Mariam Khan Reporting Live September Teasers 2021: On arriving at Attari, Aayat carries out her arrangement to isolate Mariam from Majaaz.

[Starlife] Mariam Khan Reporting Live September 2021 Teasers

Wednesday 1 September 2021 

Episode 57 

The migration official won’t allow Majaaz to board the train to Pakistan, while Aayat takes Mariam with her!

Episode 58

At Aayat’s haveli, Mariam learns about left and misses Majaaz. In the meantime, Madeeha stresses over Mariam on discovering that she is in Pakistan without Majaaz. Majaaz and family video visit with Mariam.

Thursday 2 September 2021 

Episode 59 

Mariam fears for her life as Aayat subjugates her and misuses her genuinely. Mariam is stunned and shouts for help after coincidentally going into Jibran’s room.

Episode 60 

Mahira meets Reyhaan in school and discloses to him that she will separate from Zain and join with him. Aayat undermines Mariam to deceive Majaaz into accepting that that she is glad at her home. Jibran feels shaky.

Friday 3 September 2021 

Episode 61 

Mariam puts her life in danger as Aayat undermines her to adhere to Jibran’s twisted guidelines. Afterward, Mariam is stunned as she finds out about her activity to save Jibran’s life.

Episode 62 

Mariam asks for leniency and shouts in dread as Aayat drives her into a dull room. Mariam reviews Majaaz’s words and attempts to get away. Afterward, she discovers Aijaaz Khan. What is Aijaaz doing there?

Saturday 4 September 2021 

Episode 63 

Aayat makes game plans for Mariam’s medical procedure. Aayat’s sister-in-law and her better half assistance her break from the emergency clinic. She sheets a transport unconscious that there is a bomb clinched she is conveying. Aayat follows her.

Episode 64 

Mariam looks for Majaaz on the lookout and embarks to move toward the police. She discovers that Aayat is looking for help from the police to grab her. The hooligans look for her as they need the bomb present in Mariam’s pack.

Sunday 5 September 2021 

Episode 65 

Mariam visits the mosque and petitions, God. She deceives Aayat and departures from her sight. Afterward, she begins to freeze when she discovers the bomb in her sack.

Episode 66 

Mariam cautions the get-together about the bomb in her sack. Regular people go crazy in the wake of hearing something very similar. Mariam hazards her life to save individuals. Will her endeavors be productive?

Monday 6 September 2021 

Episode 67 

Rifat presumes that everything isn’t well among Zain and Mahira. Aayat requests that Rifat prevent Majaaz from coming to Pakistan. Aayat discloses to Mariam that she is her natural mother.

Episode 68 

Aayat deludes Mariam that Majaaz isn’t worried about her. Because of a brake disappointment in their vehicle, Majaaz and Zain meet with a mishap. Rifat alarms on discovering that her arrangement against Majaaz has failed.

Tuesday 7 September 2021 

Episode 69 

Mariam dreams about Majaaz revealing to her that Aayat is her mom. Meher helps Reyhaan when he is in a tough situation. Zain is glad as Mahira deals with him. Mariam gags and limits herself in a crate.

Episode 70 

Aayat’s sister-in-law attempts to dispose of the container in which Mariam is stowing away. Aayat demands seeing the substance of the container. Not really set in stone to take Mariam back to India. Mahira misdirects Rifat.

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