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Here in Made for Each other Update Tuesday 15th October 2019 on Starlife, Prerna after sitting inthe car, forgets her phone the. Ronita immediately picks it up to go and give her.

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Prerna, Ronita, Anurag are leaving. Anurag gives his number to Ronita. Naveen comes to pick Prerna up. He gets shocked seeing Ronita. Ronita looks at the car, but can’t see Naveen’s face. She says this car.. Anurag says that’s Prerna’s temporary driver. Prerna says that’s her to-be husband Naveen.

Naveen turns his face to other side and talks to Anurag. Ronita fails to see him again and he drives off. Ronita tells Anurag that Pradeep was driving same car. Anurag says there many cars with same color and model in the city, but tells her not to worry. Anurag wonders why Naveen was acting weird and thinks to go home fast and try to find any proof.

Naveen and Prerna come to the mall. He asks her to go and do shopping. He will wait there only. She asks whether he’s alright. He says yes. She goes. He calls Madhuri and informs he saw Ronita with Anurag and Prerna. He fears they are planning to expose him tonight.

She asks him to calm down. Ronita married to Pradeep. If she says anything, she will take Pradeep’s name. He says names are different, but face is same. If anything happens, he will go straight to jail. She asks whether he trusts and loves her. He says yes he loves her, but he has taken advance from London party. She tells him to let her think then.

Prerna comes back and hears last sentence. Naveen senses Prerna coming and changes the topic and disconnects phone. Prerna asks him who he loves? and what he meant by London party? He says he’s marrying here, so he will have to give party in London. He will introduce to her. She feels he’s acting strange today.

Anurag checks Naveen’s room. He finds some box that’s locked. He feels there must be something inside. He tries to open it. Mohini and Nivedita are passing from there. Mohini tells Nivedita to drop something at Prerna’s house. She doesn’t want to go.

Naveen continues acting strange in car as he can’t get Ronita out of his mind. He drops Prerna to her house. She feels something is wrong for sure. He was in a lot of tension and it can’t be about marriage. Madhuri comes to Ronita’s mother house and sees Ronita there. She decides to introduce Pradeep to her.

Anurag hears them and hides the box. Mohini asks what he’s doing there. He says he was filling up some form for Naveen and needed passport number. Mohini gets happy knowing he’s helping Naveen. Nivedita tells him to help Mohini as well and drop gift to Prerna’s house.


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