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Made For Each Other 29 July 2020: Made For Each Other update wednesday 29th July 2020, The Episode starts with Komolika saying Prerna can’t save Anurag when she is pregnant, you told me that she has feelings for him. Prerna says I thought you are upset as Basus aren’t upset on me. Komolika says shut up, I won’t tolerate her coming. She asks Mohini to choose one of them, the one who got her son back or one who always risked his life. Prerna says there is some confusion, Anurag will be in danger when you are around. Komolika says amazing, this girl is saying so in front of you, enough, you have choose one of us, if you choose this girl, then I will go out of this house, else ask her to leave this house right now. Moloy comes and asks Prerna to come with him, he has to talk. Mohini asks Prerna to go with Moloy. Prerna goes.

Shivani says you want to get rid of Prerna. Veena asks her not to say this again. Shekhar asks how can we agree for marriage like this, Shivani is right. Veena asks Suman to explain Shekhar, Viraj is a nice guy. Suman says Anurag is also nice. Veena says yes, but did he get an alliance for her, I was going to lose Prerna and my grandchild, Shekhar be mature and talk. They ask if she has asked Prerna. Veena says stop it, I won’t change my decision. Shekhar says listen. Veena says I know Viraj is the best guy for Prerna. She shuts the door.

Viraj calls Komolika. She says I m in very bad mood, I don’t want to talk. He says I have a good news, Prerna and my marriage is happening today. She asks what, how did she agree. Viraj says Veena is sweet, she came into my words. She says I was so upset and now I m so happy, marry Prerna and take her far. He says our plan is working. She says congrats. He says none can know who I m, Anurag was following me. Anurag comes to his house. He rings the bell and picks some envelope. Servant opens the door. Anurag says I m Anurag, Viraj is in office, he asked me to give this envelope to his parents, are they here. Servant says they went to their relative. Anurag says fine, take this envelope, can I get a glass of water and some coffee, I have a headache. Servant goes. He runs upstairs to the room. Anurag sees Viraj and Prerna’s pic there. Prerna says you had to talk. Moloy says yes, I m against your and Viraj’s marriage, Mohini and Sonalika has own logic, Anurag wants marriage to happen, can you explain, why did you say yes for this marriage, you just care for Anurag.

Made For Each Other update wednesday 29 July 2020: Prerna says I didn’t want to do this marriage, I have seen improvements in Anurag’s health, he was recalling small things, I thought maybe he gets his memory back by this marriage. Komolika comes and hears them. Prerna says he was recalling everything, something happened, now there is no improvement. Komolika thinks he is in my control. She recalls adding pill in the water bottle and Anurag drinking the water. She thinks Anurag is just mine. Anurag thinks I need to find something that helps me in knowing Viraj. Servant calls him out. He comes to the room. Anurag comes from bathroom. He says I went to washroom, keep the coffee here. Servant looks at the room and goes. Anurag thinks he got a doubt on me. Servant calls Viraj. Viraj is on the way.

He says I told you to call for imp work. Servant asks did you send anyone with an envelope. Viraj says Anurag. Servant says yes, he is trying to find something in your room. Viraj asks where are fake mum and dad, make him out of the room, I m coming. Prerna asks am I doing this right. Moloy says yes, will you tell him the truth. Se says he still cares for us. He says Anurag told me that he feels unwell after taking medicines. Prerna recalls Anurag and Komolika’s words. She thinks I should have understood this, Komolika didn’t want Anurag’s memory to come back, she is behind this. The couple comes home. Servant asks lady to get ready as Viraj’s mum. He tells the man that Anurag is in Viraj’s room. Anurag gets a briefcase. He thinks maybe this has everything I want. The lady gets ready. They call Anurag and go upstairs. Anurag comes from bathroom and greets them. He says I was in washroom, my health isn’t fine, wait for a min, I will just come.

Made For Each Other update wednesday 29 July 2020: Prerna comes to Anurag’s room and checks medicines. She thinks I will send medicines for lab tests, I m sure something is wrong. Anurag runs the water tap. He opens the briefcase. Prerna checks washroom and gets medicines pouch. She thinks of Anurag. She thinks I can check the medicine composition on internet. Anurag gets some files. He checks the files.

Prerna checks the medicine and says its all different, it means its changed. Anurag gets some cards. He checks Viraj’s IDs.

