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Made for Each other Update Tuesday 5 November 2019 on Starlife, Mishka says you remember what you told me, you would not snatch Anurag from me.

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She says its waste to time to claim something that’s not yours, how can a stupid girl snatch a guy like Anurag when I m eyeing him, there’s something odd about him, the way he looks at me, he ignores me, many guys can die for me, he doesn’t look at me, how can I not love him, I tried to stay away from him, I treated him like your life partner, you can’t handle him, let me be happy with him. Mishka says I hate you. Komolika says its okay, hate me, he will be your brother in law now, don’t you dare come between us, I can’t stop myself now. She goes. Mishka cries.

Komolika asks the guard to see Anurag’s pic. Mishka comes there and sees them. She gives Anurag details and says nothing should happen to Anurag, leave Prerna in the jungle, just go. He leaves. Navin gets a piece of Prerna’s dupatta and hugs. He says I know they are here. Anurag does aid to Prerna’s feet. She asks why are you doing this, why are you risking your life, why. Anurag says I m an idiot. I didn’t try to know what does my heart want. She asks what.

He says why do I look for you and want to be with you, why do I get restless when you cry, why do I just want to see you happy, why. She says why do you always talk like this, tell me clearly. He says you are still not getting it. He asks why didn’t you understand that I have started loving you, I don’t even know what love is, I m in love with you, I m incomplete without you, I love you Prerna. She cries happily. He says I don’t know what you think about me, maybe all the feelings are from my side, I just wanted to express it, I m sorry.

She holds his face and asks couldn’t you see it in my eyes, how much I love you, you could never understand that whenever I m with you, I get happy, the fear of losing you, why didn’t you understand, I love you, I have started loving you more than you love yourself. He smiles. She says you are my everything, I love you. He says I love you too. Chal diya….plays…. He kisses on her forehead. They hug.

Anurag asks what happened. Prerna cries. She says I m happy that you came in my life, I m hurt feeling that we won’t be able to stay together, I wasn’t marrying Navin willingly, I wanted to tell you how much I love you, Mishka came in your life, I was broken down, when you were about to express your feelings, life brought a new challenge before us, Navin, my past came back. He says its okay.

She says I m afraid to lose you. He says quiet, listen to me, let difficulties come, I will fight, we will always be together and face all the challenges. He says we have to trust the destiny, Mata got us together in pandal and blessed us together, today we are standing in front of Mata and told our feelings for each other. He takes her towards idol.

He gets some sindoor. He says this is a promise, which a husband makes to a wife, we will always live together, I want to end your fear, we are destined to be together, I promise you holding this kumkum, irrespective of joy, sorrow, good or bad times, we will always be together, even time can’t separate us now, its my promise, no third person will come between us. He drops the kumkum and just applies her the tilak, but kumkum goes in her maang too.

He says I won’t break my promise, give me a week’s time, I will resolve everything, I will deal with Mishka and Mohini for the sake of our love, I m clear now, my heart beats for you, I love you. He asks her not to cry. She smiles. He asks her to enjoy as much as she can, she will be become Mrs. Prerna Basu after seven days.

Anurag and Prerna making each other wear a protection thread to ward off bad sight. She says I will wait for these seven days to end, so that you fulfill your promise. He says yes. They hug. Mata Rani’s chunri falls over them. Navin and his goons come there and see them. Navin says I have found you. He goes to Anurag and Prerna, and pulls off the chunri. They see him and get shocked. They run away until pandit helps and stops goons. Anurag and Prerna run inside the jungle. Navin asks Anurag is he afraid that he is running away.

Anurag and Prerna see a car. They get happy seeing Rajesh, Moloy, Anupam and Shivani. Police reaches there and catches Navin and goons. Navin says Prerna is just mine, I will be back for her. Rajesh says beat him to pulp, break his legs. Navin says Prerna is mine, leave me. Moloy says no need to be afraid of him now, police took him away, shall we go home. Anupam says yes, everyone is waiting.

Guard calls Komolika. She asks did anything happen to Anurag. He says he is fine, he is on the way with his family. He sees Anurag’s pics. She says this time I will encash this lottery. She smiles. Mohini says they aren’t here yet, call Moloy and ask him. Nivedita calls Moloy. Moloy gets Anurag and Prerna home. Veena thanks Anurag for saving Prerna’s life.

Nivedita says you risked your life again, mom and I were so worried. Anurag says you guys are my strength. Nivedita and Prerna sign him to go to Mohini. He goes to Mohini. She cries and turns to him. She says you promised me that you won’t put your life in risk, I won’t be able to live without you, you don’t care about me. He hugs her. She says its not a small thing. She thinks he didn’t listen to me because of Prerna, I won’t forgive them for this. Mohini faints down. They get shocked.

Moloy calls a doctor. He says doctor will be coming in 10 mins. Anurag says sorry, I won’t do this again. Prerna rubs Mohini’s hand. Mohini wakes up and sees her beside. Moloy jokes to lighten the situation. He says Mohini fainted, doctor will come and say if there is any good news for me. They laugh. Moloy says I say some nonsense and she calms down.

Moloy makes Mohini smile by his jokes and goes. Doctor checks Mohini. Anurag and Prerna see each other and smile. Nivedita says I will get the medicines. Moloy goes on call. Nivedita sees Anurag and Prerna. She blocks their eye stares. Veena asks Prerna about kumkum on forehead. Prerna says we were in temple and maybe it got on forehead.

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