Married Again 25 June 2022: Arti takes the kid her lap and slaps ishita, who is at a loss for an answer. Everyone asks ishita where ayu was being taken. She says that she was in fact bringing him to arti. She says that she couldnt see arti’s sadness, and hence she got the baby for arti to see and concocts up a story. She asks Akash to tell arti of her noble intentions. Arti talks to the baby, saying that she wouldn’t leave him now. Akaash reprimands her for her foolishness and says that had something happened to ayu, he would have and almost raises his hand, but is stopped by Yash. Arti says that she won’t let ayu be in the incubator. Yash consoles her that he would immediately talk about the same and takes her to her ward along with ayu. He casts a fleeting glance back at ishita before turning his head away.

Ishita wonders if yash has started doubting her, and thinks that if that happens, then her game is over, and she cant let that happen at any cost, and would have to win back his trust.

Radha asks arti and ayu to relax. She helps arti seat along with the baby, while others looks on happily. Seeing their tensed face, she asks whats wrong, but arti assures her that everything was alright, and skips the incubator story. Radha says that atleast now arti would be able to rest easily. The kids marvel at how small and soft their brother is. Yash thinks about ishita’s justification. Yash excuses himself from the family and leaves.

yash confronts ishita that he didnt say anything in front of arti, but akash was exactly right in reprimanding her for her doing. yash asks whats in her mind, and what does she want. Her eyes fill up with crocodile tears, and yash apologizes but sternly also tells her that what she did was very wrong, and she shouldnt repeat that mistake ever again. Ishita agrees. He takes out a handkerchief, while ishita thinks that this is a symbol of the fact that yash’s heart has melted seeing her tears. But he goes to akash and asks him not to be angry at ishita, and asks him to make up with her. He asks her not to cry, and then asks her the reason for it, and then says that he understood it, even if noone else does. He says that he knows that she would be a very good mother, and that he would support her in this dream of hers. He asks her to smile and goes off. Ishita is very frustrated with the latest turn of events. She takes the hankey and crushes it under her feet.

The nurse tells the family that only one person can stay for the night with the patient. Arti signals, much to others’ amusement, yash to stay back. Pankaj and prateik suggest radha’s name for her maturity and experience in handling such things. But yash and arti, both convince that radha is very tired and should rest. But his brothers tell that radha indeed should stay back, for any kind of problems in the night, as the kdis are also habituated to sleeping with their own parents. Arti says that the kids are very comfortable with radha, and they wont bother her. Radha too insists that she needs to be with arti, more than anything else. She asks yash to go. the brothers take fun in yash and arti’s predicament. They take yash out, but he makes an excuse of some things remaining behind, and goes by arti’s bedside. Radha asks what is he searching for. She makes up an excuse and leaves. yash gives her the message needed, hurriedly, and leaves when his bothers holler out for him and he kisses her hand and hurries out. She smiles in glee.

Scene 2:
Location: Yash’s residence
Yash hits prateik and is angry at both prateik and pankja, for seperating arti from him tonight, while they tease him wholeheartedly. Ishita thinks that tonight yash would be all alone for her, and this would be the best time to get close to him.

While yash is undressing, ishita watches him from hiding, and revels in the sight. She thinks that tonight she wont be abel to wait any longer, to make yash his. Ishita goes to his room, with food, and is about to knock, but then stops. She thinks that it would be good if yash opens it, as then with every step that they take, distances between them would vanish. She knocks on the door, and looks on expectantly. as the door opens, and she steps in, she is stunned to find a picture of arti, and ansh telling and his sisters, hogging on the food, while yash is busy reading something. Ishita is frustrated to see her plan failing. The kids asks her to feed. Bit on Yash’s insistence, they start eating themselves, and ishita comes to

she says that this isnt a trouble, as the kids would miss their mom. She asks him to eat, but he says that he isnt hungry. She says, coming

the kids say that there’s no taste at all in the food, and not at all like

She thinks that soon, this problem of the kids would be over as they doze off to sleep

Ishita says that they should let yash sleep as he’s tired, and then arti would feel bad if she knows that they were up late.

ishita smirks at her planning.

She thinks that tonight yash and arti’s love story would be over, and he wouldnt know how indiscreetly a new story, and a new love seeps in his life, and the old one vanishes away. The screen freezes on the faces of the love trio, Arti, Yash and Ishita.

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