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In Made for each other 24 march 2020; Made for each other tuesday 24 march update starlife, some goons seeing Tanvi at the flower shop. They come to tease her. Tanvi scolds them. The goons catch her. Anurag comes there and stops the car. He sees Tanvi in trouble. He asks the goons to leave her hand. The goon asks what will you do. Anurag says leave her alone. He beats the goons. The goons flee on their bike. Anurag says relax, everything is fine now, we will go to the police station and file complaint against them. She cries and hugs him. He says relax, don’t cry. She says I have to tell you something. FB shows Mr. Bajaj hiring the goon. The goon says we have to burn you and be careful that you don’t get real burns. Tanvi looks on. FB ends. Anurag and Anupam come to a garage. Anurag says that’s the man Tanvi described. The man sees him and runs. Anurag catches and punches him. He asks him to say the truth. Anupam keeps a knife at his neck. He says tell him to say truth, else I will not leave him. The goon says I will tell you. Anurag records him. The man says Mr. Bajaj paid me money to burn him so that you get framed, he said his name shouldn’t come, let me go.

Komolika gets ready and comes. Doctor looks at her. He smiles. Komolika asks where is Ronit. He says he would be at the reception. She says you took a big risk to touch my face, any way thanks. She leaves. He smiles. Prerna looks at the anklet and recalls Anurag. Tujhme rab dikhta hai….plays… Kuki comes and smiles. She makes Prerna wear the anklet. Prerna hugs her. Made for each other 24th march 2020 update Mr. Bajaj comes and smiles seeing them. Prerna says you are mumma’s angel. He says Kuki, tell me, you love mumma more or me. Kuki signs towards Prerna. He says its okay, I m feeling sad. Kuki hugs him. Prerna says Dadi had called, I have to go home and meet her. Kuki hugs her and signs I will come along. Prerna asks can I take her along, everyone loves her. He nods.

Komolika walks in the corridor. The men stare at her. Ronit says you look good, how do you feel. Komolika says I realized, people like Komolika’s Nika, not her face. She asks where is he. He shows Anurag’s pic. She says Anurag has become more desirable, my madness to get you has doubled, I m coming back in your life. She touches his pic. Ronit asks shall we leave. She smiles. Anurag comes to Mr. Bajaj’s room. He sees Mehra. made for each other update tuesday 24 march 2020 He says Mr. Bajaj you would be losing today. Mr. Bajaj asks Mehra to leave. Anurag calls out Prerna. Mr. Bajaj says she isn’t at home, tell me, what is it. Anurag says its imp to tell her. Mohini comes and asks what happened. Anurag says nothing, something new is going to happen with him. Mr. Bajaj says stop talking the same thing about defeating me. She asks what’s happening, come with me. She takes Anurag. Mr. Bajaj winks to him. Anurag smiles and leaves.

Mohini says I feel something wrong is going to happen, I can’t tolerate it now. Anurag says relax, I m fine, everyone will have smile on their faces, its my promise. Prerna is with Dadi. Dadi massages her head. Prerna recalls Anurag’s words. She thanks Dadi. Dadi asks her to answer her. Prerna says keep it a secret. made for each other tuesday 24 march 2020 update on starlife Dadi promises. She says I feel Anurag should have been your life partner, why did you do this. Prerna says I did this for myself. Dadi says lie. Prerna says no, its truth, I married Mr. Bajaj to save Anurag, this marriage was just a deal, Mr. Bajaj promised that he will never ruin Anurag. Dadi says I knew you had done this for the sake of your love. Prerna gets Anurag’s call. Dadi asks her to talk and goes. Anurag asks when are you coming home. Prerna says in some time, Veena isn’t home. made for each other updates starlife He thinks shall I tell her everything. She says I have seen a dream, I was sitting in front of Mata, you were angry that I have hidden something from you, did anything such happen, I took a medicine and was sleeping. Anurag smiles and says no, nothing such happened. She says I was feeling restless and thought to come here. He says spend time with them, we will talk once you are back. Anupam asks what.

