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Made for Each Other 21 July 2020: Made for Each Other Tuesday 21st July 2020 update, The Episode starts with someone knocking the door. Prerna says Anurag. Veena says no, Viraj, his mom called and asked if he could take you for engagement shopping. Prerna says I will see, it will be Anurag. Veena thinks I get hurt seeing her love, their love isn’t in fate, she doesn’t want to accept this truth. Prerna sees Anurag and says I knew, its you. Veena asks Anurag to come in. Viraj comes and greets them. He says we shall leave for shopping. Veena says fine, go and come. Anurag asks shopping. Viraj says I was taking her to mall for engagement shopping. Prerna says I just got to know. Viraj asks her to come. They leave. Veena asks Anurag to come in. Anurag says I m going to the office. He leaves.

Made for Each Other tuesday 21st July 2020 update: He thinks what to do, I don’t want anyone to think that I want to be with Prerna. He calls Sonalika and Mohini. Mohini answers. He asks for Sonalika. She says she just came from garden area. He says give her the phone. She says so much desperation. He says I was thinking to take her to mall, its fine if you don’t want. She says no, wait, talk to her. Komolika says I didn’t had my phone. Anurag asks will you come for shopping. She says I would like to go out with you. He asks her to come to the mall. Mohini says things are getting fine now. Anurag thinks yes, I m coming to you Prerna. Mohini prays. Nivedita asks what happened. Mohini says I m very happy, Anurag called Sonalika and said he wants to take her for shopping so that they spend time. Nivedita says wow, we will also go to the mall. Mohini says we will shop something. Prerna says Viraj, I need to talk. Viraj and Prerna go to see the rings. She thinks Viraj is nice, he will help me in getting Anurag, he understands love. She smiles. He shows the rings. She says I need to talk, not here. He gets his mum’s call and goes.

Made for Each Other 21 July 2020: Veena asks Shivani not to study and come with her for shopping. She says we will buy suit clothing and shagun coin, we will go to same mall and buy things by his choice. They leave. Anurag and Komolika come to the mall. She says thanks. He says actually, don’t, I had own motives to get you here. She says I know, you thought Mohini will be glad, I really like it that we are together, come. She holds his hand. He says it gets uncomfortable. She says I understand. He sees Prerna and asks Komolika to shop for herself, he will just come. She asks why. He says I have to check shirts. She says you won’t have a problem with holding hands, you always hold Prerna’s hand, I shop for myself always, I want you to shop for me, we will select shirts later. Viraj says sorry, mom scolded me, she asked me how can I leave you alone. She gets Veena’s call. She says I will talk later, I need to talk to you. Veena and Shivani come there. Veena says you didn’t answer our call. He says you should have come with me. Veena says I bought a suit, just see once. Viraj says I m all yours, Prerna just see the ring. He goes with Veena. Prerna thinks he has love for everyone, its not good to break his heart, but I can’t leave Anurag.

Made for Each Other 21st July 2020: Anurag selects a saree and asks Komolika to try. Mohini and Nivedita come. Mohini says we have come to visit a jewellery shop. Komolika says I will just come, then we shall go. Nivedita jokes. Anurag asks her not to joke such. Komolika goes to try the saree. Mohini meets Mr. Om and says we planned to come here today, this is my son Anurag. Om says I met him many times, give us some time. Mohini says fine, we will finish our shopping and come. Om asks what jewellery shall I show. Anurag says engagement ring. He looks for Prerna. Mohini sees Veena and Viraj. Mohini says what do you think, what’s on her mind. Nivedita says I don’t understand her. Mohini asks Veena to say what’s happening. She says you are planning to bankrupt Viraj, right. Anurag says everyone has come for shopping, the attacker is still around, I can’t take risk. Anupam calls him and says I need your signs on imp papers. Anurag says why don’t you come to mall, I m stuck here with Sonalika. Anupam says okay, I will see you.

Shivani asks what happened. Prerna says I tried to talk to Viraj, I don’t want to say no, because I feel Anurag’s memory will come back, I know I m doing wrong with him, he is a nice guy. She coughs. Shivani goes to get water. Anurag gives her water. Prerna says thank God, you have come. He says I have seen you, tears in your eyes, if I could, then I would have never let you cough, I don’t like tears in your eyes. He thinks don’t know why I care so much. She thinks I know but can’t tell you. Tenu yaad karaan…plays….. Anurag says I will be where you are, I feel better when you are around, I m with you when you need me.

