Married again 2 update Monday 20th January 2020 Zee World


Married again 2 update Monday 20th January 2020 Zee World

Married again 2 update Monday 20th January 2020 Zee World; Ranbir eating the khichdi made by Prachi and says it is amazing birthday gift. Pallavi says you don’t like it. Ranbir says my taste buds are changed now. He eats it and thinks why he lied infront of mom. Aryan thinks why Ranbir is trying to impress Prachi and thinks whom he is impressing Rhea or Prachi. Rhea comes to her friends. They remind her that when Ranbir took Prachi from there. we had a talk. A fb is shown, they call her loser, Rhea says I am a winner and asks them to keep the drugs with Prachi, says when Police arrests her then she will not come to my house. She says she will destroy her. fb ends. Dimpy says she talked to Nishant and he has drugs. Rhea says what about CCTV cam. Dimpy says Nishant must have managed everything. Nishant tells them that he kept drugs in Prachi’s bag. Rhea thinks Prachi will be ruined fully and shares her plan which she made with Ranbir. She says my dad doesn’t like drugs, so Prachi will be down.

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Sarita behen calls Abhi and asks if he is alone. Abhi says life or home. She says home and says today is the party at your house. Abhi calls her SSS. She asks where are you? She asks him to come to her house and tells that Prachi’s mum is sad and cried remembering her past. Abhi says even he was emotional today. Sarita behen asks him to come and talk to her. She says you both are sailing in the same ship and can lower each other’s pain. Abhi says my pain will be lessened only by the one who gave it to me. He says I will come and meet her. Sarita behen says I love you. He says I love you too.

Nishant comes to Aaliya’s room and thinks to take a shot of drugs. Aaliya comes and asks him to get out. Aryan asks Ranbir about Prachi. Ranbir makes an excuse. Aryan thinks something is wrong. Rhea tells her friends that Prachi is making a good rapport with Pallavi and asks them to start the plan. Rhea thinks Ranbir’s birthday party is going to spoil because of me and thinks Prachi shouldn’t have come in her life. She says I will kick you out from my dad, Ranbir and everyone.

Purab comes to his room and calls Aaliya. Aaliya says you said I love you to me and then said you thought you are talking to Disha. Purab says sorry. Aaliya says sorry is easy for you. She says she thought he started loving her. She says I don’t want your pity. She says since many years, the thing for which I was yearning for, you said but why did you say that it was for Disha. She says I would have atleast kept fake happiness with me. She says when wife comes to know that her husband loves someone else, then it is unbearable. Purab tries to pacify her. She says I am in this condition because of you and faints. Purab holds her from falling down and says I couldn’t forget Disha even now.

Ranbir recalls Rhea’s condition to get Prachi moved away from their way. He tells that Prachi is hardworking etc and he was thinking to hire her as his secretary. Vikram calls Prachi to assist Ranbir until he comes to office. Prachi gets upset and asks Shahana to bring cool drink for her. She says Ranbir is laughing showing his teeth. Ranbir thinks to woo her when she is with him.


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