Made for each other update Thursday 13th February 2020

Anurag says Prerna felt she had seen a dream that I fought with her, I really fought but she was asleep, I don’t know, Prerna did a lot for me, I don’t want to see her hurt, she has tolerated a lot because of me, she went against her family, Sharma family hates her, she said she feel peace at home, I can’t hurt her, I will tell her tomorrow, I will show the proofs against Bajaj. Mr. Bajaj hears him. Anurag saying I will show the proofs against Mr. Bajaj. He gets the smoke smell. Mr. Bajaj goes. Anurag goes out to check. Anupam asks what happened. made for each other tuesday 24 march 2020 update on starlife Anurag says Mr. Bajaj is close, I have told him that I will expose him tomorrow morning, he will be restless and do a big mistake in anger, go and sleep. Anupam asks what. Anurag says I m also getting sleep, good night. Anupam goes. made for each other starlife casts full story Anurag says Mr. Bajaj would like to shut my mouth so that I don’t say anything in front of Prerna, maybe he will try to kill me. He thinks no, he can’t do this himself, but he can send someone. He locks his window. He keeps a bat ready under the bed. Komolika says Anurag, we met, but you didn’t fall for me, you got to know everything about me, this never happened, this time you will come to me and beg me for my love, you can’t get saved from my magic, I m sure I might have missed you, we will meet again soon.

Mr. Bajaj recalls Mehra’s words. Mehra says Anurag got to know that Snjay attacked you on your saying, he learnt the truth, do what you want to do. He recalls Anurag’s words. He thinks I know what proof is Anurag talking about, I can’t expect Prerna to believe me, she will believe Anurag, there is just one way, I don’t like to kill people, I like to see people suffering, Anurag chose the easy way to die. Prerna makes Kuki rest. made for each other tuesday 24 march Mr. Bajaj thinks Prerna and Kuki didn’t come back yet. He thinks Anurag crossed boundaries, now everything will be fine. He locks Anupam’s door. He thinks someone said it right, everything is fair in love and war. Mr. Bajaj locks Mausi’s room also and thinks sorry Mausi, I don’t want anyone to see this. He sees Mohini and locks the door. He thinks now none can help Anurag, did Prerna and Kuki come back. He goes and sees Prerna and Kuki sleeping. He thinks none can separate us now, we can become one happy family forever. He locks the door and says Anurag when you leave the world, you will just see my face. Anurag is sleeping.

Mr. Bajaj pulls off the CCTV camera wire. Moloy looks on. Mr. Bajaj gets a knife in hand and smiles seeing a mask. Moloy sees him and thinks what is he going to do. Mr. Bajaj gets shocked seeing him. Mr. Bajaj says we stay in same house, I will call you Moly, its bad to kill someone, but if person is alive, he will suffer more, I don’t have much time, I have to kill Anurag. made for each other 24 march Moloy holds him and signs no. Mr. Bajaj says you need to thank me later for this great improvement, you are thinking what’s the reason of mask if CCTV is removed, I love mask, it adds mystery, I feel if Anurag dies without knowing who killed it, his soul won’t get peace, enough of talks, bye Moly. Moloy shouts Anu… Anurag wakes up. made for each other starlife fullstory Mr. Bajaj goes back to Moloy and says you said something, you are moving, this improvement is because of me, I will help you. He cuts the curtain and ties up Moloy. He says good night and pushes his wheelchair. Moloy falls down. Mr. Bajaj comes to Anurag and sees him sleeping.

He goes to stab Anurag. Anurag gets up and fights him. Moloy struggles. Anupam gets up. He finds the door locked. Mr. Bajaj throws the knife. Anurag gets saved. They fight. Prerna also gets up and goes to the door. Anupam asks who has locked the door. Prerna thinks why do I feel restless, something is happening wrong. Anupam shouts. Mr. Bajaj suffocates Anurag. made for each other update 24 march 2020 Prerna calls Anupam and says so sorry to call now, Mr. Bajaj isn’t answering, the door is locked. He says my room is also locked. She says it means…. Anurag….something wrong would be happening with Anurag. Anurag struggles to get free. She pulls hard and manages to open the door. Anupam runs out of the window. Anurag beats up Mr. Bajaj with the bat. Prerna finds all the door locked and opens the doors. Prerna and Anurag hear sound and go to see. They find Moloy tied up. They shout and make him sit. They ask are you fine. Moloy signs to Anurag’s room. Prerna says I will go and see. Moloy asks Anupam to go. Mr. Bajaj stops Anurag from removing the mask. Moloy gains strength and stands up on his feet. made for each other tuesday update 24 march 2020  He falls back on the glass table. Anupam gets shocked and runs back to Moloy. Anurag pulls off Mr. Bajaj’s mask and gets shocked.


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