Made for Each Other 21 July 2020: The girls run and jerk her. Prerna falls in his arms. They have an eyelock. Viraj goes to changing room. Viraj sees them and is shocked.

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Viraj saying Jagga… how dare you. He sees some other man and says sorry. He goes. Anurag asks you okay. Prerna says yes. He says you have come to select your engagement ring, would you like a ring from me, I mean shall I help you in selecting it. She says okay. Shivani comes and sees Anurag with Prerna. She thinks to see Veena and Viraj. Jagga collides with Shivani and says its your mistake. He sees Shivani and runs. His wife argues with her. Shivani collides with Komolika. She gets angry. Komolika says I have to sanitize my hands. Shivani asks her to clean her heart’s dirt. Komolika asks what do you have to lose. Shivani says you tried to kill Prerna, if you try to harm her, I swear I won’t listen to her. Komolika says you will tell Anurag, you know his state. Shivani says police will get your truth out.

Made for Each Other starlife update 21 July 2020: Komolika says go and tell everyone, my men will see you. She goes to see Anurag. Om asks Anurag and Prerna to come. He asks Vidya to show the best engagement ring, Prerna is Mohini’s bahu, maybe they are marrying again. Anurag and Prerna check the rings. A ring falls. He makes her wear the ring. Din yaad….plays… She recalls their engagement. She asks did you recall anything. He asks what. Mohini says take time to loot Viraj. Veena says you think you can buy everything by money, then you go and buy some sense.

Mohini says Prerna is responsible for all this, she was ready to marry Navin for marry. Shivani says she thought for her family, she knows our house is so imp. Mohini asks what about Bajaj, she married him for money. Shivani says no, she did that to save your family, what did she ask in return. Mohini says your house, Anurag returned it. Shivani says Bajaj snatched everything from you, it was Prerna who returned everything to you. Shivani takes Veena. Nivedita says we will answer them when the time comes. Mohini says I will never forget this insult. Anupam hides and thinks the entire family is here. Prerna says the ring is stuck. Anurag tries to remove it. Komolika comes there and calls. She asks him to come, she is outside the jewellery shop. She gets Viraj’s call. Viraj says why isn’t she answering. Komolika says was that Anurag and Prerna. She goes back to see.

Made for Each Other 21 July 2020: Anurag and Prerna hide. Komolika goes. Anupam stops Veena and says you have a solid reply, you did right, did you see Anurag. She says I didn’t wish to give an answer, I didn’t see him. He goes. Viraj thinks Prerna isn’t here, I hope she is fine. Shivani thinks maybe Prerna and Anurag went to food court. She says maybe she is trying something. Veena says its good. She goes to give the saree to Prerna. Shivani thinks mum won’t get Prerna in trial room. Anurag takes Prerna to trial room. He says my wife Sonalika is finding me, Viraj is finding you, if she sees us like this, then she won’t like it, when she held my hand, I refused, she said you hold Prerna’s hand, tell me, do I hold your hand. Prerna smiles. He says its like friends. He removes the ring and asks if this ring doesn’t come out of your finger, will we get engaged, I m just asking. Prerna says no, pandit didn’t chant mantra.

Made for Each Other 21 July 2020: He says engagement happens with ring exchange, sorry, I want to say something, to be honest, I was missing you as a friend, when I knew you are here, I had to come here, so I informed Sonalika to come here, so that you don’t feel odd, I hope I don’t sound like lovers, we are friends right, friends can be possessive. She asks really, I didn’t know. He says a bit, in a loving way, okay I will try. He goes to get cream. She smiles and recalls his words. She says its love, you will accept it soon. Nivedita and Mohini compliment Komolika. Komolika thinks they have no fashion sense. She says Anupam… Nivedita sees Anupam and asks what are you doing here. He says I came to take Anurag’s sign. Komolika asks him to tell her if he finds Anurag. He says sure. Anurag gets the cream and shuts the door. Viraj sees him and comes. He knocks the door. Anurag and Prerna see each other.

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