Made for Each other update Tuesday 3rd December 2019 on Starlife, Komolika saying I love you, I adore you, Prerna has no status, she can’t do anything, her status is just that she is a servant’s daughter, she is nothing.

<<Made for Each other update Monday 2 December 2019 on Starlife

He says you are a minister’s daughter, what did you do, she got someone on her side, she is making a team against us, I m your husband and have a right to get angry on you. He goes and says thank God she got confused by my questions, now she would be questioning herself. Anurag comes there and sees Prerna. He recalls his marriage. He thinks I m not able to do what I should have.

Prerna too thinks of him. She sees him. He asks is everything okay, I can get haldi milk or kada to help you, your pain can subside with it. She removes the bandage and throws it. She shuts the door and asks him to leave, let her life in peace. He says open the door once, I will go once I do the aid. She says I don’t want to give you any rights. He says I do have rights, you only say that we are married, if you love me, I have a right. She opens the door and holds his collar. She asks how long will you play with me, you, your sweet talkings and care, I hate this now, go back to your Komolika, I m silent as Tapur’s alliance is going to get fixed, once that happens, you will see my different side. He asks since when did you start caring for my family. She says you deserve hatred and punishment, not Tapur. Its morning, Nivedita tells everyone about Sahil and Tapur’s alliance. Anurag says dad isn’t here now, we want your consent.

Sahil says I like Tapur. Sahil’s parents say we want to fix this alliance. Nivedita says its too good. Sahil’s mum says we should do their roka, where is your bahu, she will be feeding the sweets to them first. Mohini says of course. Komolika comes. Prerna comes before her and takes the plate. She says its my duty to do the rituals and feed sweets. Sahil’s mum praises Prerna’s beauty. Anurag smiles. Komolika gets angry. Prerna introduces herself. Sahil’s mum says you are beautiful as your name. Mohini says this isn’t my bahu. Nivedita says she is like a daughter for mum, have sweets. Prerna feeds sweets to Tapur, Sahil and others. Sahil and his family leave. Nivedita asks Mohini to listen to her. Mohini asks how dare you stop me there. Nivedita says I did what I felt right. Komolika says you remember, I m the bahu of this house.

Made for Each other update Tuesday 3rd December 2019 on Starlife

Mohini says you insulted me by calling Prerna as Anurag’s wife, why. Nivedita says I did what I thought right, Prerna has introduced herself as our bahu and started ritual, what if I told the truth, she would have created an issue, its about Tapur’s marriage. Komolika asks did you do this for Tapur or Anupam’s wish, just Anupam wants to see Prerna in my place, maybe you are supporting him. Nivedita says Anupam is my husband. They argue. Komolika gets taunting Nivedita for not handling her marriage. She says I can remind you, who am I. Nivedita says you can’t talk to me like this. Komolika says I can talk like this, Prerna said pandit that she is Anurag’s wife, no one supported her, just Veena and Anupam supported Prerna, did you ask Anupam why is he supporting Prerna, I didn’t ask you anything as I liked you, you are going against me. Nivedita says that’s not the case, I m not lying. Mohini shouts stop…… Nivedita doesn’t lie ever, I know her, both of you calm down, I will find a chance and tell Tapur’s inlaws that Komolika is Anurag’s wife.

Komolika says call them now. Mohini says calm down, let few days pass, Moloy and Sahil’s dad fixed this alliance, they started business on this day, Moloy should have been here, I feel strange that he isn’t here, how fate plays with us. Komolika holds her and thinks if he was here, I wouldn’t have been here, I shouldn’t have married Anurag. Ronit calls Shivani and shocks her by his talk. She says you are in Delhi, how do you know about me. His friend shows her on video call to Ronit. Ronit sings a song for her. She picks the fallen vegs and leaves from the market. Ronit’s friend follows her and says your work is done. Ronit says keep me informed.

Kaki says Aryan wants to meet Shivani again, but he is scared of Ronit. Prerna comes home and hears them. She asks did Ronit come here with a gun. Kaki says yes. Veena asks how are you. Prerna asks what are you hiding. Kaki says I will come later. Veena tells her everything. Shivani says Ronit is in Delhi, still he knows everything about me, I don’t want to go to him, I don’t want to marry him. Prerna hugs her and says I promise, I will bring him to senses. Anurag hears Komolika talking to the lawyer. She says my dad has done everything to support Basu publications, I m the owner of Prerna’s house, Prerna should know this, that I have the house’s original papers. Anurag says I need to talk to you in private.

Komolika asks lawyer to prepare the draft and come. Anurag thinks maybe she is feeling insecure. He says I m angry at myself, I shouldn’t have behaved that way with you, I m feeling so guilty. She says you are feeling guilty, as you have married me, Nivedita also feels that you shouldn’t have married me. He says I spoke to Nivedita and asked her not to call Prerna my wife, she apologized, you are my wife. She asks really. He asks are you doubting me again, I can’t believe this, what shall I do to prove that I love you.

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