Mard (1985) Download Mp4: English knowledge approaches India and plunder all its riches and conveys it over to their country. When they were being challenged by a daring lord name Raja Azaad Singh, one day he end up standing up to them and taking them over to Lady Elena where some equity was being thought to them however they turn around and assault Azaad Singh on his back and he was injured to his left side arm. He contact Dr. Harry and was again assaulted however this time he sent away his significant other and newly conceived child by putting an imprint on his arm. Expecting that the child might fall into the British arm his mom chooses to leave him in a halfway house. Later on, the kid grows up and was called Mard with insight to safeguard his own country, a lady name Jamuna and her significant other brought him up. On an opportunity experience, he ends up gathering up with lovely and enchanting Ruby on a mishap and later on figured out it was Dr. Harry’s girl, on an unusual occurrence both Ruby and Mard become hopelessly enamored. Yet, her dad had different designs for her to wed slave driver and stone-hearted Danny who bugs Ruby and Mard a lot however soon he gets together with a slave and later on figured out that it was his mom. He ends up gathering up with another slave too later which he needed to battle and the two figured out that it was father and child in view of the imprint on Mard’s arm since youth. They needed to battle to dazzle the British. But since of a pony name “Badal” and a marvel canine name “Moti,” they had the option to kill the British and recoveries the nation’s future.

Runtime: 177 mins

Release Date: 09 Oct 1985

Starcast: Amitabh Bachchan, Amrita Singh, Nirupa Roy, Dara Singh, Prem Chopra, Goga Kapoor

Director(s): Manmohan Desai

Genre: Action, Drama, History, Romance



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