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Married Again 10 June 2022: Radha tries to help Papa S get out of the fountain when she herself falls into it… They are struggling to get out of the water… just then Yash, Pankaj, and Aarti helped papa S and Radha… just then the speaker fell into the water and the water got electrified…

Yash says.. thank God! children told us on time..

All are in the drawing-room..

Radha says.. i was only trying to help your bauji.. please dont get me wrong..

Aarti says.. no Radha maa.. we all trust you..

Papa S is quiet.. Bua ji is looking a bit angry at Radha…

Vidhi goes to get kaadha for them..

Aarti says.. Bua ji.. isnt it your prayer time..?

Bua ji says.. oh mere bhagwan ki kasam.. i forgot..

Bua leaves.. Yash pretends to talk to Pankaj and leaves.. Aarti leaves saying taking care of kids…

Papa S and Radha are sitting alone..
Radha is about to get up..

Papa S says.. I’m sorry Radha for all I did 30 years back.. u are still paying for it … I forgot about it but now I understand that all are equal in the eyes of God.. it’s tough but if possible forgive me…

Radha gets up and goes..

Ishita sees this and thinks.. so it came till sorry.. now tomorrow they will propose and get married.. its time to do something..

Aarti gets kids to bath and gets them ready …

Aarti says.. now no one will play with colors..

Yash comes out of bath.. and pretends to be sneezing..

Aarti starts wiping Yash’s head when he sits and says.. here.. its wet…

While Aarti is wiping Yash’s hair, Yash hugs her from stomach…

Aarti says.. ohhh… drama..

yash says.. so.. my wife has started to ignore me…

Aarti says.. acha.. i ignore you…

Yash says.. yess… all the time with kids..

Aarti says.. now we have only 3 kids.. what will happen when 4th comes.. u keep doing drama…

Yash says.. Aarti ji.. our kids are smart .. they dont come in between parents’ romance..

Yash hugs Aarti.. Aarti says.. bas! baby will be hurt now..

Yash starts laughing.. Aarti says.. why are u laughing..?
Yash says..ohh.. i wont laugh…

Aarti side hugs Yash and says.. holi has got happiness back in our lives.. somewhere the line between Maa and Bauji is gone less..

yash says… yes its the right time to talk to Bauji about his punar vivah.. lets go Aarti ji…

Aarti says.. and who will wear clothes…

Aarti throws the towel at Yash..

yash says.. yea i should wear this like this and that… Aarti ji.. let me get a shirt..

Ishita is going to Papa S’ room..

Just then Akash calls for her and Radha hears it and thinks.. if Ishita is here, Akash will make a big issue.. let me see her..

Ishita picks up Gayatri’s mangalsutra from Papa S’ room .. just then Radha moves from infront of Papa S’ room and feels Ishita is here..

Radha is about to enter when she thinks she shouldnt go.. just then she hears Akash again and thinks she should check..

She opens the door and checks but Ishita is hiding behind the door..

Radha leaves.. Ishita tosses the mangalsutra in her hand..

Papa S, Pankaj and Pratik are in the drawing room.. AarYa come there..

Aarti says.. Bauji.. u have given holi gift to all but not to our unborn baby…

Papa S says.. only this.. umm.. Pankaj..

Aarti says.. Bauji.. only promise that u will give baby the gift she/he wants..

Papa S says.. of course I am their grandfather…

Aarti says.. even then.. promise na Bauji..

Papa S says.. ok… promise..

Yash says.. Bauji we want u to do punar vivaah..

Aarti says.. with radha maa..

all are shocked.. Pankaj says.. Aarti..

Ishita comes to Radha and showing to be saying sorry hugs her and puts Gayatri’s mangalsutra around Radha neck…

Bua ji says.. mere bhagwan ki kasam…

Papa S says.. have u gone mad.. do u know who are u talking to

Yash says.. yess.. and what bad in that Bauji? we just want u to be married.

Aarti says.. yes Bauji.. to say it u have the family.. but u have become alone…

Papa S says.. stop it..

Aarti says.. u promised..

Papa S says.. whats this way to get things ur way… means u had planned.. i didnt do any sort of this promise and this is no ways related to ur kid and remember i am your father, you are not my father who has come with a marriage proposal..

Ishita says to Radha.. u have gone so weak since u have come here.. are.. i made tea for all.. let me give them..

Ishita turns and then turns back to Radha.. if Akash ji gets to know about it.. it wont be a prob nah?

Radha says.. he cant be predicted.. lemme do it.. u take care and come to me whenever u want..

Radha leaves..

Ishita thinks.. of course i will come only to you.. and that mangalsutra in your neck.. now i see how all feel the holi happiness..

Papa S says.. i am shocked how u thought of this.. we got ur punar vivah because ur age was less.. ur kids needed parenting..

Aarti says.. no bauji… we are saying.. in young age, its easier to live alone but at this age, u need a life partner..

Papa S says.. enough.. i dont wanna talk more on this.. i cant believe how u thought of this.. me and Radha will remarry at this age…

Radha hears this and tea cups fall from her hand..
All see towards her.. Radha is picking up the cups..

Bua ji says.. OMG! how does this woman have Gayatri bhabhi’s mangalsutra..

Radha sees it and gets shocked to the core..

Ishita thinks.. now is the real holi.. firecrackers at the holi.. now it will be fun…

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