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Made For Each Other 25 August 2020: The Episode starts with Mohini stopping the engagement. She says Veena, you are letting this happen, the children don’t know the rituals, but we know it, you aren’t stopping them, Ronit is like my son, we are Bengalis and you are Brahmins, we know that guy and girl gave gifts to each other in the engagement, just look at Shivani, Komolika gifted her a necklace, you are girl’s family, you should also gift something to Ronit, you are middle class, but Shivani is marrying in a rich family, like Prerna, Shivani is Bajaj’s sister-in-law, you should give a costly gift to Ronit, such a gift that’s valuable like their love. Veena says I also thought of it, but there was no talks of rasam. Mohini says it doesn’t mean you won’t do the rasam, you should give a big gift to Ronit from heart. She asks Pandit to explain them.

Kuki says you said there is no difference between guy and girl. Komolika says of course, but mother-in-laws do this. Mohini says Komolika I gave you a right to decide in my family, but I don’t compromise when its about marriage rituals. She stops Moloy from saying anything. She says we have made Anupam a Ghar jamai, he lived with all the luxuries, we gifted him everything since we were girl’s family, if the gift is costly, then the love will get more valuable for them. Pandit says yes, she is right, but one who believes in this rasam do it. Moloy thinks what happened to Mohini. Shivani asks Ronit what is all this. Ronit says I don’t believe all this, I m ready to break relations with them, tell me if you doubt me, I will leave them for your sake. She says I don’t want you to break any relation for my sake, I know you love me a lot, I also love you. Mr. Bajaj says we are against this rasam, Ronit will get a prestigious gift from Sharma family.

Mohini says gift should be long lasting too. Mr. Bajaj says fine, we will give CEO position to Ronit for our prestigious Bajaj city project, as a gift, long lasting, life long, we need a trustworthy CEO. Mohini and Komolika smile. Mohini recalls Komolika’s words. Komolika asks her to ask for a big gift for Ronit, Veena and Prerna will get in tension, Mr. Bajaj can’t tolerate this, he will offer something to Ronit, lets see what he offers, if he makes Ronit a part of Bajaj city, then my plan will succeed, Ronit will ruin their business. Mohini says wow, I m impressed, but do you think Bajaj will make Ronit part of his business, he may give a ring, sports car or property. Komolika says Mr. Bajaj doesn’t gift anything until he has his benefits, he is a true businessman, he will gift a responsibility to Ronit so that Ronit works hard and earn, he doesn’t know that we want to ruin him, we don’t want his money. Mohini says true. FB ends.

Nivedita says I m sure its Komolika’s plan, what happened to Mr. Bajaj, why is he taking it so seriously, he could have given any property or land, he gave such a big project, he doesn’t know that he is giving a place to a parasite. Rakhi asks what. Nivedita says nothing. Kuki asks is this family or a drama company. Kaushik says I know them, you don’t know them, it happens on the name of rituals, Mr. Bajaj could have given a small gift. She says Mohini wanted a long lasting gift. He says you should not take it seriously. She says you irritate me a lot. He says you misunderstand me. She says you are a cheapster. She goes. Prerna comes and says you have made Ronit the CEO, he doesn’t deserve this, CEO decision is wrong.

Mr. Bajaj says I have thought about it. Prerna says this project is imp for me, you have the project to Ronit. He says let me explain. She says its like telling Komolika about every move, they will ruin me, you took a wrong decision. He says I did this for you. She asks how. He says I heard Ronit saying Shivani that he can leave his family for her, he is trying to win her trust, let me do this, else Shivani will go away from us, its Komolika’s plan, I understand Komolika well, she doesn’t know that my thinking starts when her thinking ends, Ronit can’t cheat us, we don’t trust him, he can’t cheat Shivani now, I know how much you love Shivani, I thought you trusted my judgement, maybe I was mistaken. He goes. Prerna thinks to apologize to him. Komolika says Mohini is doing what always happens, this is just a ritual.

Rakhi says what’s the need to make it a big issue, we can give anything in the rasam. Moloy signs towards Mohini. Komolika says Rakhi lives abroad and doesn’t know about elders’ thoughts. She argues with Rakhi. Shekhar says Mr. Bajaj did a lot for us, his reputation is still the same. Mahesh says Anurag’s reputation is different, people respect him but he is bad for Prerna. Veena says Prerna is alive because of Mr. Bajaj, he is Lord for her, Mohini is still egoistic even after 8 years. Suman says she will always be the same. Kaushik asks Moloy not to fight with Mohini, Komolika did this. Mohini thanks Komolika for supporting her. Komolika says if I love you, then everyone will love you. Mr. Bajaj gives the project file to Ronit. He asks him to become their CEO. He asks him to proceed with engagement. Mohini smiles. Komolika thinks thank God, Anurag isn’t here, my plan is going smoothly, so I m happy.

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