Married Again 26 June 2022: ishita concocts an evil plan about how to get Yash into her trap, and mixes something in the milk, thinking that once Yash loses sanity and becomes her, then he would forever be hers, and it would be a new day for him, and her, and arti and the whole family. she takes the milk to his room, and finds the covers drawn, thinking that it seems that the kids have once again come to sleep with Yash, but she is determined to make yash hers tonight. She places the milk by the stand, and calls out to him, Yash. When he doesnt respond, she takes over the covers, and finds the kids awake. She asks them where’s yash. They tell her a top secret. The kids tell her that yash hs gone to the hospital to give a goodnight kiss to arti, as he wont be able to sleep otherwise. They say that they want to sleep and draw the covers again. She breaks the glass of milk, at which the kids ask her to leave so that they can sleep. ishita is frustrated.

Scene 2:
Location: In the hospital
As a person draped in doctor’s masks picks up ayu, arti comes upto him from behind, and facing him, is puzzled about the man, and asks who is he? He keeps a hand on his face, to stop her from screaming and then taks off his mask to reveal himself. Arti is surprised to see yash standing before him. He comes close to her, and she keeps drawing away. they get into their romance again. Arti keeps drawing away teasingly, whenever yash keeps coming to her. They both caress the baby, while yash trying to be intimate with her. Finally arti releases herself from his grip and runs off. Yash keeps searching for her, and finally finds her at the bedside, of the cushion where radha is sleeping. She dares yash to come now. Finally yash too accepts the challenge, and is about to trip, and wake up radha, much to arti’s horror, but manages himself in time. Arti goes of f to sleep, on her bed, pulling the covers on her. As he comes close to him, she again keeps toying with him. They finally get into an embrace, and together marvel at the baby.

Scene 3:
The whole family is excited to hear yash’s car honk, announcing their arrival. Radha asks yash to wait, while they do the proper ritual, before they enter the house, along with ayu, who would further strengthen the bond. She asks ishita to get the arti thali, but prateik gives it to her, having prepared it already. Radha does the ritual, and asks them to step in. Vedika asks what is radha doing. Buaji tells her that this is to proteact the couple and the baby, from any kind of trouble.

Ishita says that the trouble has now started, as this isnt a hospital, where someone can stop her, and no amount of rituals can save arti from it. She thinks that due to the baby, yash couldnt be hers last night. Hence she would take the baby out of the picture, so that for arti, its forvere darkness, whereas her life lits up with yash’s company. she resolves to do this tonight only.

Yash takes arti and the baby to the room. Arti is very happy to see how nicely yash has decorated the room, for her and the baby. Arti explains her doubts on whether ayu would be able to adjust along with them on the bed, and if that space would be enough for him. Yash again gets into a teasing mode, where she says that arti has grown fat. When arti comes to hit him, he sits by ayu, on the bed, and asks her not to misbehave in front of the kid. Arti is very angry at her being teased. But yash gets into a joke and pleases her. Yash says that the best phase of a woman’s life is motherhood, and that she should cherish and enjoy every minute of it, as she’s lucky enough to experience it, unlike other unfortunate ones. Pari, standing on their doors, hears this.

Pari is crying in her room, when prateik who has just entered sees her like that, and asks her what the matter. Pari, after not wanting to talk insistently, breaks down in front of prateik, when he makes her swear on him, saying that she has hidden this truth from the family, saying that they don’t want to take this responsibility of a child, but it is in fact the truth that she can never be a mother. Pratiek consoles her saying that everything would be alright soon.

Buaji, who overhears this, thinks that they hid such a big truth from the family and that one of the daughters-in-law is infertile when everyone is in the hope of playing with Prateek’s child, and pari cant give them that happiness and god know how would the family react when they find this out. The screen freezes on her face.

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