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Made For Each Other 19 August 2020: Made For Each Other Update wednesday 19th August 2020, The Episode starts with Komolika asking Mr. Bajaj why did you get Prerna here. He asks why can’t I, are you scared that Anurag will leave you. She says you think he will leave me for Prerna, whom he pushed down the bridge, come on, you are smarter than that. He says person and situation can’t be trusted, maybe next time he pushes you down the bridge. She says I trust him completely, he will do this, he may leave me when I want, I know he doesn’t love me, but he is with me, that’s enough. Ajeeb dastaan….plays….. She recalls their moments. She turns and collides with a waiter. Shaumik scolds the waiter. She says its okay. She goes to washroom. She enters Anurag’s room and sees Anurag and Komolika’s pic.

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Made For Each Other update wednesday 19 August 2020: She recalls Anurag and her pic, and their baby in the cradle. Prerna asks why did you put this big frame here. He says I wanted to get bigger one, it increases love. She says then put this after marriage. He says fine, this frame is my heart, I want you to be with me always. They hug. FB ends. Prerna says this was my love which you gave to someone else, how shall I forget, no Anurag…. I won’t cry this time, you don’t deserve this, I felt I have turned stone hearted, but seeing all this, don’t know why I m feeling strange, how did I make a mistake in knowing you, who are you, you are smiling now, this smile won’t stay for long, I will snatch everything from you.

Anurag sees Mr. Bajaj and goes to him. He asks why did you come here. Mr. Bajaj says if not partners, think we are guests, cheers for Prerna’s new beginning. Anurag says I don’t think you should have come back here. Mr. Bajaj says maybe I don’t want to tell you the reason. Anurag asks why is Prerna here, you know what I can do with her. Mr. Bajaj says you don’t think you can affect Prerna, times have changed, you are just a rival for her, she hates you. Anurag says before you regret, just leave the city. Mr. Bajaj says if you think she is weak, then you may regret, she isn’t your Prerna whom you pushed down to kill, she is my Prerna, nothing will get fine now, I m not sorry for you.

Made For Each Other wednesday update 19 August 2020: Prerna says I have come here for revenge. Mohini comes and asks what are you doing here. Prerna says I had come to clean stain. They argue. Mohini asks her to say the truth, why did she come here. Prerna asks why shall I answer, by what right are you asking, you didn’t regard me daughter or Bahu. Mohini says I know, you and your Bajaj want to target us. Prerna smiles and goes. Mohini worries.

Anurag sees Prerna stumbling and goes to hold her. Nivedita asks Prerna to stay away from their house, she would have got hurt now. Prerna says there are many people who can cast bad sight. She sees Komolika and thinks you will lose to me. Komolika thinks you won’t be able to fight me. Anurag recalls Prerna. Kuki comes home and tells Prerna about Kaushik. Kaushik comes to Anurag and tells about Kuki. Prerna says don’t talk so much about him, you will fall for him. Kuki says come on, I m going to sleep, where is dad. Prerna says go and meet him. Kuki says I will meet him tomorrow. Kaushik says good night, we will meet in the morning. Anurag asks him to sit back and tell his love story with the new girl. Kaushik says trust me, I will never fall in love with her. He goes. Mohini asks how did Prerna come in our party. Rakhi asks what happened that Anurag and Prerna got separated. Tapur says I heard Prerna left him. Mohini says its good she left, we know that Sneha was Bajaj and Prerna’s daughter, he thought of something else, I don’t know why isn’t she leaving him, why did she come back.

Made For Each Other 19 August 2020 update: Nivedita says Anurag thought Sneha is his daughter, Komolika never complained, even when Anurag took Prerna and Sneha’s name in sleep, she never taunted him. Rakhi says Sneha was Bajaj’s daughter and Prerna took her along. Komolika comes and says you mean to say that Prerna will target me now.

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