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Married Again 2 Update Friday 6th December 2019 on Zee World, Divya sees raj andf sarita together, eating. Sarita asks him to let be, if he’s feeling uncomfortable, and its sufficient that he made food for her.

<<Married Again 2 Update thursday 5th December 2019 on Zee World

Divya says that whatever happened is for the good, as had they been in the temple, this wouldnt happened, and Raj wouldnt have enjoyed this time with sarita.

The family sees, the whole house in darkness. When everyone comes home, and find the lights gone, the granny thinks that someone has intentionally turned off the lights. Sohan and Kamla says that in this darkness, raj and divya are alone. As they find a light in Raj’s room, they are all excited to go to that room. Sohan and Kamla think that its Divya and not sarita.

But they are shocked when they find Raj and Sarita having a candlelight dinner, and Raj helping sarita get over her coughing bout, while sohan and Kamla are shocked, as shiela switches the main lights on.

Kamla asks whwre is divya, and that she is left alone, as she’s a guest and they treated her su rudely. Granny asks her not to step in a husband and wife’s matter. Raj and sarita are embarassed to be caught like that. Granny comments on the miracle that has brought them back together.

In their room, kamla and sohan, and are very disturbed at what they just saw, which they didnt see ten years prior. Kamla says that just one problem, that it wasnt divya. Sohan thinks that this too is for the best, and would be happy now. Kamla says that only divya would be suitable. She says that Raj isnt happy with sarita, and says that this might be his helplessness to be nice to her, since she wasnt well.

Raj finds divya, alone in the room, in darkness, and asks why is she in the dark. He offers to switch the lights but he refuses. Raj finds divya wiping her tears. Raj offers to make her eat, but she says that she isnt hungry. Raj gives her a plate of food. Raj comments thaat sarita was happy, and he felt nice.

Divya says that its nice, that after such a long time, she’s happy once again. Raj says that this was humanity, not love, and that she can never replace her, and she maybe a nice person, but he cant love her. Raj says that what isnt possible, trying to make it possible, is en effort in vain, as he doesnt love anybody other than her. As he leaves, divya is tensed.

Shiela and granny are discussing how sarita’s prayers paid off. granny also tell Fatso to fast also to get a nice husband. Granny says that those who walk on coal burning, get their desire burning. But fatso doesnmt like this idea. However raj who hears this, likes the idea. Shiela retires to her room too.

As granny begins to rest, Raj comes to her and asks about her pain. Granny says that she expects this in old age, but her pain has gone with his concern. Raj assk about the mannat thing that she talked about. Granny again confirms it, saying that what wanted with true heart is always fulfilled.

Sarita comes to divya, and tells her that Raj isnt home till 4:00 a.m. and that she’s very tensed. She asks divya to try his number, but they hear the noise of Raj’s motorbike.

They both find Raj limping in pain, and are distraught. Divya attends to him immediately, while sarita waits from a distance. Divya goes to him, and starts attending to him, and sees ther horrible blisters underneath his feet. sarita is pained to see him in pain from a distance. When divya asks how this happened, Raj says that he went to the Shiv Parvati temple. Divya is stunned that walked on ashes.

Married Again 2 Update Friday 6th December 2019 on Zee World

Raj says that what he did so far for sarita, was all fake and false and that his heart wasnt into it. But today he truly did it for her happpiness, and that he wants her to live, and she marries someone who loves her and gives her the pleasure of a family, and that he doesnt want her to live like this, as she has all the right to have this. he says that false hopes are in vain, and that she wont get anything through this. Raj says that he went to ask for giving his life to sarita, and maybe with true devotion, he might be able to save her life.

Divya is emotional, while sarita is overwhlemed to hear such concern for her. He says that he wants her to live, and remarry her to a person who loves her much. raj says that if sarita knows this, her hopes would be dashed, as after a long time, she is smiling and that should not vanish, and that he would get her remarried, and asks for Divya’s support in this.

divya agrees, while sarita in in tears hearing this. Sarita thinks that Raj is doingf this, and she is lying and betraying such a true man, and that this cant be love, as love is only selfless and giving, not attaining. She says that its been enough, and she would say everything to Raj. She says that he would be in lesser pain, if he hears the truth.

The next morning, Divya is upset and sad with a headache in her room. She wakes up to find sarita in the room. Divya asks what happened. Sarita says that she coulodnt sleep all night, feeling guilty about betraying Raj.

Divya asks if she thinks she’s happy lying to raj, but they dont have any other option. Sarita says to divya that she would just go and tell the entrie truth to raj, and aslo agree to whoever he wishes to marry her off to.

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