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Made for Each other update Tuesday 17 December 2019 Starlife

Made for Each other update Tuesday 17 December 2019 Starlife, Komolika asking Prerna is she dreaming of Anurag. She says you are going to die today, your dream won’t complete. She suffocates Prerna. She says Anurag and everyone will be happy after you die.

<<Made for Each other update Monday 16 December 2019 Starlife

ACP says they aren’t answering the call. He calls Veena and says Komolika has run away, she won’t keep quiet, we informed Chobey as well, I think Komolika is after Prerna, Anurag’s phone is unreachable, try to inform them. Veena says I will inform them, thanks a lot. She says Komolika has run away and will take revenge on Prerna. Shivani says don’t worry, I will call them.

Veena prays. ACP says I didn’t see such a girl, she is so beautiful, but cunning and dangerous. Constable says Komolika is beautiful, she didn’t tolerate that Anurag didn’t see her beauty in front of Prerna’s innocence. ACP says we have to warn everything. Komolika says I didn’t hate anyone more than you, Prerna you have to die. She pushes Prerna down and shouts die Prerna die, no one will come to save you. Prerna hangs to the railing pipe.

Made for Each other update Tuesday 17 December 2019 Starlife

Made for Each other update Tuesday 17 December 2019 Starlife

Shivani says no one is answering. Mohini asks Tapur to arrange the cake on time. She asks her to go. She calls out Anurag and goes to his room. She sees Shivani’s call on his phone. She answers. Veena asks Shivani to tell Mohini. Mohini says party is going on, music is loud here. Shivani says Komolika has escaped from jail, she can come to your house anytime to take revenge. Mohini says I can’t hear you, call Prerna if there is anything urgent, don’t disturb my son. Shivani says she disconnected the call and didn’t listen to me. Veena says we will go there. Shivani says I will message Anurag, we have to reach them on phone to save time. Mohini keeps Anurag’s phone. Anurag clicks Tapur and Sahil’s pic. Komolika says everyone will get rid of you, Prerna leave…. prerna shouts Anurag. Anurag turns and says Prerna. Komolika says no one will come to save your life. Prerna says Anurag will come. Anurag runs upstairs. Ram Ram….plays… He comes there and holds Prerna’s hand. Komolika says leave her, all your problems will end. Anurag says don’t leave my hand Prerna. Komolika says you didn’t deserve me, you ignored me for this cheap girl. He gets Prerna up and hugs her. Komolika says die with her Anurag. She runs to them and slips.

She falls and holds the pipe. He asks her to hold her hand and says realize your mistake, please change for the good. She says you love me right. He says no, you aren’t in my heart, we aren’t made for one another, come up. He asks Prerna to go and call someone for help. Komolika says I would have not seen you if you saw me, your ignorance made me stubborn, I just wanted your love, can you give me that love, no right, then leave me, I won’t live, nothing can happen now, I m Nikka, I got what I wanted, you always ignored me, if I lose you, everything is over for me. She bites his hand and falls down. He shouts Komolika…… She falls down into the river. Prerna looks shocked. He says I couldn’t save her. She hugs him. They cry. Sahil’s aunt comes to everyone and says I saw there, Komolika and Prerna were fighting, she pushes Prerna down. Anurag saved Prerna, but Komolika slipped down and fell into the river, we have to save her, else Anurag will get blamed for her murder. Everyone is shocked.

Made for Each other update Tuesday 17 December 2019 Starlife

Anurag asks do you think she can swim and come out. Prerna says I don’t know. He says maybe I can save her. He runs downstairs and out of the house. Prerna runs after him. Everyone rushes out. Anurag comes to the ghat. Anurag shouts Komolika and jumps into the river. Prerna shouts Anurag, Komolika…. Anurag comes out. She says I think Komolika is there. Ronit is drink. Chobey asks him to get down the car, its enough. Ronit says you cheated Komolika, why are you taking me along, I won’t help you. He argues with Chobey and says you didn’t help Komolika, I will help her, I don’t need your power, I will go to opposition party and take help from them. Chobey slaps him and shouts enough. Prerna gets Komolika’s dress cloth and says she isn’t here. Mohini and everyone get shocked. Anurag looks for Komolika.

