Married Again 30 May 2022: Yash is very angry at Gayatri for even having thought about doubting arti, and that he won’t be able to tolerate it much longer, and if this continues, he would have to leave. But arti stops him saying that he himself advised her that they won’t leave this house when injustice was being done to him, then why now. He says that he can’t see anyone falsely accusing her. She asks him to be patient.

yash says that her smile, and her eyes are very comprehensible to her now, after 11 months, and he knows when she’sd happy or sad. He says that he knows gayatri’s words hurt her a lot, and her expression says that she’s hiding a lot in her heart. He says that he can tolerate anything, but not accusation on her. she says that as long as she’s with him, she doesnt fear anything, as she just needs his company and nothing else. Saying so, she hugs him tight.

The next morning, Gayatri reprimands the servants, for being lousy in her preparations for the grand party that she has kept,

She says that all people have taken advantage of her being naive and simple, and that she has tolerated enough, but not anymore. the family members hear this. The phone rings and arti goes o pick it. But Gayatri stops her saying that its for her and not arti. Gayatri receives and is excited and after canceling the phone, she tells everyone, that its a good news for everyone, and bad news for one, saying that his brother has caught the

Vidhi asks what could be the possible relation between the two events. Gayatri says that there’s a relation, as the same person is behind all of this, and that the doubts have now paved way for a known fact about the culprit, pointing at arti.

Just then the inspector arrives at the house, with the culpirt, who akash immediately recognises

Gayatri says that this man was a mere device, and that the actual person behind this needs to be known, and starts asking who asked him to do this to akash.

Gayatri says that she would give twice the amount, that he took for doing this,

The person finally confesses about the phone call, and that it was a woman. when she asks for the number he got a call from, he says that number is switched off.

When they had gone, gayatri says victoriously

Surj says that the culpirt just said that it was a woman’s call, but its not enough for them to accuse arti.

Suraj reminds her that yash and arti were the one who had got him to enter the house, and also bought time for him to

gayatri says that all of this was a sham, but when they knew that their situation was in control,
Gayatri tells suraj that arti was the one who wanted to throw

arti says that what she is thinking is wrong, as its not a sham about what they were doing, as they truly wanted akash to get his rightful place in the family. She says that they are not staying here for the riches, but for the fact that they place their family on top of everything else. Anmd it may be called their greed for personal relations, which they dont want to lose at any cost. Arti reprimands her for not being able to understand yash’s heart, who quietly accepted everything for the happiness of gayatri and akash. She says that yash can

Arti says that she cant see anything as she is blinded by her love for akash. Gayatri screams out saying that arti always has a fascination for giving lecture, but she wont fall into her trap. Gayatri says that now since she poured hot water on akash, gayatri herself would now pour boiling water on arti, so that she understands how much it pains. all try to stop gayatri but in vain. But gayatri says that if anyone tries to stop her, she would pour this water on herself. all are stunned to see this. Yash too tries to stop, but arti stops saying that if he can sacrifice anything for his mother, then its her duty too to be with him in every descision of his. She turns around to face gayatri and says that she’s ready if she is happy by this.

Arti is confronted by gayatri, with a jug of boiling water in her hands, and bloodshot eyes filled with rage in her eyes. Then to everyone’s horror, gayatri pours the water on arti, and he screams out in shock. All are shell shocked to see such behaviour from gayatri. arti tells everyone that she didnt feel anything as the water was cold, and she knew that gayatri would be unable to do something like this. But gayatri says that she didnt do it out of love, but is still hating her for what she did, but can’t stoop down to the level that arti did.

Yash apologizes for saying what he is about to and continues saying that till now he was quiet but not anymore, as he is now unable to take what she is doing. Gayatri is surprised to hear this. And says that now he too can reprimand that she’s his stepmother and is doing injustice to him. Yash asks her not to say that, as he would forever be indebted for what she did for her. He says that he forever wants Gayatri as his mother, as she has given him so much love, without even being asked for it. He breaks down saying that he is asking for one last thing, that she should let him and arti go from here. the screen freezes on Gayatri’s surprised face.

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