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Beginning Made for Each Other Update Wednesday 9 October 2019 starlife, Veena says he is marrying Prerna then Choti Dadi asks what, and vows never to let the marriage hold.

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Navin comes and says music is good. Prerna says I won’t dance with you. Navin says very bad, how can you talk to me like this, I would have agreed if you said with love, I will not take this, I m your would be husband.

He sees the thieves and says party is this side, what were you doing upstairs. The thief says we are dancers, we were finding bathrooms. Anurag says its this side. A knife falls. Anurag sees this. The thief says knife dancer so… Anurag asks them to go.

Goons enter the house. pandit talking to Mohini. He asks her to make new jodi do the puja, they will always have the Mata blessings. He gives the auspicious mahurat. He says whoever will do the puja at this mahurat will be blessed. Mohini agrees.

The thieves get in as the dancers. Everyone gets glad seeing Dadi. Rajesh introduces his aunt. Choti Dadi blesses everyone. She says in this age, we remember the old things, not new ones. Anurag passes by the thieves. The thief says we shall find the idol. Choti Dadi thinks Anurag is the guy.

He asks are you comparing this with that matter, that man isn’t right for you, why don’t you understand that I want to save you from him, I don’t want you to ruin your life, give me a chance, I want to protect you, you have become something special for me, you can hate me, but I don’t care, I won’t let you do this marriage.

Anurag says sorry to interfere, Prerna we should also dance for our relation, right mum. Mohini says of course. Anurag asks Navin to excuse them. Anurag and Prerna dance on Teri jhuki nazar…..Everyone looks on and claps. Moloy says wonderful and hugs Anurag. Anurag thinks Prerna’s eyes show her helplessness, I won’t let her marry Navin.

Navin greets everyone. He says Prerna and I are going to marry soon, last time our dance performance didn’t complete. He calls Prerna on stage. Everyone claps. Navin asks her to please come. Anurag looks on. Navin asks Prerna for the dance. Prerna gives her hand. Anurag comes and holds her hand. They smile. Everyone looks on.

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