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Made for Each Other 22 July 2020: Made for Each Other update wednesday 22nd July 2020, The Episode starts with Anupam knocking the door and asking Anurag to open the door. Anupam says I have got the papers, sign and give it to me. Viraj greets him and says is Anurag also here, actually I m finding Prerna, ask him to tell me if he finds her. Viraj greets Anurag. Anurag greets him back. Viraj goes. Anurag takes the papers and signs. He gives it to Anupam. Prerna is with Anurag. Mohini asks Om to show something unique for her daughter. Om shows the rings. He says your bahu has bought the best ring. Mohini says my bahu didn’t come here, she is there. Om says sorry, I m saying about a pretty pregnant lady, Anurag had come with her, she is your bahu right. Mohini says no, she isn’t my bahu. She goes thinking Prerna is marrying Viraj and taking ring from my son. Anupam comes. She asks for Anurag. He says he is in changing room. Prerna goes out of changing room. Veena asks her to try the saree. Prerna says I will try later. Veena insists and sends her.

Made for Each Other update wednesday 22nd July 2020: Anurag asks what now, you have to change, since Veena is outside, fine, I will close my eyes, you can change. She says I know what excuse to make, I will tell the material isn’t comfortable, the baby just kicked. Anurag says wow, cutie pie is angry on me. She says no, baby is happy that I m here. She thinks with you. They smile. Lights go off.

Made for Each Other 22 July 2020: Dil ro ve…..plays.. He holds her hand. Lights get on. They wipe their tears. He asks why. She says actually…. He says we don’t know, why we are crying. She says sorry. He asks why, what happened, what do you want to say. She says you and me…. Mohini comes and asks for Prerna. Veena asks what happened. Komolika asks Viraj what are you doing. He says I m trying to find Prerna. She says strange, I was looking for Anurag. He thinks they are together. She asks Anupam where is Anurag. He says changing room. Mohini and Veena argue. Anurag asks what’s their problem, Mohini is asking Veena, Veena should say where you are. Prerna says matter won’t end. Veena says this shows your small mentality. Mohini says I will check all changing rooms, you will see Prerna with Anurag. She checks the rooms. Anurag asks how did mum know that we are together, why is she angry, she is doubting that we both have an affair, like Viraj is thinking, I can understand Viraj, but my mother…

Made for Each Other 22 July 2020: Mohini says this changing room is locked, it means Prerna is with Anurag. Veena says Prerna doesn’t do anything wrong. Anurag says sorry. Prerna stops him. He gets some flashes and holds her hand. She says you are not the reason. Komolika comes and asks is Anurag inside, Anupam said he is here, he isn’t answering my call. She asks Anurag to open the door. Veena says Prerna is inside. Anurag says I will keep you safe, whatever happens, your respect is imp for me, I m with you. Prerna comes out and says I was changing. Mohini asks her to move. Mohini enters the room and doesn’t see Anurag. Anurag jumps out and goes. Veena asks did you like the saree. Prerna says material isn’t comfortable. They go. Mohini checks again. She thinks where is Anurag. Anurag collides with the doctor. He asks how are you, I wanted to meet you and thank, the medicines are affecting well. The doctor thinks this man is so pure and true, he should know the truth. He says I have to tell you the truth related to your treatment. Anurag sees Jagga. He shouts stop, and runs. He asks Viraj to catch him. Prerna shouts Anurag. Anurag stops.

Made for Each Other 22 July 2020: Anurag sees her in pain and runs to her. He says we will take her home. Komolika says I m going home. Veena thinks I wish Viraj caught that goon, so that we know who is after Prerna’s life. Viraj catches Jagga. He beats him up. He says how dare you, Prerna is pregnant, you kidnapped her, you will show her the knife, then why didn’t she die till now, why is she alive, I had to do much drama to make you out of there, you can’t kill a pregnant woman, I asked you to stay away, why did you come.

Komolika comes and stops Viraj. She shouts stop it, he will die. She scolds Jagga. She asks him to take his wife and go. She asks Viraj to calm down and not forget why he came here, go to Prerna and support her. Viraj says I told you to hire someone else. I lied about tempo number and took Anurag to wrong place, your man has ruined everything. He calls Anurag and says I tried a lot, but he ran away.