Anurag saying Viraj is a cheater, he has three identities. Prerna says Sonalika is giving such medicines to Anurag and risking his life, she has to answer me now. Anurag thinks Viraj cheated Prerna, why, who told him to do this, he has to answer my questions. Viraj is on the way. He speeds his car. He says you did big mistake Anurag, you will realize it soon. Anurag calls him. Viraj says I was going to call you. Anurag scolds him. He says I know your truth, your name isn’t Viraj, how did you lie to us, how dare you, I will tell the truth to Prerna, I got you in Prerna’s life, I will remove you from her life.

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Viraj gets angry and calls his fake parents. He says stop Anurag from leaving. The man stops Anurag. Anurag says please don’t stop me, I respect you, don’t get into this marriage. Servant gets Viraj’s call. Viraj says fake mom and dad are useless, I will give two lakhs, attack Anurag and stop him at home. Anurag fights the man. Servant attacks Anurag with a knife. Anurag beats him too. The lady worries. The servant falls down. Anurag picks his phone. He asks do you have Prerna’s number.

The lady says no, we just have Viraj’s number, we aren’t his real parents. Anurag asks what, what do you know about Viraj. The man says nothing. Anurag leaves. Viraj calls Komolika and says Anurag called me and threatened me. She asks why. He says he reached my home and got my IDs, he got to know my truth, I m not at home, I didn’t invite him, I asked my man to hurt him and stop him. She says you won’t get spared if anything happens to my Anurag. He says you won’t get spared if he goes out of the house, I will kill him. She says you kill Prerna. He says your plans failed again and again. She sees Prerna. She says before Prerna meets him, you marry Prerna. He says he may call Prerna any time. She says he won’t tell her on phone, he will meet her and tell her, you marry her, reach your farmhouse. He asks why will she come there. She says I m an expert to play with people’s mind. He says okay, I will reach there.

Made For Each Other update wednesday 29 July 2020: Komolika says congrats, Veena is more sensible, Viraj called to say thanks, he is preparing for the marriage at his farmhouse, your marriage is happening tomorrow, Veena agreed for it. Prerna is shocked. Komolika says you didn’t tell anything to Viraj, you have used him, you are like me, you use people for your motive. Prerna says no, we are very different, I m going to talk to Viraj. Komolika tells the address and says you won’t have any excuse now that you didn’t had address. Prerna says thanks, I will come back with good news, Viraj and I won’t marry. She goes. Komolika smiles and calls Viraj. She says Prerna is going to farmhouse. He says good, I will call you to give good news of marriage.

Prerna leaves. Anupam asks shall I drop you. She says yes, I was booking a cab. He asks why. She says I m going to tell Viraj that I can’t marry him. He asks her to take his car. She thanks him. He says I can pick and drop you. She says no, it won’t be easy for him, I think I should talk to him alone. She leaves. Nivedita comes. She asks why did you give your car to Prerna. He says she is going to break her marriage with Viraj. She asks are you mad, Sonalika is upset with us, because we are forgiving Prerna, we will lose Anu if Prerna comes back, I will always regret that I married you, its my life’s biggest mistake. She goes. He gets sad.

Anurag comes to Prerna’s house and calls her out. Veena asks what happened. Anurag says I have to tell Prerna that she can’t marry Viraj. Veena asks why are you poisoning her life, there is just friendship between you both. Anurag asks do you also feel that I have feelings for Prerna, like Viraj thinks. She asks did Viraj say anything, he is such a nice guy, he came to take permission that he wants to marry Prerna tomorrow, stay away from her. He says trust me, I can’t see her future getting ruined, let me talk to her. She says she isn’t at home. He says sorry, you can’t stop me, I will fix everything. He goes upstairs. She says I m not lying, she isn’t at home. He shouts Prerna.

Komolika asks did you reach there. Viraj says yes. Komolika says Prerna will reach, marry her. He says there won’t be time to negotiate, marriage will happen in some time. He gets the gun and asks goons to stay ready. He asks them to get a pandit soon. Veena says Prerna isn’t here, I m not lying, I will not let you care for Prerna and her baby, a married man can’t leave his wife and roam around another girl, its bad, I want Prerna to marry Viraj, you got that alliance, I didn’t come to ask you to find a guy, thanks for everything, now please stop it. Anurag says I m sorry, okay, I thought to talk to her first, I will tell you. He shows Viraj’s IDs. He says Viraj’s fake identities…. Veena and everyone get shocked. Veena cries.

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