, Prerna. He asks did you drink anything. She says just I will wait, can you see something. He says you. She says I can see you. He says you got me here to show yourself. She says I will ask, you will answer. He says okay.

She says I got you here to make you meet someone, look at that star, that’s my dad, he loved me a lot, he loved everyone in family, but loved me the most. She cries. She says did I tell you ever that you are really nice, you are very nice. He thanks her and says lets go, you aren’t able to stand, if you fall down, it won’t be good. She says I want to say something, I love you…. He looks at her.

Made for Each other update tuesday 14th July 2020 She holds him and says I love you. He smiles and holds her hand. She kisses his hand. He recalls their moments. Viraj thinks I can’t wait for the answer, what does Prerna feel for me, if not, then why. Mohini thinks I feel bad for Viraj, but I m happy that Prerna’s bad shadow will be away from my house. She says Prerna is a really nice girl, she is from poor family, but she has values, she knows respecting elders, she deserves this. Viraj says that’s sweet, I can see her qualities, if anyone can’t see her qualities, then that person’s heart is bad, right. She says right, sorry I have to attend some guests. She thinks I don’t understand what people see in this middle class girl. Viraj asks Debu did you see Prerna. Debu says she went on the terrace. Shivani calls Prerna and says I have to tell her that she is in danger. She asks Viraj and says sorry, you would have not seen her. The goons see Shivani and go to her. They faint her by chloroform and take her away. The goon calls Ronit and says we got the girl.

Prerna says tell me, you love me too, when I was with you, I feel good and safe, I can’t live without you, I want to live and stay happy with you. Viraj asks way to terrace. He says I can’t wait now. He goes upstairs. He thinks I told her to think and say, but I can’t wait more. Prerna says I can’t wait more, I want to say everything that’s in my heart, your cutie pie and I are nothing without you, tell me, you love me, you have always loved me, none could do it. She gives her hand and says hold my hand. Lag jaa gale….plays…

Made for Each other 14 July 2020 Anurag holds her hand when she gets dizzy. He hugs her. The goon says Prerna is inside the car, unconscious. Ronit says great. He calls Komolika says what you wanted is done, my team aren’t fools, Prerna is lying unconscious in the van, we have won. Komolika says good, I will send the address, take her there, I m coming. Mohini asks her to come. Komolika asks why don’t you understand, I mean I have a headache. She goes. Mohini feels bad. Anurag says sit now, relax, you have drunk something. Prerna says I love you.

Viraj says I hope she agrees for marriage, I will marry her right away. Prerna says I love you, tell me, you also love me, I have waited for you for so long, I always loved you, tell me that you love me. Anurag wipes her tears. He holds her to kiss. She falls sleepy. He looks at her and leaves her. He thinks what was I saying, she is drunk, I don’t think she is telling this to me, maybe its for Viraj, she thinks I m Viraj, since Viraj proposed her.

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Anurag thinking Prerna has told that for Viraj, I wish it was for me, Viraj proposed her. FB shows Viraj asking will Prerna fall in love with me, I wanted a family, and then I fell in love with her. Anurag says she is such that anyone will love her. Viraj says I m getting nervous. Anurag says it will happen as you want. FB ends. Anurag thinks why didn’t I tell Prerna that I m not Viraj, she wanted to tell this to Viraj. Viraj comes to her and says you are sleeping here, I was finding you. Anurag turns and looks on. Viraj asks her to give an answer, he is nervous, don’t break his heart. He asks are you listening Prerna. Anurag says she has fallen asleep. Viraj asks did you come after me. Anurag says no, I was with her, she is not in her senses. Viraj says we should take her downstairs. He takes Prerna.

Made for Each other tuesday 14 July 2020 Komolika goes to Ronit. He says Prerna is in the van, I want to give credit to my team. She says everyone will get paid. He says thanks, my sports car… She checks and sees Shivani. She slaps Ronit and scolds him for getting Prerna. Ronit shows pic. Goon shows Shivani and says this is Prerna. She asks Ronit to get out. She asks goons to put Shivani back and get Prerna to her. Viraj makes Prerna rest. He says what shall I do, shall I inform your mom or let you stay here. Prerna talks in sleep. He smiles and goes. Anurag thinks why didn’t I stop Prerna. He thinks of everything. Komolika comes and asks are you recalling something again. He signs no. She says maybe he is also getting intoxicated. She thinks where is Prerna and looks around.

She thinks something is going on in his mind. Goons dump Shivani in the room. They see Prerna and say the right girl is here. Komolika asks them to take her fast. They take Prerna. Komolika sees Shivani and says I m leaving you as you are not conscious, there will be cake cutting downstairs and I will kill Prerna. Viraj says Prerna is in guest room, maybe she had some drink. Veena says we shall leave. Moloy asks Anurag and Nivedita to cut the cake. Goons take Prerna and call Komolika. She asks them to take her to the address. Shivani wakes up and says Prerna…. Prerna gets conscious ad says Anurag… Anurag feels restless. Shivani sees goons tying Prerna. Anurag tries to go. Komolika thinks even your family don’t want you to reach Prerna. Ronit faints Prerna. Shivani comes to Anurag and says goons kidnapped Prerna and took her in the van.

Made for Each other 14 July 2020: Anurag, Viraj, Anupam and Shekhar run. Ronit asks goons to put Prerna in the tempo and take her. Nivedita asks who will kidnap Prerna. Mohini says now Anurag will run after Prerna, he will follow the goons until he saves Prerna, why, doesn’t she have any family. Nivedita sees Komolika and stops Mohini. Komolika thinks my men shouldn’t get caught. Komolika says my bp is getting low, I will take medicine and come. Komolika thinks I will make a call, I hope they get saved. Ronit calls her. She says I m in a mess, I really need your help. He says don’t worry, I reached there on time and took Prerna, I gave her a dose, everything is under control.

Anurag follows the tempo. Ronit says this Anurag is still following me. Komolika says Shivani shouted that Prerna is kidnapped, Anurag can’t see you, if his memory comes back, then Prerna will tell him about me, everyone will know that I planned this kidnapping. Ronit says I will win. She says Anurag will be going mad for Prerna. He says let him get mad, I will talk later. She says don’t disconnect, I want to hear what’s happening. Goon says the girl is getting conscious. Komolika says just kill her. Ronit says you don’t know how I m handling it, you want me to murder her and get trapped. She says its a simple thing. She turns and sees Viraj at the door.

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