Married Again 3 June 2022: Akash forcibly takes ishita to the room and is about to slap her, when she retorts back saying that it won’t be good for him, if he does so. He says that he can’t understand her mood swings, and can’t decide what she is upto and asks her whose team is she on when she was offering them food. He asks her whats her game plan is, what’s going on in her mind, and what does she actually want. Ishita says if he really wants to know what’s going on in her mind, and what she wants, then she would tell him. She whispers into his ears, that her heart is with Gayatri’s son, and she wants him. He pulls her away, saying that she wants him, and is helping them.

ishita says that being a politician’s daughter, she knows it well, and if she has to defeat someone, she has to do so, so that they can never rise again. she says that she has to be sweet to take her revenge, as the greatest betrayals are given by own people, rather than strangers. She says that’s exactly what she is doing, as she would sabotage them in the garb of helping them, and would help him indeed.

Akash says that she has never seen a more vicious persona than her, and he can’t decide when she would switch sides. She says that she’s always by her side. She says that she wants to see how arti faces this challenge.

Arti prays to the lord to avert this trouble, as noone has returned empty handed from their house ever, and today they are at the verge of sending the pandits away hungry. yash too stands by her. Radha comes and says something to yash. Yash thanks radha for her advise and instantly leaves to get to work. radha too starts praying.

Buaji too is very upset thinking if pandits give their family a bane, what would happen to yash and arti. Vidhi asks why only yash and arti face it, they would altogether face it. Pari says that they shouldnt go out till all is solved, as she doesnt want to get affected by the bane. Vidhi is shocked at hearing this from pari, who says that even though she doesnt believe in such stuff, still she doesnt want to take the risk, and wants to stay indoors only. Vidhi is surprised but buaji agrees.

pankaj and prateik see suraj out of his room, while the pandits are meditating. as they try to stop him, suraj says that he wants to see whats going on. the pandits tell pankaj to serve them food, but he says that its not yet ready. akash comes in saying that he is filled with gratitude to see them, and that he hates to break the news, that when gayatri was alive, things were different, and now that she isnt anymore, that devotion also doesnt exist anymore. the whole family listens to his banter. He says that yash and arti have taken the responsibility of the house, and they dont know where are they hidden, after having called them. he says that its wrong that yash is insulting them like this.

suraj reprimands akash that he should stop right now, or else he would throw him out of the house. yash comes in saying that he shouldnt trouble himself by getting angry on them. Akaash feigns concern for yash saying that the pandits shouldnt punish him for insulting them like this. Buaji too feigns fear about yash and arti’s safety now from the bane of the pandits.

The pandits are angry at yash for insulting them, and says that not juts him, but his future generations would also be affected, and thats his bane. All are shocked. But arti comes in and apologizes for being late in serving. She sdays that gayatri left the responsibility of the house on yash, as he had faith on him. The family is happy, but akash and ishita are shocked when they find that food is ready for the pandits to be served. Yash and prateik start washing the pandits feet, before serving them food. They watch happily while the pandits feast. While serving, pari is asked by the

pandits about the identity of akash, and his relation to the family. she says that he isnt a relation, but just a liability that they have to bear. Just then, the pandit sees akash’s photo in his mobile and places a call. The pandits eat to their heart’s content. As akash begins to leave, pari stops him saying that the drama is still to happen, and he shouldnt leave before seeing that.

The police comes in and the whole family asks why are they here. One of the pandits who had seen akash’s photo in his mobile, says that he has called them, pointing to akash, saying that he is the person, who had cheated him and extracted 1 lakh rupees from him, pretending to be a bank personnel, about 3 months back. the entire family is shocked. Akash says that this is all false and that he is the son of this family, and isnt a theif. Akash turns to pankaj and prateik, to verify to the police that he is their brother. But they remain quiet. The police says that if he doesnt pay up, he would have to go to jail with them. Akash, in arage says that i lac means nothing to him, and that he would just go and get it. the pandit calls from behind saying that he needs 2 lacs for the cheating that he did with him.

Akash goes and gets the money. The police warn him and go. After the police leaves, Pari says that everyone must have heard the saying that one who digs a well for others often falls in it himself. He says that akash intend to malign them, but ended up being in the spot, the only difference being that he had no respect, to begin with, to be aligned with. She says that he must be feeling bad after losing 2 lacs. Akash says that he would teach her a lesson. Yash asks him to talk with manners, and pari tells him to talk like this with his wife and not hr. The screen freezes on akash’s speechless face.

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