Married again Update Monday 25th November 2019, Sarita asks if she can get the left over haldi.Divya is shocked to see her.Sarita comes there and opens her hand in front of Divya.

<<Married Again Update Sunday 24th November 2019

The women in the ceremony mock the situation.Divya introduces sarita as her childhood friend.Then she takes her into a room and closes the door.She asks her why she has come here and to leave the place.sarita refuses and asks for the left over haldi.Divya replies that haldi is only for the unmarried girls.sarita replies she is also unmarried.She tells her mangalsutra and sindoor has become a drama.She asks Divya whether she can see Raj’s love in her eyes.No its only loneliness.Scene shifts to Raj’s family.Everyone is mocking Bubly for being fat.Then dadi calls sarita for breakfast but Kamla says she is not at home.Shila thinks in her mind that she knows where Sarita has gone.

Married again Update Monday 25th November 2019

Scene Shifts to DiTa.Sarita tells Divya that she is still untouched.Divya asks her to stop her drama.Sarita replies her life has become a drama for the last 10 uears.Sarita contiues her tuants and mocks Divya.Sarita accuses her for being a mean human being.Divya stops her and replies that because of Sarita Raj has become a scarp dealer leaving his art behind.He has forgotten how to smile.Sarita laughs.Outside all are tensed in Divya’s family.Sarita replies Raj is like this not because of her but because Divya left him.CB in real life is a big vamp.She is responsible for Raj’s and Sarita’s condition.She explained Raj has never touched her because hestill loves Divya. Sarita tells she was also very sweet spoken when she married.She has heard so many dirty things regularly for 10 years.Divya is in tears.Sarita continues she has become like a prostitu** .How much she dresses up none will look at her.Divya tries to leave the place but Sarita does not let her go.Divya thinks to herself why Raj has not given any rights to Sarita yet if he has married her.

Scene shifts to Raj’s shop.police has come there to meet him and tell him that his family wants to meet Divya who has done the bell foe him.Raj learns that it was Divya.Divya apologizes to Sarita and tells that she was unware of these things.Because of her Sarita’s and Raj’s life has become like this.Sarita says she will never be happy in her life after giving her pain.Divya stops her and asks not to wish her bad.She was actually unware.Raj comes the venue.Gourav spots him.Divya promises Sarita to help her.She says if she will talk to Raj and he will agree.Sarita replies she have to come to her house and she has to stay there and make Raj love her.Then only she can marry.She mocks her that she is being a statue of sacrifice.So what can she sacrifice for her Souten.She has to do the PV of her and her husband 1st and then only she can marry.Episode end there.

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