Married again update Sunday 19 January 2020 on Zee World


Married again update Sunday 19 January 2020 on Zee World

Married again update Sunday 19 January 2020 on Zee World; Sarita eyes their wedding pic, and accidentally collides into vikrant, who’s passing by, and enters into a romantic eyegaze. as he composes himself, and gets to go, he is stopped by her, who says that she thanks him for the lovely surpise, the idea, the gifts, the shopping and than ks for everything, as noone has ever cared this much for her, and showered this love on her, and says that he doesnt know how speacial he made herfeel today. She says that he’s right in thinking that she got a second chance. vikrant asks tersely if noone, not even raj did anything like this for her. sarita is tensed and asks what does he mean. He doesnt respond, and turns around. She hugs him from the back, and says that what he did for her, none did for her ever, as he has touched her heart. She leaves, shyly from there, while vikrant is worried and tensed, wondering why’s she doing this to him, having trapped him in her love, and is leaving herself in the night, and wonders why’s she betraying him.

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Sarita gets Raj’s call, and is super angry that he called her on the landline number. Sarita reminds that he can talk only for two times in the day. Raj tells that he has become successful in leasing the house, and arranging the money, and they have to run ton gith, away from everything, as he cant stay away from her. Sarita is shocked. Raj says that now vikrant would understand what it feels like to be betrayed, and tells the entire plan. vikrant hears this from the other intercom, and is shocked while sarita is distraught. He cancels the phone, saying I LOVE YOU, Chotu. vikrant is shocked. in her room, sarita is sure that she wont go, so that raj can come back on the right path, and would return home, understanding that she dosnt love him. but then she remembers raj’s suicide attempt, she realises that she cant risk that, and understands that after all they have tried, when raj didnt understand, she would have to meet him, not to run away with him, but to get him on the right track. Meanwhile, Vikrant eyes a revolver, and then picking it up, says that today, vikrant suryavanshi shall do justice. He says that tonight the world shall see, how a husband avenges betrayal to him, and how he punishes the betrayers.

As sarita is dressed to go out, abhi says that he too would come to go with divya. Vikrant sees them tensedly. Sarita asks him to get ready and then come along with his father. Abhi says that he wants to go with her. Sarita reprimands him that he should listen to her, and not be adamant always. Seeing abhi sad, she rebukes herself, and apologises to him, that she has a very important work, and is upset due to that, and he should understand being her favourtie son. she asks him to pray that whatever she is going for, should be successful. vikrant is tensed. abhi complies. Sarita goes out, after telling him, that she’s going to meet divya, for her makeup, and he can come later with abhi. He permits her. As she goes, her pallu is stuck in his hand, but then he releases. With each step tht she takes out of the house, vikrant is filled with a fuming rage. He thinks that she;s lying to him, abhi, and divya and is betraying everyone, and is besmirching every relation, of a husband, son and a friend. He says that she went never to return back, unlike whats heard, that a married woman, comes in a palanquin and goes when she’s dead. He is sure of her betrayal.

Married again update Sunday 19 January 2020 

Meanwhile, vikrant loads the revolver, and remembers sarita leaving the house. He finds abhi scared and tensed, and wonders if he has seen him. he wonders what to respond. But abhi cheerfully tells him that he’s ready, with sarita’s dress, and asks him to get ready too. vikrant tells him that he’s going to take care of his mother only. But abhi goes inside to get the suit that sarita has selected for him. Vikrant finds his chance to leave the house.

Sohan instructs kamla to and shiela and her sisters, to take care of the guests. they get into receiving guests. They are complimenting divya, that she’s basking in the glory of love. Divya is however tensed, and asks where’s raj. Raj however is walking out with the suitcase, when he collides into kamla. He gives the bag to a servant, asking him to keep it carefully. raj is taken with her, to see the guests. Munni starts teasing raj, that divya was just calling him, and now they would let him see her, only when he gives them a gift. Munni says that she doesnt want money, but the promise that he and divya would always keep this house, as an abode of heaven. divya gets overwhelmed with emotion. kamla asks him not to promise, as he has the complete trust on her son. raj is guiltily tensed.

Later, when raj stealthily goes out, but divya rushes after him. Raj looks back at the house, and is guilty and tensed. He steps out of the house, heavily. she screams out at him, but is shocked when he leaves in the car. She is distraught. Divya calls up sarita to say that raj has left, leaving behind every relation. She says that she cant bear anymore, and is very scared. she asks sarita to assure her that raj wont go anywhere leaving her and his family. she is inconsolable. Sarita says that she cant lie, as this is the truth, and that he has left with every intention to leave the house, with all preparations. divya asks if he sold the house. Sarita tells her that he did this, but asks her not to bother, as raj was and will always be hers. sarita tels her to pray for her, that she be successful in their attempt to get back raj today. Sarita says that they cant lose today, and would have to win, and make raj realise his mistake. As if that doesnt happen, she wont be able to face, kamla and soham, divya herself, or abhi and vikrant. She cancels the call. divya is tensed.

All three people, vikrant in his car, raj in his, and sarita in her auto, are all tensed as to whats going to happen ahead. Sarita eyes and clutches at her mangalsutra, and remembers her marriage with vikrant, and their intimate moments with him. The sc reen freezes on the trio’s face.


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