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In Married Again update monday 2nd November 2019 on Zee World, Sarita takes divya away, while divya is worried why she didnt allow her to talk to Raj.

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Scene 1:
Location: On the road outside Raj’s shop
Divya asks if she’s scared, that raj would go away if she come in Raj’s life again. sarita grees. divya says that its nothing like this, as she has taken a huge risk, by leaving her marriage, and getting insulted, and how she had managed to make the family understand that she wont get married without remarrying

Divya says that she doesnt expect anything from Raj now, and her mate is waiting now.

sarita says that had she not believed her, she wouldnt have allowed her

sarita says that she cant trust her heart, and what if it tells her to go back to Raj, as the heart doesnt listen to anything.

Divya tries to make her understand, that she isnt after Raj. she tells her about

Sarita says that their arranged marriage is weak, as these

sarita asks her to forget that she came for help, and lead her own life, as after taking such a huge risk, she cant afford to lose raj. As she begisn to go, divys’s

Divya says that she wants the vows taken during their marriage to be fulfilled, and she would take seven vows today, in the temple, that she would control her heart. she brings camphor, from the temple, and placing it on her hand, she asks sarita to light it up, and make her promise whatever she wants to.

sarita asks if she hasnt gone mad. divay asks her to go ahead and make her vow whatever she wants to. Hesitatingly, sarita takes the matchstick, and lights it up, and the camphor. divya asks her to ask whatever she wants. sarita asks her to never cook food for Raj, never attend to Raj when she’s sick, never help raj financially, never take Raj’s help in her troubles, never make Raj remember the past, never touch Raj ever, never marry raj even if she dies. Divya complies the first six, but not the last, ass he doesnt even imagine sarita’s death, and she has a long life ahead of her, and her only

Divya says that only coward people talk of death, and she’s a courageous girl. As Divya’s hand starts burning, she throws away the camphor, apologizing for what she wants

divya says that these vows would give her strength

Divya and

Sarita tells that there are many things that she doesnt know and divya does. Divya suggests something to Sarita, and while sarita is unsure that she would be able to pull it off or not, divya shoves her in raj’s way, and herself hides behind the car. sarita pretends to have a sprain in her leg, and says that she had come here for a mannat, and is going alone home. The helper says that Raj too is going home. Raj comes and says to the helper to take her to the doctor while he goes for the delivery of the goods. The helper tells her

Getting in the car, while Divya is in the backseat.

Divya starts giving hints to sarita to talk about love filled things. She asks about babloo and his jhumri, and what happened to her, and that they love each other a lot. raj looks at her, in surprise, while driving the car. Sarita is in in comfort, even when she is at discomfort. Both divya nd sarita are lost in their own world about Raj, while he keeps driving stoically, oblivious of whats cooking.

Scene 2:
Location: Jagotia’s mansion
While the younger wife puts on horrible makeup, on the youngest daughter, granny makes fun of that girl, that she’s just gone on her mother only. She is scared when she finds sohan’s wife watching all this from under her bed. She keeps cursing the time when he

sarita asks if divya had a god look, of their silent relationship. divya says that he’s turned to stone, and nothing would happen in haste, and she would have to come in the house, with a proper planning, as raj understands whats in the heart, and their plan would fail even before starting.

Married Again update monday 2nd November 2019 on Zee World

As the youngest daughter shows granny her spoilt makeup, granny teases her saying that she almost gave her a heart attck, and asks her to wash up the makeup, before she scares again.

Raj and sarita together enter the house. Seeing them come home together, all are shocked out of their wits.
Sohan says that today after a gap of 10 years, his son and daughter in law are together. He says that it looks as if some magic has happened behind his back. He tells sarita, that even after 10 years, she managed to bring out some manhood, in his impotent son, and rewards her with gold earrings. Raj gets angry at this, and throws away the bike keys.

The younger wife asks her to identify her own beauty and the art of seduction which managed to turn saints into sinners, just at the glance on the female body.granny tries to hear this intently. Sarita says that she understands iut, but she doesnt want to lure him, but win him over with her love, as only love makes life. granny compliments her, that this is the daughter in law, and not the second woman like her, as this is the result of a true and authentic marriage, not like hesr, the one that is just on alluring and has no strong basis. While the younger wife stands sullen, Sarita thinks that their relationship is true, and strong, and authentic, and this time Divya would ignite love in Raj’s heart, for Sarita. the screen freezes on her hopeful face.

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