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Made For Each Other 18 November 2020: Made For Each Other update Wednesday 18th November 2020, Mohini and Nivedita complimenting Komolika. Komolika asks them to get ready for the party. Nivedita says I don’t want to go. Komolika asks Mohini to explain her daughter. Mohini says yes, we will come if you want. Komolika goes. Nivedita says Prerna called to insult us. Mohini says I know, we have to go since Prerna called us, Komolika wants us to come. Nivedita says I can’t do this. Mohini says get ready and come down. Prerna says make sure everything is on time, everyone should remember this party. Veena says I will help you. Prerna says you know I will manage everything. Baja comes and says she is your mum, its her right, let her have her happiness, children should never think their parents got old and can’t help them. He goes on a call. Veena says he is more sensible than you. Prerna says fine, help me.

Mohini and Nivedita come with Komolika. Veena welcomes them. Komolika asks what happened Prerna. Prerna says you have come as a guest, I won’t answer anything. She asks waiter to look after her special guests. She goes. Veena asks can I help you. Bajaj says you are Prerna’s mum, you won’t serve anyone in the party. He goes. Mohini says Veena, you used to say you are proud of your daughter, after all she got a rich guy. Veena says yes, but your son made a bad decision, you could have got a better bahu than Komolika, and Nivedita’s husband could have been with her, if you didn’t interfere in her relation. Mohini says you forgot whom you are talking. Veena says don’t forget that I m your employee’s wife, this is my daughter’s house, remember you will get an answer. She goes. Nivedita asks what happened. Mohini says nothing.

Prerna thinks why didn’t Anurag come. Sid says you didn’t go in Prerna’s party, you are afraid that Komolika can do wrong with her, you want to take the risk. Anurag drinks and thinks I want Prerna’s happiness. Prerna thinks you would be regretting to not kill me that time, you won’t be happy for my success, I have arranged this slideshow for you. Veena asks her to come. Prerna says I will come. She gets Anurag and her pic. She thinks this Anurag was someone else. Sid says come, we may miss the flight. Prerna thinks Anurag has to come, I want to get happiness of defeating him. Komolika comes and looks at her. She thinks they confused me, I don’t know if she still loves Anurag, did he forget Prerna, do they love each other, not possible, she is married to Mr. Bajaj, she is loyal to him, maybe I m thinking a lot, thank God I made Anurag do that, else she would have never left Anurag. She goes to see Mohini.

Mohini says Veena trapped Bajaj, he would give much money to Prerna, I can’t shut up Veena now, she has money and power. Komolika says I was looking for you, get a drink for me, you love me right, prove it to everyone. Mohini goes. Komolika asks Nivedita to stay with her. She says you hate me a lot, chill, its okay, tell the truth and see, I swear, I won’t feel bad. Nivedita says I likw you, why would I hate you. Komolika says you know where the wind is directed, smart. Nivedita says no, we do everything by heart. Mohini gets the drink. Komolika thanks her and goes. Nivedita says I wish I could tell her that I hate her the most. She cries.

Kuki asks Anushka where was she. Anushka says I forgot my purse in the car and got late, Kaushik is here. Kuki says I know. Anushka says you didn’t tell me, do I look fine. Kaushik smiles. Kuki says something is going on. Anushka says yes, why is he seeing you like this, he is wasting time on you. Kaushik goes to Anushka and asks her to have something. She thanks for the drink. He goes. Anushka says he likes you. Kuki says please, don’t say this, you look pretty, I have no chance. She goes. Nivedita says I m tired of it.

Mohini asks do you have any other way, you could have married a king if you wanted to live like a queen, you would have not stayed like this. Nivedita says Prerna was better than her, I don’t care, money is the problem, I wish I married a rich guy, what if I marry a rich guy, then we will make Komolika away from our life. Mohini says Bajaj…. Nivedita says yes, Mr. Bajaj…. think wisely, Mr. Bajaj is the richest man, if Prerna can get him, then I m Nivedita Basu, I will seduce him and he will get interested in me. Mohini asks will he leave Prerna. Nivedita says come on, its not impossible, think if I get him, then you will get a rich son-in-law and I will get a rich husband, I will distract him. Komolika hears them.

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