Mohini says no one can slip in the river like this. She asks Prerna why didn’t she inform that Komolika has come. Sahil’s aunt says I have already told you everything. Mohini says let Prerna speak up, don’t interrupt. She asks Prerna again. Sahil’s aunt says everyone is mad here, Sahil ask Mohini not to talk to me like this. Mohini says shut up, Prerna tell me what happened. Prerna says Komolika tried to kill me. She tells everything. Chobey says go from here, get out. He gets ACP’s call. Ronit takes the call and says talk to me. ACP says make me talk to Chobey. ACP says we didn’t find Komolika yet. Ronit says she was with you. ACP says we informed Chobey that she has run away. Police reaches the ghat. Prerna worries and thinks Komolika should be found, I m worry for Anurag, if anything happens to Komolika, her dad will trouble Anurag.

inspector telling Chobey about Komolika’s fall into the river. Ronit says you did all this. He cries. Anurag comes out of the river. Mohini holds him. Inspector asks are you okay, did you find Komolika.

Anurag says I tried hard. Inspector says I had called you many times to warn you. Prerna says divers will find her. Moloy thinks she has created another problem while leaving. Anupam says maybe she went to the other side. Anurag says she told me that she doesn’t know swimming. Nivedita says maybe she lied. Diver says our other team will find her, we didn’t get her body.

Sahil’s aunt says I heard there are many crocodiles in this river, maybe crocodile has eaten her. Inspector asks her not to spread stories. They all leave. Shivani talks to Anupam. She says

Komolika fell into the river, her body is missing, maybe she is no more. Veena gets shocked. Shivani says Komolika pushed Prerna, Anurag saved her, Komolika attacked them again and she fell into the river. Veena says we will go there and meet her. Shivani thinks I don’t know what will Ronit do, he will become mad, he can become big threat for Prerna.

Mohini cries and says sorry, this happened because of me. Prerna gets the aid box. Mohini says I will do the dressing. Anurag holds Prerna’s hand. Door bell rings, Nivedita goes to see. Veena and Shivani are on the way. Veena says don’t worry, we are here, they need our love. Shivani says I m worried for Ronit. Veena says yes, Ronit may lose his temper, we are here, you don’t need to worry, Anurag and Prerna are there for each other. Ronit comes with police. Nivedita asks what are you doing here. Inspector says we came to arrest Prerna for Komolika’s murder charge. Ronit says arrest Prerna. Anurag asks how can you arrest her. Chobey comes and says this is the proof. He throws Anurag and Komolika’s marriage pics.

Ronit says Anurag married Komolika, he had a love affair with Prerna, then he met Komolika and married her, then he got in love with Prerna again, Prerna came here to beg, Komolika did pity on her, Prerna is the maid of this house. Anurag says enough. Ronit says go and ask your mum, she called Prerna a maid. Anupam says its Saas bahu arguments. Chobey says you helped her in pushing Komolika into the river. Nivedita says its nothing like that. Chobey says you all murdered Komolika. Ronit says Prerna is trying to make this an accident case. Prerna scolds Ronit and inspector. She says ACP was handling the case, he told us that Komolika had run away. Nivedita says yes, she told us that we are in danger because of Komolika. Anurag says enough of stupidity, there was CCTV camera, everything is recorded, just see what happened. Anurag says I will show the footage. Chobey goes away with Ronit. He says this footage proves that Komolika tried to kill Prerna, she went away from us. Ronit says you want me to leave them, I won’t leave Prerna.

Chobey says calm down, listen to me carefully, Anurag has footage, it proves that Komolika tried to kill Prerna, we have to be careful right now, just think if Anurag released the footage in press, then… we have to stop Prerna from lodging FIR, we will take her to police station, our men will stop the car and kill Prerna with police pistol, we have to prove that it was a real encounter, we will take revenge this way, don’t worry. They go to see footage.

Shivani says no one is answering the call. Veena asks why. Everyone gets shocked seeing the footage. Inspector says they have proof that its not their mistake. Chobey says yes, I can see that, I hope you understand my pain, Moloy can understand it well. He apologizes to them on Komoika’s behalf. He says its my mistake, I couldn’t do a dad’s duty, I m not a bad person, I asked ACP to warn you all when Komolika escaped from the jail, I knew she is mad after Anurag, I didn’t know she will try to murder someone. Ronit gets angry. Chobey asks Prerna to come with him to police station and lodge FIR against Prerna.

Ronit says dad told you something. Anurag says you don’t interfere. Prerna says I will file FIR tomorrow. Ronit says you all won’t get saved, this CCTV footage is false, Anurag could have saved Komolika, why didn’t he save her, Prerna would have told him not to save Komolika. Chobey says calm down. Shivani and Veena come. Ronit gets angry and says you think you will get saved doing this, not today, you are a murderer. He holds Prerna’s hand to take her. Anurag stops him. Ronit says I will not stop today, I won’t leave her. Anurag beats Ronit.

Chobey and everyone stop Anurag. Anurag says let your son stay on jail, else I will forget out deal, I will show all videos on my channel, then we will see if you save your seat. Ronit says I won’t leave anyone. Police takes him.

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