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Married again update friday 27th December 2019 on zee world

Married again update friday 27th December 2019 on zee world; Sarita and her family is tensed to hear that vandana wants to talk to her first. vikrant agrees. she takes sarita aside. raj i tensed. kamla says that her worst fears have come true, and that she is the unlucky one, and creates a problem wherever she goes. Raj tells kamla that he wont let sarita marry and have any sort of connection with anyone from rohan’s family. Kamla tells that due to her, shiela is still unmarried. kamla says that she wants that vandana forgives sarita. Kamla makes him swear on her that he wont do anything of that sort to create a trouble, before the engagement happens. Raj is tensed. He telkls shiela that this relation shouldnt happen, as she would never be happy with rohan’s mother. But kamla again warns her.

Inside,vandana starts taunting sarita. Sarita says that she’s mistaken and tries to tell, but vandana stops her, saying that she wants to have her revenge. Sarita tries to protest, but vandana keeps accusing her of taking her revenge for shiela. sarita says that she isnt interested in this, as raj came for her proposal and the next reason is abhimaan who considers her as his mother, and if she still wants to call the relation off then she agrees. Abhi comes and asks greanny how she feels about his mother. he forcibly takes her out, as she is silenced by the love of abhimaan. She goes out with him. Vandana asks vikrant to promise something before going ahead. Kamla is tensed that the engagement maynt happen. Vikrant assk, and she says that he may progress in this relation but his first priority would be his son rather than his wife, and that he shouldnt feel alone at all, and that his father has lost interest in him. vikrant asks her not to worry as nonbe can replace abhi. She says that she knows hence the promise. He complies. He cites his reasons for m,arrying to be abhi. She goes inside to get sarita. She tells sarita that she may stop this if she wants to, just like she did to her, by insulting and throwing her out of the house, but when she looks at abhi, she has agreed to this, by placing a stone on her heart. She says that she maybe abhi’s mother but never her bahu, and also as Vikrant’s wife, she would nevere accept. Sarita is tensed.

Sarita and vandana come down. Abhi asks vikrant to hasten the ceremony. Vikrant gets the ring, while he sees that sarita is fidgeting around with her fingers, looking at raj. He takes her hand and places the ring, amidst huge claps and cheers. Sarita is then asked to do the same. As the engagement progresses, sarita is highly nervous, with her hand shaking and trembling with consciousness. raj stands infront of her along with vikrant, as she is about to place a ring on vikrant’s finger, giving her the support and encouragement that she needs but just then the lights go off. When they return, they are shocked to find that she has actually placed it in raj’s finger. The people start gossiping about the strange event, and vikrant’s anger at this. Raj hurriedly takes it off and gives it back to sarita. Kamla and sohan say that sarita would bring the house down today. Vandana comes and says that they are right as sarita’s hopes are now dashed. She says that they have seen the riches but not his anger. She congratulates the re engagement.

Vikrant says that even in darkness, she has made the mistake of touching him. And he cant imagine the thought
He shows that noone is able to say anything as noone can insult him. they are all tensed and angered. Abhi comes and apologises for sarita, and reminds that he too has made some silly mistakes in the dark and hence should forgive her. He asks sarita place the ring now as he has brought a candle too in case of emergency. Sarita complies. All clap. They get pictures taken.

Married again update friday 27th December 2019 on zee world

Raj comes out to wipe his tears. shiela comes and says that why is he here, as he seemed the most happy. Raj asks her not to taunt him, as vikrant is far better than him. Shiela advises him that both are sad, in lieu of this vow that they both have taken. raj says that she’s mistaken. Shiela says that she’s correct and asks why is he sad. raj says that he doesnt understand why is he feeling like this. shiela asks him to follow his heart, as it would be too late. She says that these questions are about him and sarita, and that she still trusts him even in darkness, and asks him to get an answer to these questions.

Vandana tells and taunts shiela that she never thought that she would cope so well and be back on the streets. She tells shiela that she would have been the bahu of her house, if she hadnt listened to sarita. She asks who would marry her now. Kamla tells vandana that she should stop harassing her daughter, as soon she’s going to ask her as to where is her able son these days, spending life in jail. Shiela is tensed. Vandana asks her to stay away. But kamla says that shje’s crossing the line, and she should never try this cheap stunt again. vandana says that she would answer everything but when the time comes, as right now her son’s life, sarita is going to be his bahu. Abhi asks vikrant and sarita to take granny’s and kamla’s blessings. They comply. Both vandana and kamla give taunting and directional blessings. The screen freezes on sarita’s tensed face.

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