Married Again 27 June 2022: Pari thinks that there must be some way out, in a world where science has developed so much. Prateik tells her that sopon everything would be alright and find a way out. He asks her not to talk about this, as anyone might hear it, and get sad in this time of happiness. She says that he has always preferred his family over her, and has he ever wondered how she feels seeing others become mothers. He asks her not think like that, and enjoy the occassion right now. Buaji hears all this.

All are getting busy for the celebration and its arrangements. Arti asks her not to waste, and instead spend this money to the poor and the orphans. Radha says that they would do the both, as they want to celebrate this happy moment too. Vedika asks where is ayu. Arti says that he’s in her room. radha asks her to be with ayu, as he’s very small, and needs constant care. Arti leaves.

Meanwhile ishita approaches the bay, in arti’s room. Looking at the child, ishita thinks that due to him, yash couldnt be hers last night, and he would forever be a barrier in her plans. She says that arti already has completely won over yash. she thinks that hence, he would have to get out of her way. She takes the baby in her arms, and tunrs around to leave, but is surprised to find her face to face with arti, and she becomes speechless. she remembers arti’s slap. Arti again looks at him suspiciously. She asks ishita to stay away from Ishita tries to make an excuse, but arti says that she doesnt want to listen to her lies, as she doesnt know what her intentions are with the baby.

Radha asks her not to get angry like this, and asks her to compose herself. She tells ishita that its good that she came to look out for the baby, but it would have been better if she had told arti. She asks ishita to come along, telling arti that she should rest, while they make arrangements. As she turns around, ishita thinks that when, in the evening, when everyone’s busy with the preparations, she would fulfill her plan. She thinks that she cant see arti in her yash’s arms anymore. she is about to slip, when she is caught by yash, seeing which arti is at discomfort and she smiles in jest. ishita composes herself and leaves.

In her room, ishita is frustrated, thinking about arti’s smirk and decides to take her revenge on her. she feels where yash touched her to catch her. She desperately waits for the evening, when her plan would succeed.

All are hurrying through preparations, looking around to radha for help. While the band lady asks for an advance, for the show in the evening, ishita sees her, and radha going to get the money for her. Ishita thinks that such a business woman can be put to her use. she approaches her, and says that what radha is giving her, she would give way more than that, if she agrees to do her job, neglecting everyone else’s. This tempts her and she says yes. Ishita tells her the plan.

Yash is ready, and checks on arti, who’s getting ready. He comes to her, and looks at her. Arti asks if she isnt looking alright. Yash replies in negative. Arti asks him what is it. Yash tells her that she’s perfect, and looking very beautiful like a fairy. Arti smiles up, as he starts teasing her. He asks her to look in the mirror, and see that she looks like a college girl. she proudly says that she’s a happy wife and mother to 4 of his children. They get into nonsensical banter, while yash reminds that she should also say that she cant live without her husband, just like she said that she cant live with the children. Aryi says that she would have to think about it before having said it. As radha calls out to them, yash says that he was to call her only, but forgot it in her beauty. Finally arti releases herself from yash’s grip, and goes down when she hears herself being called for.

The ritual begins with the priest enchanting, and making the family perform the needful. the family come sone by one to bless the child. yash, pankaj, vidhi, prateik come one by one to bless ayu. As pari goes to bless the child, she is stopped by buaji. pari asks why is she stopping her. Buaji says that she cant participate in the ritual, as she doesnt think that her blessings would be fruitful to the baby in any way, as she doesnt want yash’s son to be cursed instead of being blessed. Vidhi too asks what is she talking about. Yash sends the kids to play. Arti says that she doesnt know what problem buaji has, but she wants everyone to bless her child. Buaji asks her not to argue unnecessarily and understand that if she is saying anything, then there must be a reason behind it. yash too asks why cant pari participate in this ritual, buaji blurts out that pari is infertile, shocking pari and everyone else in the family. pari looks helplessly at a helpless prateik. Radha disbelieves her, but buaji asks them to ask pari and prateik. she says that they dont even need to ask, as their faces tell everything.

Arti asks prateik and pari, but when they dont answer, she says that their silence speaks for itself, conforming buaji’s statement. she refues to believe it. Vidhi asks pari why did she hide such a big truth from them. she asks why couldn’t she confides in them. Buaji says that pari doesnt deserve to be talked like this, when she cant respect relations, being modern and hiding things from the family. Buaji reprimands pari for being ultra-modern, and not wanting to sire a child, under the influence of western culture. Pari looks at buaji with hurt in her eyes. The screen freezes on arti’s tensed face.

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