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Married Again update sunday 1st December 2019 on Zee World, Raj looks at sarita, who is tensed herself, at the situation.

Scene 1:
Location: Jagotia’s mansion
Raj He throws the broom away from her hand, and it lands on the fatso daughter, who instantly starts cursing her. But before she can continue, the arrival of sohan lal distracts all.

Sohan’s wife does the puja of Sohan, on his homecoming. Sohan begins to taunt his wife. Just then, there is an arrival of a lady, in their house, which surprises them. The sherbat that she had made for sohan, is given by sohan to the other lady. She takes it from his hand, touching him, and irritating Sarita. Sarita gets busy in her work. Granny and all watch this commotion. as the lady starts coughing, sohan starts taunting his wife, for this kind of a drink, that made her cough. Both the wives get into a scuffle about how much one dislikes the other, in the garb of Jethani- Devrani love. Granny asks sohan, to come and take her blessings, and says that he had instructed him to take her to haridwar, but he didnt as it would have been an interference in his fun. sohan asks her to stop talking like that. But the younger wife asks him to not be angry and instead give the gifts to the daughters, They excitedly take the gifts. When she gives it to shiela, she takes it with a sullen face and leaves. Then she gives a gift of earrings to sarita as well. Munni says that these are choti Bahu style, and wont look good on her. As munni resignedly gives it to her, the younger wife tells sarita that she has got a watch for Raj too and asks her to give it to him. Seeing Raj, sohan asks him to take it, as its worth 5000. Raj says that he has an old habit, of buying expensive gifts and forcing them on people. raj says that he doesnt decide the worth by cost and face, and hence this cant buy him. after he leaves in anger, Sohan again curses his wife, for this too. He decides to give her a beating, but the younger wife asks him to relax and go home, so that he’s at peace. She asks him to go, while she comes. as sohan’s wife leaves, the younger wife calls out to her, and ask her to put in some rose petals in the bathtub for her.

Sohan’s wife sees the detergent lying on the floor, and slips it in the way of the lady, so that she trips and sohan’s wife can have her revenge. as she is hapily waiting for her devrani to fall, she remembers that her curry is buring in the kitchen, and starts walking in haste, and herself slips on the soap, but is held by the devrani, who asks her to be careful, as anything can happen in this age. Sohan’s wife then goes to taunt sarita for this, as she has to hear these taunts for her. sarita doesnt pay heed.

As sohan’s wife gets to work while doing what the younger ask her to do, she keeps cursing her for this condition of hers. Granny says that she shouldnt lament over spoilt milk now. Sohan’s wife comes to her saying that she must be thoroughly enjoying this. Granny says that when she said the truth, she didnt feel good. Granny says that she had forewarned her, about this fate of hers, when the younger one first came in as the servant, and she had been very happy. She says that she had extreme faith on her husband and his fidelity. Granny tells Sohan’s wife that old people dont say in vain, that beautiful girls shouldnt even be allowed to enter the house as a servant, as they are potentially a threat, which is what happened to her, as now she’s the servant, and the younger one rules. Sarita hears this and is tensed herself. As sohan’s wife goes, granny says that she feels sorry, as she’s her daughter in law after all, and it pains to see her like this, as no pain is worse than living under the same roof, with another woman in the husband’s life.
Sarita hopes that she doesnt also have the same fate as her mother in law, with divya’s entry into the house.

Married Again update sunday 1st December 2019 on Zee World

Scene 2:
Location: Divya’s residence
Gaurav says that maybe her intentions are pure, but this is foolishness. Div ya says that she felt this right from the heart. Gaurav says that what she’s saying is impossible and nonsensical. Divya says that she has to make this possible, and the raj that he left 10 years back, never forgot her, not married sarita in the true sense. Gaurav says that the reason back then, of her leaving were different, she had to fend out for her family, after her parents died. She went on to give settlement to her family, and now they are resultantly happy. Divya says that she cant be happy just because her family is happy. She also has to fend out for Raj and his family. Gaurav says what about raj, and one who hasnt been able to forget her for 10 years, how does she expect him to give up now. divya says that he shouldnt comment as he didnt know raj. Gaurav says that he doesnt know Raj, but if he was in his shoes, he would have gone mad in her love. He says that Raj loves her madly. Gaurav tells Divya that after seeing her with such a long gap in between, Raj would go mad. He wont go to Sarita, but would all the more be attached and drawn top her, and this time the intensity of his love shall make him break all bounds. Divya is tensed hearing this. Divya says that everything would be alright, amd maybe raj realises his mistake, and sarita’s wife is settled. She pleads him to understand. Gaurav says that he cant understand this. When Divya again says please, gaurav says that if she knows what she’s doing, then he wont stop her. After gaurav leaves, Divya hopes that Gaurav is not right, as it might be difficult but not impossible to bring this change in Sarita’s life. Gaurav comes down with Divya in tow. gaurav leaves, but divya says that she’s sure that her family is with her, in this descision, and says that she has to leave for Sarita’s help straightaway. Gaurav thinks that he wishes he could stop her, as he has faith on her, but not on Raj’s love.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road outside Raj’s shop
Divya arrives in a Burqa, in the auto, and stands outside raj’s shop. She sees Raj working, and starts walking towards him. As he turns around, she looks away. He gets back into his work. As she progresses towards the shop, Divya thinks that what she is about to do, by controlling her feelings, is going to do what she came to do, and that is to get sarita the marital happiness that she deserves, and help her have a happy life with Raj. But she is stopped by Sarita, who says that she wont let her wander around her husband. The screen freezes on Divya’s face who is surprised to hear this.

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