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Married Again Update Saturday 30th November on zee world, The whole family is tensed at what divya has to say to sarita. sarita says that her yes has given her big strength.

Scene 1:
Location: The wedding venue and jagotia’s mansion
she tells about Granny’s advise, and says that Lord has sent her in their life, for taking away the darkness in her life. As divya sees all around her boggled, she asks sarita to wait for one minute. Divya leaves Gaurav at the altar, and runs out of the shamiana, stunning Gaurav, and shocking the guests, while her family is worried, and try in vain to stop her. She tells sarita that her wedding is incomplete because of her, and she would get her remarried to Raj. Sarita is happy, while Divya is pained. she turns around and is surprised top find Gaurav there, who asks her if there’s something that he should know. Divya says that she’s going to say something to him, that no bride mustnt have said to the groom, in middle of wedding rituals. She says that she knows he would be insulted and hurt too, but she cant do this, as someone has trusted her, and her life has stopped because of her. she says now’s the time, that she holds that person’s hands. She asks him to understand. Her brother comes and asks her to come along, as the muhurat is slipping away.

The guest starts gossiping, about choti bahu, which the family hears silently, shamed and head bowed down. Gaurav is angry. all guests start saying that divya must be having some affair, and hence the drama. Gaurav takes divya’s hand and takes her back to the shamiana. The guests reprimand Divya for being so brash, and disrespectful towards rituals, and asks gaurav to show their anger, and marry her. As divya’s sister again tries to tie the gadhbandhan., gaurav stops her.

Gaurav says that he has to say something, and apologizes saying that this marriage cant happen. Gaurav’s mother asks what happenedthat caused this. Gaurav says that this marriage is without his wish, and he bowed to his mother’s wish. He says that he isnt ready for this responsibility. His mother reprimands him for being selfish, and thinking about him self only, and not about the girl, that he’s leaving at the altar, and spoiling her life. She tells him that h\she always thought that he had gone on her and not on his father, who left them like this. Gaurav says that he has taken this descision

gaurav says that they both are mature individuals and they need time

Divya’s bropther too reprimands him for doing this, and making divya the butt opf everyone’s joke. Another brother of hers, comes forward for Divya, and asks Gaurav;s mother to explain

Gaurav akss if he wants divya to be forever happy, and the person who comes in her life to make her happy, and asks them to trust him that he’s doing this for her happiness only. He asks the media also to go home, and forget this night, and apologizes for the inconvenience. Divya is overwhelmed to see such gentleman behaviuour from gaurav, who himslef is heart broken from inside.

all leave, only leaving Gaurav and Divya at the altar. Divya turns to Gaurav and comes towards him, and asks why he ook all the blame. He says that he loves her, hence he did that, and wouldnt have been able to see her getting blamed. Divya says that she’s very bad, as whosoever’s life she comes in, she breaks them, first raj and now his. Gaurav says that he just did what felt right. He says that he would wait for her, his whole life. Divya looks at him, disbelievingly.

Married Again Update Saturday 30th November on zee world

Scene 2:
Location: jagotia’s mansion
Sarita is happy at the hope of a new beginning in life, while she looks at Raj, shaving and wonders it would be nice

shiela comes and says that she’s seeing her smile after a along time

But sohan’s wife comes and starts taunting her as usual. sarita too lashes back at her. She tells sarita that Sohan would be coming soon, which sends sarita into tension, as seh wonders what drama there would be, if Divya came in front of him.

Raj is overwhelmed, being close to divya after 10 years and caresses her cheeks. She says that she has left her wedding in between, for him. Divya says that how can she become someone else’s wife, when he hasnt given the same right of being a wife, to Sarita, and asks him to look at her, and see how much she loves him, that she has stooped down to the level, and she has asked her husband’s lover to help her get his love. She tells him, that sarita wants her to get this done by him, and thats why she has come here. While sarita is puzzled and hopeful at the same time, Raj is boggled and looks to and fro, from Sarita to Divya. He goes with a stoical face to Sarita and faces her. The screen freezes on his face.

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