Made for Each Other update wednesday 22nd July 2020: Viraj coming to meet Prerna. He says mom has sent these clothes for Prerna, we went to mall to get clothes but… Veena says you tried hard to find out who is after Prerna’s life, what happened to your hand. He says I slipped and fell down, so sorry I couldn’t catch him, I promise, I won’t let anything happen to Prerna, trust me Prerna, none can touch you after marriage, I installed cctv cameras and hired extra bodyguards. Veena thanks him. He says we will meet in the engagement, take care. He goes.

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Made for Each Other update wednesday 22 July 2020: Komolika asks servant did he give medicines to Anurag. He says yes. She thinks if Anurag doubts, I will tell him that servant gave him wrong medicines, he shouldn’t recall the past. Prerna thinks of Anurag. He comes from the balcony. She gets surprised. He says sorry. She thinks you have come to ask me, not to do this marriage. He says I came as you were worried about the ring, what will you tell everyone tomorrow, really sorry for that, I have a solution. He shows the oil bottle. She says internet baba. Tenu yaad….plays… He tries to remove the ring. He says I can’t remove it this way, sorry, we will see it tomorrow, don’t worry, I won’t let you fall in any embarrassing situation, promise, till then, you keep my engagement ring. She says I have no problem. He says me too, I mean I will find a solution. He goes. She thinks he doesn’t remember anything, why.

Its morning, Komolika wakes up and sees Anurag sending some stuff out. She thinks what is he doing. Veena welcomes Dadi home. Mahesh says train was late due to fog. Mohini says Anurag left early and took gifts, is there anything in office. Nivedita says no. Komolika comes. Mohini says my son has a big heart, Anurag went to help Sharmas, since they are poor. Nivedita says he helps everyone. Komolika asks how long will you lie to me, you warned me about Prerna, I know she is clever, she is planning to snatch my husband, he is my husband. Nivedita says its not like that.

Made for Each Other update wednesday 22 July 2020: Komolika says let Anurag go there, but I feel I should be there to control the wrong, you both should tell me the truth. She goes. She thinks no need to kill them by knife, I will kill them by guilt. Shivani comes to Prerna. She says Anurag will come, he will remember something. Prerna smiles and shows the ring. She says Anurag made me wear this. Shivani asks about groom’s ring. Anurag comes with gifts. He asks for Veena. Veena asks how are you. He says you thought I won’t come, I got some stuff for marriage, one of the box is for Viraj, three boxes have shagun and this dress is for Prerna. Prerna says Anurag made me wear this ring and doesn’t remember anything, the progress stopped.

Made for Each Other 22 July 2020: Shivani says you trust your love, right, I have seen how you held you, without caring that his family is around, he is very protective, he will remember everything. Prerna says I hope so. Veena thinks to send Anurag’s gift by him so that Prerna realizes the truth. She asks Anurag to go and give the gift. Shivani says Prerna knew you are coming. Dadi comes to Anurag and says I do remember you, when I saw you for the first time, I asked you to marry our Prerna. Anurag asks really, even then I didn’t marry. She says you did and you are going to marry her again. He asks what.

Made for Each Other wednesday update 22 July 2020: Veena says Suman is calling you. She asks Anurag not to think, Dadi forgets things. He goes to Prerna. Prerna sees the lamp flickering. He holds the bulb and gets hurt. She cares for him. He says Shivani said you knew I will be coming, how were you sure. She says my heart was saying so. He says I got this dress for you, you will like it. She asks did you come just for this. He says don’t know how to remove this ring. Komolika comes and says you came here alone, I wanted to be with Prerna in all functions, you left me alone. He says you were sleeping. She says we sleep on the same bed together, even if you wake up to get water, I get to know. He excuses himself. Prerna also goes away. Komolika says this is called reality, when Anurag saw his wife, he felt guilty, I will take him along, just I have rights on him. Prerna shows the ring.

Komolika asks who gave it. Prerna asks who else. Komolika asks Anurag? Prerna says yes, he gave a gift also, he didn’t know the ring will get stuck, I wish I didn’t ask for chunri that day, I wish that accident didn’t happen and his memory didn’t go. Komolika says but it happens, I m in his life as his wife. Prerna says you aren’t his wife, you believed it, he just loved me and loves me, love is done by heart, not mind, its a deep feeling, you won’t understand this, we can’t suppress it, Anurag and I love each other, Anurag is mine, I will get anything to get him.

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