Married Again 24 June 2022: While arti and Yash are enjoying the presence of the baby, the nurse comes and tells arti that she has to take the baby to another ward, as premature babies have to be kept in an incubator for some days. Arti is sad at the thought of separation, but Yash explains it to her that its required. after kissing one last time, arti sends the kid with the nurse, while Yash tells arti not to worry.

When the nurse brings the baby to the family, they are all very excited but are cautious when the nurse mentions the incubator. Vidhi explains to prateik how the incubator system works. ishita intently listens to that. the nurse takes the baby away. Ishita thinks that every time arti’s destiny cant be with her, and this time she would convert this happiness into mourning.

The nurse places ayu in the incubator and leaves. ishita thinks that even though she shares a relation with the baby, she cant love her more than the love that she feels for yash, and therefore she would have to do this sin. As a plan concocts in her mind, Ishita is very tensed to find that the incubator ward is protected by the security guard, who doesnt let anyone in.

Radha and suraj, and everyone else, asks arti not to think of ayu, as he’s in the ebst of care. But arti is unconvinced. All tell her how safe he is nestled in yash and arti’s love. They all ask her to stop worrying and smile. Prateik
teases the kids, that now arti would love the new member more than them. Vidhi and radha reprimand him lovingly for that. arti says that she loves them very much, and would teach prateik a lesson, once she’s alright. Suraj says that he too feels like playing with his grandson. Radh asks him to wait till that time comes.

A wardboy tells the security guard, a false news about his wife, and gets him off from that place, so that ishita may come in. After he’s gone, ishita comes and looking at the baby, she thinks of another devilish plan to destroy yash and arti’s happiness and seperate them. she takes the baby and leaves with it, draping a shawl over her..

Arti is uncomfortable in her room, and has an instinctive feeling that her baby is in danger. She urges yash to go and see the baby. yash and akash are shocked to find the baby missing, they are stopped somehow by the nurse to raise a commotion in the incubator ward, and taken out. They start an extensive search themselves, while the nurse instructs the security guard, to start a thorough search to find out who stole the baby.

While ishita is running with the baby, draped in a shawl, she looks around, and sensing the commotion she feels that everyone knows about the baby missing. She has to stop sensing the security and turns around to go another way, but her shawl gets stuck, and she leaves it and runs away. she comes face to face with arti, who’s disbelieving what she sees, and ishita is at a loss of words. The screen freezes on arti’s face.

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