Married Again 4 June 2022: Vidhi serves them tea while asking how did it even become possible to arrange food. arti tells them that it was Yash and Radha’s prompt action, which got them to serve food, from outside. Arti says that it feels relaxing to know, that a mother still is in the house, who can take care of when a problem comes into the house. Radha is thanked by arti, who says that today because of her, they averted the trouble on them. She says that not only Radha give a solution but also protected the family’s respect and fame. Arti says that the tradition that Gayatri had kept alive all these years, she didn’t let it break. Yash goes to attend a phone call. Radha just smiles listening to all this. But her smile vanishes when she sees Suraj, listening to all this with a serious face, and then leaving from there.

yash talks to someone, on the phone, when arti comes in, apologizing for her rude behaviour, in front of everyone in the kitchen. Yash pretends to be fake angry, that he cant dare to speak anything in front of her, lest she beats her up. she gets very angry at that. Yash starts talking to the baby, saying that he needs to be rescued from his mother’s wrath. arti gets angry at him, and in that vigour, she feels a kick from the baby. She says that its very unjust, that the baby kicked her, when she decided to slap him. yash is happy at this. Yash says that he too wants to feel the baby kicking. But he cant hear anything. Then, when he gets up, arti tells him that the baby again kicked. He says that even the baby is very moody like the mother. arti says that the baby would kick for him only when he bribes the mother. When aysh asks what he wants, she says that he can give whatever he feels like. Yash asks sensually that he would give her the bribe, and copming close to her, hugs her from behind. Yash too finally feels the kick of the baby and is very overjoyed.

suraj, sits tensed in his room. radha enters, and comes upto him and asks if he has a headache, and gives him a balm, for his head. He says that he doesnt need it and asks her to go. radha aks him not to behave like kids, and apply the balm. Suraj says that he wishes there was a cure for this pain. She says that there is a cure for headache, but the pain that he is referring to, can only be cured by proximity with hi8s family, that not only he is shying away from, but he is also distancing his family from him. She tells him that she understands his pain. She asks him not to overlook, what he has in the wake of what he hasnt. yash and arti see her talking to suraj. She asks him that there isnt any fault of the kids, that he is distancing himself from them. She keeps the balm on the table, and asks him to apply it himself. As he leaves, suraj takes the balm. This pleases yash and arti.

During the night, arti thinks that Yash being busy, she cant share her feelings with him. She says that nevertheless, she would talk to him. Meanwhile, Yash also thinks that whatever he’s thinking, arti would agree with it. they both begin to talk at the same time, saying that they have something to talk about. After some time, of each asking the other to talk, arti finally says that she wants to talk to him about suraj, as to how he has become so irritating and frustrated all the time, ever since gayatri went. she says that Radha understands him better than everyone else in the family, as age and experience matter. She cites example also about the headache and his eating along with kids. She says that they can get radha and suraj to remarry. Yash is stunned to hear this, seeing which arti apologizes for saying this, and asks him not to think of this, and gets to leave. Yash asks her to sit down, saying that he cant believe how can she read his mind, and that he was thinking exactly the same. arti is very happy at this, and adds that they live in a modern world, where they can definitely do this for their father. Yash too agrees, saying that loneliness at this age, is very difficult, and he can say that from his own experience. Yash and arti, both decide that they would get radha and suarj remarried. Ishita, seeing all this from a distance, says that she would see to it that they arent successful in their plan.

Vidhi tells vedika that she is preparing milk for everyone in the family. Vedika is very happy that her pimple is gone, and asks radha for any treatment for her hair, too referring to her as dai ma, which angers vidhi. But radah says that she doesnt mind being called that, when vedika asks vidhi what should she call her then, since she isnt allowed to call her daima or dadi. She tells vidhi that she behaves very rudely to her in front of the entire family, and asks her to come along so that she can talk to her alone. when vidhi says that she cant, since she’s working in the kitchen, radha says that she would manage and that vidhi should go. Vidhi complies. Ishita, standing at the entrance of the kitchen, says that since morning, there has been no drama, in the house, but not anymore. Thinking so, she enters the kitchen. Ishita says that he needs saunf for akash. Radha readily agrees to give it to her. while she turns around, ishita sneaks in a tablet into a glass of milk, and mixes it nicely, by the time radha turns around to give ishita the saunf. ishita asks her to drink this milk, as she needs energy to take care of everyone in the family. But radha says that the milk is meant for arti, who just comes in then, in the kitchen.

Arti is about to drink it, much to ishita’s horror, but then stops saying that she knows that she needs milk for the baby, but she feels that Radha exerts too much, and she too needs the milk. Arti feeds the milk to Radha, much to ishita’s relief. Ishita tells that she would give arti the milk, in her room, while pari gives milk to surj. Pari starts making an excuse, saying that she has urgent work. She tells Radha to give it to Suraj. Arti offers to give it to Suraj. But ishita tells her that it’s not advisable for arti to climb stairs so much. radh says that she would give milk to suraj. Ishita is happy to see her plan falling into place.

Radha comes and places milk, by Suraj’s bedstand. Getting dizzy, Radha falls by Suraj’s bedside and dozes off. ishita sees this and thinks that now there would be a new drama when the morning sunlight beams in, and the doors open. she says that now she would see how arti gets their remarriage done. The screen freezes on her face.

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