Married again update Saturday 18 January 2020 on Zee World


Married again update Saturday 18 January 2020 on Zee World

Married again update Saturday 18 January 2020 on Zee World; Divya thanks sarita for her idea, and how it helped to bring back raj on the right track. She also congratulates her on the good marital life of her own. Divya leaves, saying that they have to keep the stolen stuff in the locker, till the time raj is completely back on track, and then tell him about their plan. Sarita gets raj’s message, asking her to meet him, urgently after half an hour, at the blue diamond hotel. Divya is tensed, while sarita assures her that maybe raj just called her to tell about his changed mind. divya keeps her fingers crossed. sarita ssures her and asks if she would drop her on the way. Divya agrees and they leave.

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As vikrant comes back for lunch, and looks around for sarita, vandana comes and offers him lunch, saying that it must have been better, if sarita was here to atend to him. He says that not just her free will, she is rightful owner to this house too, and he doesnt have a problem with this. He asks her to let it be, and asks her to lay out lunch for him. Vandana resignedly leaves. Vikrant thinks that sarita wanted him to come to lucnh and say what he wanted to, but maybe she wants him to wait, as after all, the patience bears sweet fruit. Abhi too comes, and asks for mother, to give a good news. vikrant asks what if he could tewll the good news to him. Abhi says that he bagged the best actor award, for his role. Vikrant is super happy and congratulates him. abhi says that he also wants to thankl his mother. vikrant says that they would try to thank her novelly. Abhi asks what. Vikrant says that they would organise a treasure hunt for sarita, about gifts, and then shout thank you at the end of it. vikrant tells abhi, that they would play a game with mumma, and would hide all these gifts for her to find out. Abhi praises him for having changed after his mother came. While they are having fun, vandana says that she has laid out the table. But abhi tells that they are going shopping for mumma’s gifts, and would have lunch outside only. Vikrant tells vandana about the award. she congratulates him and they leave. Vandana eyes the trophy, and is frustrated with sarita.

Married again update Saturday 18 January 2020

Raj is waiting tensedly for sarita. She arrives, and he asks for drinks. she curtly refuses, and says that she has told him time and gain, that she cant meet him frequently, as she’s expecting vikrant and abhi at home. Raj says that what happened last night, has changed his descision. Sarita thinks that raj must have finally decided to end this fanaticism. She says that she knows that he must have tried hard, and stole the jewellery too, and but what happened yesterday, and the promise that he made, and that he has to bow down to familial pressure, and if he has changed shifting to dubai, then they can cancel the plan. Raj says that he isnt planning to cancel their running away. sarita is tensed, and rudely asks what would he do. he says that to meet their needs, he would see the house. She is shocked. She tries to reason with raj, about his stupidity, and that it would bring his family on the roads. raj says that this is well thought, as she wanted him to leave his family, and thats what he’s doing. He says that he would go to any lengths, to prove his love for her. Sarita is tensed.

While they are shopping, abhi request for juice. Vikrant coincidentally takes him to the same hotel where raj and sarita are sitting. The butler offers them a seat, but they refuse as they are in a hurry. the juice arrives and abhi starts drinking. the father son duo are oblivious that sarita and raj are having a heated discussion behind them. They leave, after having juice.

Father son duo arrive home. They begin to plan out the treasure hunt, starting at the most probable places that sarita visits once she starts home. they finish it up with great zeal. Vikrant eyes the last gift, a card that says I LOVE YOU, and thinks about how he would propose and bare out his heart for her tonight. While keeping it in the almirah, he comes across the visa papers, of Raj and sarita, where she is referred as raj’s wife. He is surprised to see them, and the visa papres for dubai. he sursf more, and finds a purse, inside which is a phone, and as he starts surfing through her message inbox, and gets the wrong notion, that sarita and raj are having an affair. He is super angry.

Raj tells about his plan to mortgage his house. the lawyer tells how can this be treated as felony, if tomorrow his mother kamla, who’s a joint holder in the property, refuses her role in this. raj says that nothing like that would happen. The lawyer asks him to think of the consequences to the family, in this old age. raj says that he isnt doing this for himself. the lawyer says that he would get the legal documents ready. raj thinks that now he only needs kamls’ sign and wonders how to get them. Kamla says that now she just needs to say something, and blames herself and her husband, fr having tortured raj for ten years, in a lifeless marriage, and asks her to love raj so much, tht he becomes complete, and their marriage is successful. Divya assures her that she would forever be with raj. They hug. Seeing this, sarita gets emitonal, and thinks that kamla wants his happiness, wonders how much has raj deviated, that he’s forgotten everything about his family. Seeing sarita, kamla greets her, and asks her to stay with divya, while she goes and makes raj’s favourite dessert. After she’s gone, Divya tels sarita how happy everyone is in the family. Seeing sarita tensed, divya ask what happened with raj, and if he has changed. Sarita sys that he didnt, and infact wants to ruin everyone’s happiness. She tels divya everything. Divya tells about their embrace last night. Sarita says that it still isnt too late, and he isnt doing this willingly, and would realise it some day. divya asks when would that day come. sarita says that she has to prevent kamla from signing the papres, despite raj’s frantic attempts. Divya asks when does he plan to run away. sarita says that its tonight, at 3 in the morning, flight. Divya is shocked. sarita is tensed. The screen freezes on her face. Married again 2 Saturday update 18th January 2020 Zee World


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