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Married again update Friday 20 December 2019 Zee world

Married again update Friday 20 December 2019 Zee world, At the Drama competition, the jury and Vikrant are surprised to hear Sarita’s descision about their marital relation. raj says that they dont want to blame or fight before seperation. He says that he just feels that without compatibility they shouldnt live together. He wants to get sarita remarried, and she wants him to return

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The jury says that he has to be selected, for his bravery. Raj says that a true director is one who can truly say his life in front of people. Vikrant says that its absolutely right, and that it isnt easy for a person to keep his dream alive for ten years, with the same passion, and that such a person deserves to be in the show. When they are puzzled, vikrant says that this is his event organised by his company. raj leaves from there. Sarita tries to stop him, but he says that he wants to be in this competition on the basis of his talent not on someone’s favour. vikrant is surprised. He says that he likes self reliant people.

Raj is angry while sarita tries to calm him down. sarita says that he was praised for his work. Raj says that she knew vikrant is the sole person responsible for this show, and that he cant do this with vikrant. Sarita says that the jury selected him, before vikrant did, and that he should focus on his dream.

Sarita wishes that vikrant hadnt turned up at the last minute, to ruin everything.
Sarita comes in the room, while raj is in the bathroom. She akss him to hurry as he’s being caled downstairs. Hearing kamla shout, sarita accidentally spills

Shiela comes and finds them like that, decides that she would handle kamla, while they are busy amongst themselves. she happily locks the door, and leaves. Sarita hears kamla’s voice taunting them again, and tries to get up, but the hook of her suit gets entangled in his shirt. She gets up shyly, and explains how he slipped. Vikrant sees a note from abhimaan, saying that he wotn talk till his dream if fulfilled. vikrant thinks that its impossible for him to do so. He sees abhimaan siting angrily in his room.

Seeing sarita working in the kitchen, and smiling to herself, thinking about his recent encounter with raj, granny comes and teases her that she’s looking extra beautiful, and thast her love for raj is growing by the minute. she says that as fast the love grows, so fast will the pain arrive too, as raj is searching for her ideal mate, and what if he meets him. She tells sarita that she doesnt want to burst her bubble, but she shouldnt get so involved that she cant get out from it, which would then turn into an abyss of pain. As she leaves, Sarita thinks that granny is right,k and she would have to control her feelings and love. (AN AD OF “DO DIL BANDHE EK DORI SE”)

Raj, while eyeing a file, is in a romantic poetry mood. Sarita stands on the door and thanks him. When he asks why, she says that he really feels like taking part in the comp, and that he shouldnt stop himself from realising his dreams. He says that he was casually surfing through the script. Sarita tries to make him understand that he shouldnt give so much importance to vikrant and staand as an obstacle in the way of his dream. they hear the doorbell ring.

Vikrant is eagerly welcomed into the jagotia residence, by kamla and sohan. Raj and sarita too come. Kamla gets into a chatter with vikrant straightaway. he gives the gifts that he has got for everyone in the family. They are all surprised, but sarita wonders why was it needed. Kamla says that its his love. Raj too taunts him that if he has extra money, he should have given it to him to burn. Vikrant says to raj, in front of his family, that he has come to talk to him alone, in private. Raj asks him to speak in front of his entire family. But when vikrant insists, raja nd sarita begin to take him inside. But vikrant stops sarita from entering, saying that he just wants to talk to Raj. They both go inside, while sarita is tensed, that there might be a trouble. She decides to go with him. But she doesnt leave.

Inside, Vikrant asks why is he quitting the show, just because he’s involved, as he was selected on talent and not on his saying. Raj agrees and is convinced to take part. raj says that he isnt as bad as he felt. vikrant too complies. Raj asks whats the ulterior motive behind him coming here.

Shiela and sarita b*t*h about how rich people liek vikrant feel that they rule the world. She leaves, asking sarita not to worry at all.

Married again update Friday 20 December 2019 Zee world

Vikram says to raj that he’s right in presuming so. Vikrant says that he has come to ask for his wife’s hand in marriage. Raj rubbishes his proposal. He says that he’s searching for a mother for his son. raj says that he’s waiting for a person who would love sarita, and isnt doing a business deal for her.

Vikrant says that he wants a person who would never make his son cry, just like he wants a man who wouldnt make his wife cry. raj says that she’s ideal to be a mother. vikrant says that he cant take his words for granted, and he would have to test her, as she has no experience of motherhood. Raj asks if she’s a car that he wants to test drive first. vikrant, seeing his passion, asks him if he’s now fallen in love with her. Raj says that he cares for her feelings. vikrant says that he feels for her, and that he can marry anyone he wants, but he wants an ideal mother for abhimaan. raj says that he undestands his emotions, but doesnt like the idea of judging sarita. vikrant asks him to place himself in his shoes as a father, and then think.

He leaves saying that he will wait for his call. He asks him not to disclose this to sarita, as if he rejectes her, she might feel bad. he leaves. While going out, he smiles at sarita, who is surprised and leaves. raj too comes out and sarita anxiously asks him what happpened and what was their talk about. He tells him about their talk of the competition. she is super excited when she knows that he said yes to the competition. She hugs him in happiness. Kamla is in a rage to see this.

In their room, sarita expresses anger that he didnt listen to her, but he listened to vikrant. raj teases her all the more, when he says that she thought correctly. He asks her to leave him alone, in jest, as he has to practise for his competition. Sarita is super excited for him and says that divya would be very happy to hear this news. raj too says that she would be happy, but in front of sarita’s happiness, divya’s happiness. She hugs him happile. the screen freezes on her face.

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