Married Again 11 June 2022: Papa S says.. me and Radha will remarry at this age..? Radha hears this and cups of tea fall from her hand.. she bends to pick it up when Bua ji notices the mangalsutra..

Bua ji says.. oh God! how is Gayatri bhabhi’s mangalsutra in her neck… Radha gets shocked and take it out..

Pankaj goes forward and takes it.. Maa’s mangalsutra.. how is it with you? how dare u wear my mother’s mangalsutra.. ?

Bua ji says.. dont ask her.. she’ll answer such that no one will be able to question and about the dare, i salute you.. till now no one is ready for ur remarriage, and u wore Gayatri bhabhi’s mangalsutra.. i havent seen such hasteness in this age..

Radha says.. believe me.. i dont know how it came..

Bua ji says.. it came flying..

Radha says to Aarti.. we trust you.. it must be some confusion.. u cant do it.. dont cry..

Bua ji says.. Aarti bahu.. sorry i cant believe u this time.. last time u said that she was not in her senses but what now.. u guys dont understand she wants to take Gayatri bhabhi’s place and she crosses all lines for that..

Radha says. thats it.. now i wont take it .. u grab an opportunity and start telling me off.. i have said before n i will say again.. i am not here to take Gayatri ji’s place.. if i wanted that i wudnt have been away for 30 years.. I am here only for Yash and Aarti.. i am here for my sons.. one who i have taken care of 30 years and one who i wanted to see for all these years.. i am here only to see u to together happily in a family.. i dont want anything.. neither sindoor nor mangalsutra.. not a state of wife.. nothing… but i have a prob, why did u bring up remarriage.. without asking me.. why? i have been alone since years, i dont need and not even used to anyone’s love n togetherness.. again, i had to take the shame that i took 30 years back… i have always been told off all my life but i dont have enough strength to take all that again…

Radha turns to Bua ji and folds her hand and says.. u guys have to take a lot for me.. not anymore.. i will leave your house right away..

Yash holds Radha and says.. please dont leave us Maa.. this son needs you..

Aarti says.. for all that… we are sorry but dont punish us like that.. please dont go..

Radha says.. to fulfill a kid’s wants, a mother is happy.. u understand that Aarti bahu.. but i cant hear u guys today.. i will have to leave..

Radha turns to go.. Aarti tries to stop..

Papa S says.. wait.. let her go.. everyday, taking so much.. so much shame.. its better if she goes and lives with her head held high..

Radha is packing her bag crying..
Bua ji comes there…

Bua ji says.. where are u going hiding ur face.. when a servant or stranger leaves our house, their baggage is checked.. i will have to check yours..

Aarti says.. wait Bua ji.. shes neither a servant nor a stranger.. she is Yash ji’s mother.. the son who has been giving business and half house’s responsibility.. if he knows about it, what will he say..

Bua ji says.. no no Aarti bahu.. i was seeing if some stuff of hers is left.. mere bhagwan ki kasam..

Aarti says.. mere bhagwan ki kasam.. mere bhagwan ki kasam.. how much wrong swears will u take.. even your God wud have gone away now.. return her bag..

Bua ji says.. take it..

Aarti says.. properly and apologize or else u know Yash ji’s anger…

Bua ji says.. sorry..

Bua ji leaves..

Papa S is in room alone.. his eyes are wet..
Yash sees it…

Papa S says.. i was remmebering the kids.. they always come to me no matter how angry i am.. i was thinking ask Aarti bahu to make paneer kofte and something sweet also for dinner.. also, we should go out.. we havent gone out for ages.. if wud be a nice change.. for the kids also..

Papa S turns to see Yash staring at him..

Papa S says.. what happened.. i know i have shouted a lot of your guys.. but not anymore.. I have even done bad to Radha but i wont do wrong to anyone now..

Yash says.. nice to know u care about Badi maa..

Papa S says.. i know u guys care about me.. u think i am alone and sad.. but nothing will happen out of this.. this will only bring shame to our family.. dont think about me.. think about your Radha maa..

Yash says.. ok.. your son Yash will only do what makes u happy..

Yash leaves..

Radha picks her bag..

Aarti says.. please dont go Maa..

Radha says.. dont stop me.. i wonder how much u two will have to take due to me.. its better i go.. take care of yourself and my Yash.. tell him to forget this mother of his..

Aarti says.. Maa..

Aarti and Radha hug crying…

Radha says.. bas.. stay happy and married..

Radha leaves..

Aarti says.. the person because of whom, questions were raised on your character.. the one who doesnt want u to be happy with your kids.. i will find out about that person..

Radha is moving out of the house..
Yash folds his hands in front of her..

Radha thinks.. dont stop me Yash.. dont do anything that stops me.. let me go..

Radha turns to leave.
Yash sees crying..
Pankaj , Vidhi, Pratik and Paridhi come there and see Radha going..

Yash says crying.. today, I lost another mother…
Yash wipes his tears..

Pratik says.. hold yourself Bhaiya..

Pankaj says.. see Yash.. this woudnt have happened if u wouldn’t have taken up the remarriage thing.. if u wud have left it how it was, Radha ji wudnt have had to leave..

Pratik says.. Radha maa is really nice.. she cares a lot for all.. but we cant give Maa’s place to her.. the place which is for Maa since childhood..

Yash says.. why not? why cant we give Maa’s place to Badi maa.. u gave Arpita’s place to Aarti ji.. u happily got her..

Pratik says.. but u were lonely then..

Yash says.. so isnt Bauji alone after Maa left..

Pankaj says.. u dont understand.. ur little kids needed a mother..

Yash says.. so dont we need a mother all our lives.. i married Aarti ji only for my kids.. when i didnt love her u guys had prob..

Vidhi says.. but your age and Bauji’s age differs a lot..

Yash says.. so what? marriage isnt about physical needs but its about staying there for life in good and bad times.. the one who understand ur pain.. ur sorrow.. its about togetherness..

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